How Online Collaboration Tools Build Productive Teamwork

By Tata Rossi 5 days ago, Apps and Software

The most important component of any business is human resources. The successful operation depends on talented and able-minded employees in both marketing and administration. However, no matter how skilled your staff is, good teamwork is often a problem. This problem has become even more significant these days when most teams work from home remotely. Accordingly, business leaders are now faced with the challenge of ensuring productive and appropriate collaboration of employees doing their work in different locations, and sometimes even in different time zones.

Collaboration tools for productive teamwork have undergone significant improvements in these latter days. A recent study by Forbes states that 97% of companies have experienced a positive impact of collaborative tools on their service standards. Users also note the benefits of online collaboration software in terms of expanding the knowledge network.

You may be wondering why do companies use online collaborative productivity software, and whether they are so effective for the tasks at hand. To debunk all your doubts, we have written this article, which will sort through all the strengths of such tools for promoting your business.

What Is a Collaboration Tool?

In general, the main message lies already in the term itself: these tools provide team members with proper communication, discussion, coordination, problem-solving, and file sharing in the course of work. A study conducted by Professor Edward Madden clearly indicates that companies that actively use online collaboration website and software are 5 times more likely to achieve success than those that don’t dare to do so.

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These days, using collaboration tools is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the world of marketing and business promotion to improve the interaction between employees, wherever they are.

5 Ways Collaborative Software Builds a Stronger Team

Already having an idea about the general principles of collaboration software, you can draw a conclusion about their effectiveness and harmonious team interaction. Now let’s talk about how can online collaboration tools lead to productive teamwork in your company.

1. Fosters Better Communication

how can online collaboration tools lead to productive teamwork foster communication

The paramount task of online collaboration tools is to establish proper team communication. The better the communication is, the less often misunderstandings occur. In turn, the fewer misunderstandings appear, the faster the team completes their tasks and the better the customer service quality is.

According to’s statistics, companies with proper communication are 50% less likely to experience turnover. Also, according to employees (33%), it is honest and understandable communication that has the most positive impact on team productivity.

E-mail messaging is a long-held communication tool. However, in the modern world, this method is very inefficient, as events are developing rapidly. Email is still essential for newsletters, but a productive workflow requires fast and comfortable communication.

Live chat software and other modern communication tools provide a convenient sharing of photo and video files. Also, planning online conferences becomes easier, moreover, you can choose the preferred format – audio or video.

2. Improves Efficiency and Productivity

how can online collaboration tools lead to productive teamwork improve efficiency

To ensure high teamwork efficiency, it is necessary for employees to see the information on each task. Online collaboration apps are great for assigning tasks to all your staff members. The possibility to set deadlines and activate task overdue alerts greatly simplifies the workflow.

Also, developers have provided these tools with functions for tracking the work time of each team member. A manager can control the employee’s workload. This helps prevent burnout and overworking. Thus, it will be easier for the staff to establish a balance between work and leisure, which will have a positive effect on their productivity and desire to work. You can learn more details on this topic on TimeCamp.

Collaboration tools are also suitable for motivating employees. Now it will be easier for them to ask for help or tips from a leader if they feel that they cannot cope with the task. All these useful features significantly improve the interaction and mood of a team.

3. Saves Time and Resources

how can online collaboration tools lead to productive teamwork saves time

As we said before, email communication is an outdated and time-consuming way of sharing info. Research shows that 28% of the employee’s time is spent reading and responding to an email, and another 19% is spent gathering information.

Online collaboration tools make your workflow easier and faster. Let’s say your team is faced with the task of processing one document. With these tools, it is now enough to simply share the document link on any document management software that you prefer instead of the lengthy e-mail messaging, including attaching this file, waiting for all participants to read and answer the letter, etc.

Being online, the whole team can now work on the same project simultaneously. Companies will quickly appreciate this convenience instead of the time-consuming and complex comparison of notes and remarks made by each participant via e-mail.

4. Promotes Innovation

In the 21st century, it is very important not to stay away from new technologies and take advantage of new opportunities. One of these business trends is to use online collaboration instruments. Deciding to try them once, you will enjoy an easy way for a team to interact, even in the case of remote work.

Now, when you see a new post or ad campaign from a competitive business, you can easily share it with your team in a group chat and discuss it together. Thus, you can work efficiently on ideas for new projects and campaigns, on their design, and discuss even such important details as choosing new presets for company social media posts.

In addition to the obvious benefit of tracking the progress of your subordinates, online collaborative software can also be a great tool to discuss new ideas and find fresh trends for your projects.

5. Inculcates Accountability

how can online collaboration tools lead to productive teamwork inculcates accountability

Another reason why companies use online collaborative productivity software is to increase workflow transparency.

Consider an example: a manager assigns an employee 1 task to complete a social media marketing report by the end of the week. However, employee 1 faces the problem of missing some data. All he/she has to do is leave a comment to employee 2 about the need for this data. Accordingly, employee 2 is now also responsible for providing the required data to employee 1 before the task expires.

The example described above clearly indicates the responsible parties and the way of productive interaction between the team members. To properly complete the task, it will be more reasonable to involve several employees, rather than entrusting all the work to one member of a group. It might also be a smart solution to hire remote team to streamline your workflow and scale up your business.

The use of an online collaboration website such as AgilityPortal provides transparency. This is very important for the efficient course of the work, so that both the manager and employees can trace the task progress, starting from its assignment and commenting, and ending with the project delivery.

Upgrade Your Business with the Best Team Collaboration Software

Now after learning how online collaboration tools can lead to productive teamwork, we see no reason to shun them. Rest assured, with these tools, your team will have successful and effective communication, your employees will be highly motivated, and your external cooperation will improve as well. Don’t waste your time and start looking for high-quality online collaboration software on the market right now. Today’s market has something that suits your business, its goals, and its strategy in the best way.