InPixio vs Photoshop: What Program Is Better

By Eva Williams 21 days ago, Software Reviews

InPixio vs Photoshop: What Program Is Better

The eternal InPixio vs Photoshop battle makes many users confused.

If you only start the way in photography and need to enhance your pictures fast and simply, InPixio works best for you, as there are many easy-to-use tools that remove distracting details from the pic, besides, it has a gradual learning curve.

In case, you are a pro photographer and deal with complicated photo retouching, you need a multifunctional program to help you handle your photos, including design and extra effects. Photoshop is definitely number one in this line of work.

What Is InPixio?

inpixio logo InPixio is a package consisting of several separate programs that differ from each other by specific features and tools tending to work with a particular aspect of the photo.
You will find Photo Studio, Photo Focus, Photo Maximizer, Photo Cutter, and Photo Eraser. These tools help change the background, delete odd details from the picture and create great collages.
Photo Studio 10 is one the most helpful program in the InPixio Photo Suite. It has a rather simple interface with a gradual learning curve.
Photo Studio offers the easiest method to make your photos better at once with the help of installed effects, frames, and textures. Such options are pretty useful for the novices to help reach desirable effects fast.
  • inpixio interface
  • inpixio interface

    INPIXIO: Strengths and Weaknesses

    + Simple removal of unwanted items. Thanks to the Erase option, you may remove unwanted details from the photo without loss in quality. You can delete the highlighted zones or restore the backdrop. The selection option with an automated color detecting helps you edit the image. With its help, you can easily get rid of any objects, shading, logos, and watermarks.

    + Helpful tools for portraits editing. The same Eraser tool lets you edit portrait photos to make the skin shiny and smooth similar to how it looks on magazine covers.

    + Efficient correction of old digitized pictures. Clear your old digitized pictures from scrapes and spots. Simply scan the photo and recover it with InPixio. Identify damaged pieces and adjust the cursor size. It’s easy to achieve cool results even on the tiniest scratches. The last step is pressing the "Erase" to start restoring your picture.

    + Fast cut-out. You may quickly cut out any unwanted elements from the picture with the InPixio. This process goes automatically. Besides, you may use the “retention” option to keep the necessary elements.

    Such small elements as hair or specks are deleted accurately. All cut elements can be used for making collages or photomontages afterward.

    + More than 100 texts and stickers. Want to make your photo special – use one of 100+ stickers and templates for the text that are offered by InPixio. The templates suit any needs and work great for thematic pictures. Besides, they are fully customizable to help you create individual style and manner.

    + Tilt-Change and Motion Blur. By adding a motion blur on your pictures, you may slightly mitigate outlines to create a gradual transition between objects, thus making a harmonious composition.

    + Perspective Correction Tool. This automated option will be useful if your photo has a tilted horizon and you want to even it out. It happens sometimes that a picture has a perspective misrepresentation if you photograph too close to the object, especially buildings.

    + Correction tools, special effects, and filters. InPixio offers lots of tools as light adjustment (exposure, luminosity, contrast), levels correction (curves), color correction (white balance, hue, saturation, split tone). Besides, the software provides different frames, set filters, textures, and effects – soft focus, film grain, sharpness, noise reduction, vignette.

    + Make outstanding photomontages. You can create trendy collages and photomontages with the help of the InPixio Photo Studio Ultimate cut-out option by adding cutouts from one picture to others. By using motion blur you make transitions more gradual, thus producing appropriate integration into the collage.

    - There is no Import/Export option. InPixio Photo Suite has a limited Export option. There is one available format – JPEG, thus you cannot save the photo in any other format.

    What Is Photoshop?

    photoshop logo Photoshop is a pro software and digital suite to improve your pictures, to make creative designs, and animations. It has a great choice of shapes, outlines for painting and brushes.
    There are one-of-a-kind tools in Photoshop such as stock photos, some functions for organization and synchronization, features to create 3D design and graphics.
    • photoshop interface
    • photoshop interface

      Photoshop: Strengths and Weaknesses

      + Unlimited layers. You may use as many layers as necessary to enhance your picture. This option helps change colors of the entire photo, not just separate layers as well as other features that can be applied to several layers at once.

      + Support for various formats. Comparing InPixio vs Photoshop, we can say that the latter supports many known formats with RAW and PDF being only few of them. This option speeds the whole work up as you don’t need to waste time converting the photo to another format.

      + Great masks. There are two main kinds of masks in Photoshop: masks for layer editing and masks for clipping. The layer masks allow you can control the transparency of particular layers or a set of them, while clipping masks use the transparency of one layer to identify another layer or their group.

      + Useful plug-ins. Though Photoshop is a popular and great image editor, some users complained about the lack of certain options. Thus Adobe has cope with the problem by developing both free and paid plug-ins to choose from. Among free you may choose – Shadow Booster, Paint, and Smooth Textures.

      There are also PortraitPro, ON1 Picture Raw of a premium segment. The software has access to the majority of existed plug-ins such as Actions, Brushes, Patterns, Textures, and Overlays.

      + Remarkable import/export capabilities. Adobe product provides great export and import options – choose necessary format, size, assign name, type and work with watermarks. It allows converting to DNG, use effects, add metadata, and even make an album from the photos.

      + Free tutorials. Even though Photoshop is a well-known photo editor with a great number of tools, novices face some difficulties mastering it. To make the process easier, you may use both free and paid lessons available on the net and on the official Adobe website. These tutorials will help you master Photoshop faster.

      - Complex learning curve. Most Adobe products are created for experts, thus you cannot master them without devoting some time and effort. There are plenty of Photoshop tutorials on the Internet you can look for and learn for free.

      - Interface isn’t adjustable. Though Photoshop has a good and customized interface, many users feel a lack of capability to adjust it for their individual preferences.

      - A monthly subscription. In case you need Photoshop for a long workflow, you need to pay subscription either monthly or annually. The prepaid annual package is rather high-priced ($239.88), while the monthly fee seems to be a bit cheaper – $20.99.

      INPIXIO vs Photoshop: Price

      inpixio vs photoshop battle price

      You cannot buy Photoshop paying once, as it’s available on the subscription basis. There are a few options – you can get a separate program or use the whole set of Adobe products by signing up for Creative Cloud.

      In case you’re interested in a full package, you can find some Adobe discounts that will help reduce the price. You are offered a discount of up to 60% for the Full Creative Cloud plan.

      InPixio, on the contrary, doesn’t provide a monthly subscription. This is a pack of 7 programs that you cannot buy as a single unit. If you need all programs, you will pay for each apart. Thus, InPixio Photo Studio 10 has a high cost of $99.

      To help you make the right choice, we’d recommend trying Photoshop free and InPixio free to feel the potential of each separate software.

      InPixio vs Photoshop – Who Wins?

      Both InPixio and Photoshop have similar tools for color correction, improving light and saturation, cropping, and photo editing.

      Photoshop still is better customized, has a wider range of tools, and better management. Besides, there is an unlimited number of layers and advanced masks. Despite this, Photoshop is rather complex to use for beginners, thus to master it, we recommend using some tutorials on the net at first.

      Unlike Photoshop, InPixio works better for novices. Your photos will become better instantly without much effort. Besides, there are many useful options for your convenience: Text & Stickers, Motion Blur, Perspective Correction, frames, effects – noise reduction, and vignette.


      Photoshop free plug-ins help you improve pictures without spending much time and effort. They are indeed valuable for beginners, who still don’t know how to use Photoshop perfectly.

      Use Photoshop Actions to make colors pop in your photos. For dark shots with poor light – “Matte” will work best.

      matte pro actions for inpixio vs photoshop