PRposting Company Review 2023: Pros and Cons


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Verdict: PRposting is an optimal choice for business owners who want to advertise their brand on various digital resources. I think it is a perfect variant for creatives, as the company offers services for photographers, individual specialists, and big enterprises. They promise that all the conducted campaigns will bring you success and charge money only when the posted publications bring the desired results.

  • All text materials are posted manually
  • Convenient payment system
  • Many web platforms for publishing the content
  • Concealed marketing services
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PRposting is an agency that provides a great variety of services including link building, guest posting, content, and concealed marketing, as well as performs other tasks related to the listed fields. In addition, these specialists create engaging publications for different sites, taking into account clients’ needs and ranking criteria for web resources on different search engines.

PRposting: Main Features

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PRposting company doesn’t use automatic posting but publishes content manually. By doing so, the agency controls every step and makes sure that all components are properly displayed on the platform. Besides, the team works with website owners directly without intermediaries to avoid any problems with content publication.

They cooperate with more than 40.000 websites from around the world that want to publish articles, news, press releases, or written texts with links to projects. Photographers and other creatives address PRposting to publish content for promotion and advertising needs. Moreover, the company takes care of communication and manages the process of publication to save your time.

Super-Fast Link Building and Publication on the Verified Websites

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Link building allows any brand to engage new customers and increase website traffic. PRposting database contains numerous safe and reliable platforms for posting.

For instance, photographers who want to grab the attention of users who often order video production services, will benefit from a good expert article with links to their website, social media, and other resources. Only reliable and reputable projects are selected for publication, most of which have an https certificate. This guarantees security and ensures that your customers' data won’t be intercepted by third parties.

Manual Guest Posting Services for Photographers’ Promotion

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Guest posting is a popular tool for increasing brand awareness, which is very important for photographers looking to expand their client base. PRposting deals with creating and publishing PR posts, news, announcements, analytics, ads, etc. This is a coherent system that serves to develop your brand, attract investors, and solve other PR tasks.

In the database, you will find many skillful authors, who are responsible for creating content for some particular niches or industries. Writers produce original articles with a variety of citations, docs, bloggers’ reviews, or info from authorities. Guest publications contain the URL of photographer’s websites as well as useful information.

Take advantage of PRposting platform to publish interesting articles with a link to your web page photography blog or ecommerce platform, and receive high-quality backlinks.

Development and Implementation of Marketing Creative Strategies

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The company also develops marketing strategies for advertising brands on the web. Like popular content marketing agencies, it generates relevant content to promote a photographer’s brand. They develop different types of content, including visual content marketing materials for different platforms.

By using concealed marketing tools and technologies, PRposting creates a positive image of your brand and business aimed at target clients. The platform helps with posting various types of content with hidden or native ads. These specialists do their best to turn your target audience into loyal customers enhancing communication and generating demand.

PRposting Prices

The cost of services depends on the number and type of websites you use to post your materials. To understand how much you need to pay, register in the system and select the most suitable options for your industry from the list of partner sites.

Next, the program will calculate the price, and you can continue after you deposit the required sum or it will already be available on your account in the system. The specified sum will be withdrawn from the account only after the content is published. If for some reason the publication doesn’t take place, the money will be returned to your account.