Luxe Presets Review 2022

By Tata Rossi 2 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Luxe presets are great for improving wedding, portraits, film, and nature shots. They are perfect for processing pictures captured indoors and outdoors. By applying these filters, you can modify brightness, lighting, contrast. They are great for making the images more vivid and refined allowing you to achieve a coherent editing style.

Luxe Presets Collections

The official website offers more than 70 preset collections compatible with a desktop version of Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile.

Black & White Collection

luxe presets black and white

The collection contains exquisite B&W Luxe Lens presets designed for black and white photography. It is an addition to the Brixton Film series.

By using these 25 filters, you can enhance B&W images with ease increasing their brightness and saturation. All the presets help you get a specific effect, like aged film effect, heavy grain, slight fade, deepening shadows, increased contrast, etc. In addition, some of these effects add exclusive shades making a photo look like a vintage picture.

Film Essentials Bundle

luxe presets film essentials

This set of filters was specifically designed for film photographers who are looking for some professional editing options. By using these presets, you can make a digital image look like an analog picture.

The collection comprises 24 workflow presets (20 color and 4 B&W options) and the Brixton Film toolkit that consists of eight layers and 62 presets that work well for film photography. With the help of these filters, you can easily correct the lighting, balance light and shadows, add natural glare. Some effects make pictures brighter while others fade the hues for a vintage effect.

Wanderlust Travel

luxe presets wanderlust travel

If you are a traveler who likes to take photos during your trips, pick this Luxe preset collection to improve your pictures in a matter of seconds. These filters work well for processing landscape, seascape, wildlife, and outdoor pictures.

This collection of Luxe Lightroom presets comprises 30 general and 24 filter presets, including 11 brushes. This handy set of effects for travel photography allows you to process both city and countryside pictures. The presets are primarily designed to correct colors making them brighter and more saturated while keeping all the colors natural. Some effects make the tones colder, emphasize the shadows and add contrast.

Luxe Portraits

luxe presets luxe portraits

This exquisite bundle includes a variety of filters created for portrait photography. They allow you to achieve various effects when processing portraits. All these filters refine the skin color, remove wrinkles and eliminate minor defects.

With these filters, you can achieve natural shadows with a slight shade of tan or peach tint. The presets correct colors, add more natural lighting, as well as add beautiful highlights to the hair. By using these bundles, you can produce professionally edited pictures that look as if they were processed using the complicated retouching techniques for photoshopping portraits.

Let It Snow Collection

luxe presets let it snow

This winter-themed pack comprises 30 Lr and 17 tool presets, including nine brushes. You can use the tools presets along with the basic ones for making your winter photography more captivating by adding lifelike snowflakes. Use these filters to transform dull pictures into magical icy compositions.

The filters will make the snow surface more voluminous and add various shades. It will not look flat and monochromatic, there will be sun glare and a play of light and shadows. The colors in the photos will become warmer and softer, contrast and sharpness will be lowered.

Cinematic HDR Bundle

luxe presets cinematic hdr

This collection of cinematic HDR Luxe presets is designed for urban, action, lifestyle, adventure, and nature photoshoots. The filters let you turn the images into dramatic shots from Hollywood movies in one click. Use them to create effects that can be only achieved using advanced HDR photography techniques.

When processing photos with these filters, you can get clearer colors and increase brightness. Besides, they can fix the lighting scheme adding more daylight even to the dullest shots. Moreover, your picture won’t acquire an unpleasant yellowish shade, which often appears after processing images with the presets developed by amateurs.

Interior Design & Real Estate

luxe presets interior design and real estate

If you specialize in interior photography and real estate images, this collection of effects will definitely interest you. It contains filters for improving interior design and decorations, as well as real estate properties.

Take advantage of 25 Lr and 25 tool presets, as well as 15 brushes to enhance your images. They work well for fixing light issues, which is great for this type of photography. This set will help you make colors in the interior and real estate photos look attractive but natural.

Luxe Weddings Collection

luxe presets weddings

This collection of Luxe Lightroom presets was created to enhance wedding photography but also works well for processing photos of your family celebrations. By using several filters from this set, you can perform subtle and advanced edits, as well as achieve creative effects.

