Caribu Family Video-Calling App Review 2023: Pros & Cons


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  • Platforms: App Store / Google Play / Web
  • Price: Free or from $9.9/month

Verdict: Caribu is a great family video communication product featured with a variety of entertainment options that your kids will especially enjoy. They will be pleased with a large selection of interesting books, games, digital stickers, colorful coloring books, and activities.

Your child will find something special in Caribu, as it provides users with drawing, bedtime story reading, puzzle solving, memory and educational games, recipe making, fun virtual sticker packs, and even famous artworks to look at together. You can do it in real-time, talking over video, no matter how far apart you are.

  • Read books and draw in coloring books with your children and grandchildren
  • Weekly updated collection of interesting books and other activities for kids
  • Painting, coloring, and drawing together with no mess
  • Educational games to play together with your child, e.g. tic tac toe, word search, and learning puzzles
  • Cooking together with child-oriented recipes
  • Great choice of coloring pages
  • No PC or Mac app, but available on all desktops through a Web browser
caribu interface

Caribu: Family Video Calls is an amazing app for video communication with your children and grandchildren, fitted with a large collection of fairy tales and games that you can read and play together right during the call. It contains an impressive selection of entertaining books, comics, games, and educational games and puzzles so you never have another boring video-call again.

For your convenience, the developers have carefully divided the material into groups: you can filter it by age, type, subject, or even publisher. Also, some of the books are presented in English and translated into other languages, including Spanish, French, Plains Cree, Chinese, etc.

Caribu — Main Features

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No other popular video chat app has ever embodied the kids’ need to communicate and play simultaneously. This incredible combination of books, games, and video calls in one solution is a godsend for moms, dads, and grandparents around the world since using it they can be a little closer to their beloved babies.

Caribu is a must-have for loving parents and grandparents in today’s world. Now you can not only communicate with your child via video call but also make this communication even warmer and cozier by reading children’s fairy tales or playing fun games together. A properly classified virtual library of books allows you to quickly find a book that your baby will like.

Hundreds of Books for Any Age

caribu books

You can select a child’s age category and then choose from the thousands of books available. There are both books for the youngest children, fairy tales, stories about cartoon heroes, etc., as well as books for older children, such as comics.

The constantly updated section “New This Week” deserves special attention. Colorful covers and categories of books (dinosaurs, unicorns, animals, etc.) will be useful for quick decision-making since it is almost impossible to choose one from such a variety.

Engage Your Child with Interactive Materials During Communication

caribu entertainment activities

Caribu is constantly updating the entertainment activities section. In it, you can find a variety of coloring pages with favorite characters and animals, or draw from scratch with your children. There is nowhere else that you can draw together with your child online during a video call, and an added benefit is that there is no need to clean the whole house after such masterpieces.

Educational Games for a Whole Family

caribu games

Follow the activities section for coloring pages or try solving puzzles, and play word search and tic tac toe to improve memory and concentration for children and the whole family. Enjoy Caribu’s virtual sticker collections and use them to doll up Barbie or create new worlds and fairy tales!

Celebrity Read Aloud Videos On-Demand

If relatives are busy now and cannot read fairy tales to children, it doesn’t matter – kids can listen to famous people reading fairy tales. The Video section is available on-demand, so you can listen to fairy tales at any time. Among the celebrities who recorded their reading are Kevin Jonas, LeVar Burton, NFL ex-players, many actors, and more.

Available on All Popular Devices

To try this app, you need just a computer or laptop with a camera, Android or iOS smartphone. You need to connect to Wi-Fi or use your cellular data. If you have no built-in one, you can purchase any cheap web camera and use it for video calls in Caribu.

What’s more, along with compatibility with Android and iOS (iPadOS) devices, you can also run this app in almost any popular browser. It will perfectly work on PCs with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Here is a detailed list of hardware and software which is not supported by Caribu: Nook, Kobo, Kindle, Fire Tablets, Facebook Portal, Google Nest, Alexa Show, Alcatel, Bubblegum Tablets, DragonTouch Max 10, Fusion, QunyiCO, Contixo Kids Tablet, and devices with Android Go.

Caribu Prices

caribu prices

Caribu pricing is quite detailed and has only 3 plans, one of which is free:

Free Limited gives access to 5 free credits, contacts synchronization, and video calls. Books and activities selection is limited. After the 5 free credits, reading one book or doing one activity costs one credit.

1 Month Unlimited ($9.99/month) gives access to all books and games with no restrictions on video calls and use of any content. You can invite any number of relatives and this subscription will cover everyone like your Netflix family plan.

12 Month Unlimited ($99.99/year) has the same features and benefits as the previous one, but with it, you get 2 months of Caribu for free.

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