Live QR Code Generator Review 2024: Pros & Cons

Live QR Code Generator

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Verdict: Live QR Code Generator is a free online service that allows you to create various QR codes. I like that this tool provides users with different source file customizations free of charge. One of the main advantages of the program is that it can create a custom QR code in the desired color to store any data.

  • Free
  • Allows adding any link
  • Dynamic and static codes
  • Reliable service
  • User-friendly
  • A free version requires updating every 90 days
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The program comes with internal storage and a board for quick access to files. You can use Live QR Code Generator as a full-fledged marketing tool for capturing info about your audience and viewing it right in the service.

Live QR Code Generator Review – Main Benefits

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Live QR Code Generator is a fast, free tool that you can use for business development. You can store any data using QR codes like website, social media, geolocation, menu, coupons, Google forms, documents, reviews, maps, as well as phone numbers.

You can save your code in JPEG or PNG formats and incorporate it in your future design and photography marketing materials. Besides, you can download it as an SVG file and use it in various sizes without restrictions.

Intuitive Interface and Easy of Use

The UI of the website is easy to understand. All the necessary options are arranged on the first page. Here you can upload any link to a phone number or PDF file, and even your photography portfolio and create a QR code. On this page, you can also choose its color and size in pixels, read the helpful tips, and create an account if required.

The website is developed according to the rules of UX design and looks eye-pleasing. The developers don’t overload users with unnecessary info, and all those who are interested in some extra details can find them in the lower part of the site.

Marketing Tools in Personal Dashboard

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It was a great surprise for me that this QR code generator software has a dashboard for every client that allows you to keep track and organize all the codes that you have created. By default, you start using a free version but can switch to the premium one if necessary. Also here you can see the date of creation and the link that you’ve inserted into this code.

All dashboard tools are available on the right side. Here you can download or edit your code, update or delete it. The dashboard also displays the number of scans and tools for analyzing statistics about your audience for the next marketing campaigns.

Allows Customizing the Future Code

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As soon as you provide the URL or PDF for the QR to be generated, Live QR Code Generator will offer you a great design in the desired color. Users can alter the background and foreground color according to their preferences. The color palette includes not only basic colors, but also their shades allowing you to design an esthetic QR code suitable for your brand. In addition, color values ​​are encoded in CMYK.

Although it is up to you what colors your design will have, I recommend following the tips offered by the developers of the platform and choosing the contrasting colors so that a code could be read correctly on any type of material from any distance.

Possibility to Generate Static and Dynamic QR Codes

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The program allows generating both static and dynamic codes. You can create a static code in just one click (even without registration) on a separate webpage of the service. This option is suitable for those who are not ready to face the complicated process of QR generation and need instant results without further tracking of metrics.

You can also produce a dynamic QR code that allows editing data stored in it even after generation. It can be placed on marketing materials as well as on any advertising platform. The content stored in the code can be easily changed whenever you need or want it. This also applies to already printed ads or similar materials.

A Full-Featured Blog for Those Who Need Extra Info

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I like that the developers are actively blogging, showing their care about users. It contains detailed articles and tutorials, so you can figure out how the generator works. The articles contain info about the creation of a QR code, its usage, and its advantages. Here you can also find helpful tips on how to use these codes, for example, in restaurants or blogs.

Complete Security and Anonymity of Your Data

The company ensures the safety of your data by implementing a great variety of security measures. So you can be certain that your personal info will remain confidential when placing an order. The service transfers all sensitive data using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. All personal info is encrypted into the Payment gateway providers database to make sure that only authorized people can access it. Besides, the company doesn’t store your payment data after you've made a transaction.

Live QR Code Generator Prices

You can use Live QR Code Generator for free but with some restrictions. The Free Plan allows creating as many codes as you need but with 10-second ads, basic analytics, unlimited scans, edits, downloads, a dashboard, etc. After 90 days of usage, you need to update the package or it will expire.

The price of the Starter monthly subscription is $3.99. This package includes the features of a free package and you will get ten codes without ads and without time limitations. The price of the Advanced monthly plan is $11.99. It only differs from the Starter subscription by the number of codes (it is increased to 100). The Professional plan costs $99.99 per month and offers 1000 codes, as well as excellent support.

Similar Products

There are no competitors on the market today that can offer such an array of features as Live QR Code Generator. You can find simple and fast generators, but they are only available for usage for some time and may become invalid after a while, which will be an unpleasant surprise. Using Live QR Code Generator, you can be sure that you will get a permanent and reliable code in a design you like.