This collection contains several presets that can convert photos to monochrome images or soften the shades in the photo thus making them more delicate, which is very appropriate for wedding photos. Here, you will find presets that add grain, deepen shadows and dark areas, give haze to colors, add a fade effect, etc.

First Years Baby & Newborn

luxe presets first years baby and newborn

This collection contains 27 Lr and 54 tool presets, as well as 30 brushes specifically designed for newborn photography. All the effects let you modify the brightness, accentuate the details, enhance the skin tones in your images.

The filters make the colors softer without affecting and altering the shade of the child’s skin. The presets highlight the textures, remove contrasts, help balance the light and shadows. Besides, they work well with light so if the photo was taken in a dark room, you can fix it without any problems.

Landscapes & Wildlife Collection

luxe presets landscapes and wildlife

If you are interested in landscape photography and wildlife photography, this bundle is what you need. Use them to make photos of valleys and hills brighter and more saturated.

The filters make colors brighter deepening the shadows. Besides, they work well with contrast and accentuate textures. By using these presets, you can add more sunlight and clouds to shots, as well as create the sunset or sunrise effect.

Plum Slate Bundle

luxe presets plum slate

This set is great for refining product photography shots. With it, you can adjust WB and add some light to images, as the majority of food snaps are captured without macro lenses and have some exposure issues.

You will get pictures with brighter colors, natural shades and textures. These filters make pictures more creative by adding a vintage effect to them. Also, some presets add specific shades to a photo. Use them to achieve a coherent editing style, which is important for Instagram bloggers.

Lifestyle Collection

luxe presets lifestyle

This bundle consists of ten lifestyle photography filters for social media platforms. They will come in handy if you want to achieve a coherent style and color gamut of your Instagram feed. These Luxe presets are great for processing street and indoor photos.

The collection allows correcting colors, making them vivid and saturated. They are great for enhancing skin color. The filters are great for summer holidays pics. The effects can make colors and textures softer while removing harsh contrast and deep shadows.

Stories Bundle

luxe presets stories

This bundle was developed for editing documentary photos, but it works well for photos of family events as well. The package includes 24 presets for improving lighting.

These filters can deepen shadows and highlight dark areas. Some of them turn images into black-and-white pictures, whereas others add blue, purple, or pink color shades. By using them, you can make it look as if the photo was taken during sunset. They add soft and warm light, as well as natural highlights to the skin.

Pumpkin Patch Autumn

luxe presets pumpkin patch autumn

Improve your fall shots by accentuating natural red, orange, and brown shades. Whether you are going to conduct a photo session in the garden, backyard, or other locations covered with fallen leaves, this bundle is ideal for any possible fall photoshoot.

The filters can make colors and textures softer by adding peach, orange, and golden hues. You can combine the presets that add warmth with those that add cold highlights. The collection also features monochrome effects for black-and-white photos and for pictures with a red undertone or fading effect.

On the Farm Collection

luxe presets on the farm

These 22 effects were designed to refine countryside pictures with natural shades and natural light. The set works well for refining nature photography. It can deepen contrast, accentuate textures of natural materials, etc.

The collection includes basic filters for correcting colors, enhancing lighting conditions, achieving a perfect WB, increasing clarity. It also contains stylized presets. If you like shots with a matte effect, featuring bright or faded highlights, and a slight vignette, use this package. It will give your photo a yellow-orange-brown tint.

Luxe Presets on Instagram

luxe presets instagram

Username: @theluxelens
Genre: Presets, Actions, & Overlays for Lightroom & Photoshop
Followers: 50.2K

Go to the Instagram page of Luxe Presets to find a variety of bright and stunning images processed using these effects. The profile image was designed following Instagram profile photo requirements. Read descriptions to learn what filter and from what collection was used.

All published images are of high quality. Use them as a source of inspiration to bring your own ideas into life. Besides, their Instagram feed will help learn how to use Luxe presets in the non-traditional.

Finally, the developers offer free filters for their followers, so you get one of their collections for free.

Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection

If you are on a tight budget buy like Luxe presets, I recommend using the free filters below to achieve a similar effect. The only thing you need to do is download the bundle, learn how to use Lightroom presets, and start applying them.

You can use these free filters to process pictures in any genre. They provide a variety of effects, from basic adjustments to creative ones, that will make your shots stand out from the rest.

Note: All tools we share were created by FixThePhoto experts. We do not copy and share third-party products.