Roomle Platform Review 2023: Pros & Cons


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Verdict: Roomle is an international service that develops visual designs of any interior. Created in 2014 in Australia, the company is considered a pioneer and leader in this industry.

After testing this home interior software, I realized that this service has many smart features like planning tools with the ability to draw layouts, adding walls, floors, and furniture, and viewing the result in 3D without lags.

Besides, the platform boasts online furniture catalog features and patented fingertip support to turn a raw touchscreen design into a ready-made floorplan.

  • Over 4,5 million floor plans developed
  • Amazing precision when adjusting angles and dimensions
  • As easy as sketching floorplans
  • Easy-to-determine surfaces and colors of floors and walls
  • Constantly growing catalog of real and demo furniture and decorative items
  • AR view
  • Excellent synchronization options
  • Only functions on iPad tablets
  • Restricted exporting options to JPG
roomle platform

Roomle is a cutting-edge architectural design software, which employs The Rubens CPQ configurator (Configure, Price, Quote). This advanced technology provides excellent 3D product visualizations in real-time, which are easy to customize. Besides, you won’t have trouble calculating the cost of a specific service.

Therefore the platform is a better option for professional interior designers who should be ready to pay a high price to get pro-grade results. However, those who only need to create a sketch of their dream home will benefit from this service as well.

The program is compatible with Mac, Windows PCs, and mobile platforms, meaning that you can work on your project from virtually any place. Moreover, it has a synchronization feature, thanks to which it is easy to switch between mobile and desktop planning.

Roomle – Main Features

roomle logo

Kitchens, sofas, cars, sports equipment, medical equipment, garden houses, etc. will allow you to create a realistic scene featuring animals and people. All 3D models in Roomle are interactive, meaning that you can easily rotate and resize them, change their texture and color, and combine settings to your liking.

Maximally Convenient Workspace

roomle interface

The workspace of this virtual staging software is represented by a virtually immense canvas, measuring ruler, undo buttons, and wall and opening thickness/height settings. There is no furniture catalog. To open it, you need to click on the red plus sign on the left side of the screen.

Loading the catalog, in turn, will hide the working canvas, so you will have to guess how to move the necessary items to the plan. by holding an object with the mouse and pulling it to the desired location.

At some point, the picture on the screen will flash and a working canvas will appear in front of you again. Here you can adjust the furniture parameters by rotating the items, changing dimensions, color, etc.

Ability to Configure Colors & Materials

roomle ability to configure colors and materials

With Roomle, customization of product color or material in 3D quality is an intuitive procedure. The ability to try any option live before making a purchase is another bonus.

Besides, you won’t need an app as the service provides advanced AR functionality for the most enjoyable user experience. It is great that the solution integrates with any website without trouble.

Creation of Plans in Several Clicks

Starting a floor plan is a cinch: click on the canvas several times and drag and drop walls. Uploading standardized DXF floor plans into the software is another option. Once the project is imported, you can easily edit it to your preference.

Considered one of the best plan floor software, Roomle allows you to create a floor plan in a matter of minutes. Just click on ‘Create new Plan’, then type in the name of your project, choose open, and start working on your design.

Pay attention to the main toolbar, which contains all the necessary options for tweaking your sketch like undo, redo, add text, add pics, measure, print, and share projects to social media platforms or send via email.

Note: iPhone and iPad users can benefit from Augmented Reality technology, thanks to which you will only need to shoot the room and its interior and Roomle will create a detailed floor plan automatically.

Cooperation with Famous Furniture Brands

roomle choice of furniture

Click on the house symbol to enter the Roomle library of furniture that contains more than 11,000 different items. It is great that you are free to change the color, size, and even style of the selected item.

What is more, Roomle is one of the few home design software for Mac and Windows, which allows purchasing furniture objects presented in the design from over 200 interior design brands like Vitra, USM, and IKEA. This feature is especially beneficial for architects and professional interior designers who provide home redesigning services.

Ability to Use Augmented Reality

roomle augmented reality

Visualize products in high-quality 3D and AR modes with the built-in Roomle Rubens configurator. Present products in a new dimension with interactive features such as zoom and 360 rotation.

When switching to the 3D view, you can choose one of two options. The first is to look at the plan from a bird's eye view. Another is to look at the space from the inside - from the point of view of the person who is in the room.

When going to the 3D view, you can choose one of two options. The first is to look at the plan from a bird's eye view. Another is to look at the space from the inside - from the point of view of the person who is in the room. This is a great opportunity to imagine how the renovated apartment will look like. If you want to learn how to use the service, you can watch the simple video tutorial above.

With 17 years of experience, our specialists edited a myriad of real estate photos helping people buy, sell and rent buildings in the shortest possible time. Let us design your ideal home with high-quality real estate retouching.

Easy-to-Use Mobile App

roomle mobile app interface

iPad users can benefit from Roomle interior design app, with which creating floor plans is as easy as pie. You can do it either with your fingertips or Apple Pencil. Using the app, the procedure of drawing a floor plan is similar to creating a sketch with a pen and paper implementing any of your ideas into life.

However, in the Roomle review, it should be noted that the app is only compatible with iPad drawing tablets.

Convenient Cloud Project Synchronization

All your digital assets are hosted and distributed incredibly quickly through the Roomle cloud. Install the application on your tablet or smartphone and access your projects from any device. Make changes, even if a new idea for the layout of the apartment came to your mind on the way to work.

Limited Exporting Options

Unfortunately, the program cannot handle PDF, BMP, TIFF, DXF, or DWG files. When exporting, you can only select JPG format, which is not convenient for printing.


Note that Roomle does not have a free plan but offers several packages for both desktop and mobile users. You can try the functionality of this tool using a 14-day free trial of Roomle Desktop and create a one-floor plan without paying a dime.

There are four different packages for Roomle Desktop:

3D Viewer ($140/month)

Material Configurator ($280/month)

Product Configurator ($1150/month)

Enterprise Integration (on request)

Pro Tip:

It is more advisable to purchase an annual subscription as it is cheaper than a monthly subscription.

All Roomle packages include as standard: 150 3D product uploads and 10 000 views monthly, HD live 3D, App-less AR, ready for e-Commerce, embed on any website.

However, they also include some pro-level features like HD live 3D, parameter-based configuration, modular system configuration, ERP integration, CAD/CAM integration, and end-to-end integration to the machine.

It is possible to develop one free design in the Roomle floor plan app for iPad and iPhone but if you want more, upgrade to Roomle Plus ($6.99/month) or Roomle Professional Plan ($11.99/month).


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