Luxe Presets

Luxe Presets

Luxe Presets are the perfect tools for enhancing wedding, portraiture, film, and nature photos, providing equally stunning results for pictures taken indoors and outside.

These presets can adjust the brightness, lighting, and contrast to highlight the emotions displayed in the photos, make them brighter and more refined, while also helping you establish a coherent photo editing style.

Luxe Presets Collection

The official Luxe site features over 70 preset collections. I’ve hand-picked the best 10 bundles, tried out presets from all collections on my images, and put together a review paired with image previews.

So, you will have a chance to check out their approximate effect (since the exact results largely depend on the lighting).

1. Luxe Presets: Black & White

black & white luxe presets

This bundle includes stylish B&W Luxe Lens presets that were created for black and white photography, and to complete the Brixton Film series (a special pack of four collections paired with black-and-white photos)

The bundle comes with 25 presets for B&W film photos, a toolset of 33 brushes, and the Brixton Film toolkit that includes 8 layers and over 60 tool presets.

2. Luxe Presets: Film Essentials

film essentials luxe presets

This preset bundle is a must-have purchase for film photographers who are in search of professional tools. It combines the accessibility of digital photography with the raw appeal of analog pictures.

The bundle contains 24 workflow presets (20 color and 4 B&W options) and the Brixton Film toolkit, which has 8 layer and 62 tool presets that are perfectly suited for film photography.

3. Luxe Presets: Wanderlust Travel

wanderlust travel luxe presets

Price: $13

If you’re constantly traveling around the globe and capturing your adventures with your camera, this Luxe lens preset collection is exactly what you need to enhance your images. It’s ideal for landscape, seascape, wildlife, and outdoor lifestyle photos.

The bundle contains 30 general and 24 filter presets, as well as 11 brushes. From city to countryside photos, this versatile selection of tools for travel photography will satisfy all of your needs.

4. Luxe Presets: Lowfield Portraits

lowfield portraits luxe presets

This bundle is primarily aimed at early adopters – photographers who are constantly looking into the future and strive to become trendsetters. The included presets are exactly what you need to make your portrait photography truly captivating.

This one-of-a-kind collection comes with 30 general and 50 tool presets designed for portraiture. It is a limited time offer presented by Barlow and Schofield.

5. Luxe Presets: Let It Snow

let it snow luxe presets

This winter-themed pack includes 30 Lr and 17 tool presets as well as 9 adjustment brushes. You can combine the tool presets with general ones, adding natural-looking snowflakes to your winter photo portfolio. Use these presets to turn bland, overcast images into icy, artistic photos with a magical feel.

6. Luxe Presets: Cinematic HDR

cinematic hdr luxe presets

This bundle was designed for urban, action, lifestyle, adventure, and nature photography. The included tools allow you to imitate the rich, dramatic hues of Hollywood movies in one click. The pack comes with 20 presets, 11 tools and 10 brushes, all created with HDR photography in mind.

7. Luxe Presets: Interior Design & Real Estate

interior design & real estate luxe presets

If interior photography and real estate photography are your jam, you’ll be thrilled to discover this pack.

The included tools were handcrafted for enhancing interior design and decorations, as well as various real estate properties. Use the available 25 Lr and 25 tool (filters, vignettes, etc.) presets along with the 15 included brushes to improve the look of your photos and make them stand out more.

8. Luxe Presets: Luxe Weddings

luxe weddings luxe presets

Sensuality. Happiness. Unity. Sincerity. Tenderness. You can convey these feelings in your wedding photography with the help of presets. The bundle contains 43 general and 25 tool Luxe wedding presets.

It also has 5 brushes that will help you create wedding photographs that belong in magazines. Regardless if you’re still new to wedding photos or an experienced pro, you’ll greatly enjoy working with these presets.

9. Luxe Presets: First Years Baby & Newborn

first years baby & newborn luxe presets

This pack includes 27 Lr and 54 tool presets along with almost 30 brushes, all of which created for newborn photography. Use this bundle to give a significant boost to your workflow and receive more time for taking photos instead of spending countless hours retouching them.

The included tools will allow you to increase the brightness, highlight the details, and improve the skin tones in your photos to convey how beautiful a newborn child can be!

10. Luxe Presets: Landscapes & Wildlife

landscapes & wildlife luxe presets

This pack includes a total of 44 presets and brushes that can become the perfect foundation for your landscape photos. Take nature pictures and use the provided tools to improve the water, light, skies, vegetation and mountains in them.

With such a broad variety of presets to choose from, you’ll easily create the exact look you need for your landscape and wildlife photography.

Luxe Presets Instagram Overview

smal presets instagram page

Username: @theluxelens

Genre: Presets, Actions, & Overlays for Lightroom & Photoshop

Followers: 37,7 k

Once you visit the Instagram profile of Luxe Presets, you’ll be greeted with a parade of colorful and adorable pictures that were enhanced using their tools. The profile photo meets all the relevant Instagram profile photo requirements, and each image is accompanied by a description of which preset was used and what bundle it is a part of.

All posted pictures are of professional quality, look trendy, and will surely help you come up with ideas of your own. Additionally, their Instagram feed will teach how to use Luxe presets, and approach image editing from a different angle.

Lastly, Luxe Presets often give away free presets for their followers so you can join their ranks and maybe even win one of their bundles yourself.

Free Luxe Presets Analogues

Do you adore Luxe Presets but can’t afford to invest in them right now? The presets featured below will add a similar look and feel to your photos, while being available for free. All you have to do is download, learn how to use Lightroom presets, and start applying them to your images.


matte luxe presets matte luxe presets

Matte presets are perfect for establishing a gritty, moody atmosphere in your photos with a single click while improving your overall workflow. They’re also helpful for adding a feeling of nostalgia by washing out the colors and making the photos look like they’re printed on matte paper.


sepia luxe presets sepia luxe presets

If your goal is to receive an original, somewhat eerie image with a dramatic atmosphere, this is the preset for you. The applied effect is equally well suited for portraiture, wildlife, wedding, street, and family photographs. Sepia makes all images look more beautiful and helps set the wanted mood.

Vintage Love

vintage love luxe presets vintage love luxe presets

This preset will apply a warm fade and cross-processed split tones to your images. Such an effect is ideal for most genres, including wedding, event, portraiture, nature, and urban. Download it and make your photos more interesting within a single click.

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