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Convert your URL, vCard, or document into a dynamic QR code
and track the number of clicks and other data using the dynamic
QR code generator - Adobe Express. Test out the tools available
in the Premium plan using a 30-day trial version.

Working as an event photographer, I discovered that using a dynamic QR code generator allows me to optimize my processes and make ads look funny.

Dynamic QR codes are perfect when I need to add links to my portfolio, collect client feedback, or add an URL to my site to video tutorials or my blog. The best thing about these services is that they enable me to customize dynamic QR codes whenever I need them.

To select the most reliable generator, I tested a variety of applications and asked them all to create dynamic QR codes in the form of a camera.

Quick Overview

QR Code Generator Number of QR Code Types Leading Elements Free Plan

Adobe Express


Auto templates, impressive customization


QR Code Dynamic


Customizable, scan statistics


The QR Code Generator


Tracking tools, data security


Aurora3D Barcode Generator


Multiple formats, batch generation



Customizable QR codes, analytics



Add a code to anything, user-friendly 




Integrates with Hubspot, Zapier



Real-time preview, formats support




Analytics, helpful customer service




Multi-language support

QR Code Generator Pro


Allows adding QR codes to landing pages

QR Code Monkey


Scan statistics, bulk creation/editing




Tracks the number of scans



Comprehensive analytics, integration 



Custom shapes and colors


How to Choose the Dynamic QR Code Generator

Dynamic QR codes are suitable for companies that need to update their information regularly or analyze how their clients use their QR codes. After testing out over 500 programs and services, I created this list to help you choose the best dynamic QR code generator based on the following criteria:

User-friendly interface. The best services have an easy-to-navigate dashboard and allow users to generate a dynamic QR code in a few clicks.

Customization. The most useful programs enable to add logos, customize colors and sizes, edit the background, and add frames to a dynamic QR code to design it in a specific style.

QR code types. A program should support dynamic QR code generation and allow you to create QR codes for various purposes, including text, URL, vCard, PDF, image, audio, or Wi-Fi.

Ensure integrations with third-party tools. The best services integrate with widely used CRMs and allow users to utilize any web analysis tool of their choice, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, marketing automation platforms, etc.

Tracking capabilities. Dynamic QR code generators allow users to track data about a location, time, scan date, a number of scans, visitors, etc.

Security standards. The most reliable services have globally recognized security certifications, including GDPR, SOC-II, and others.

Collaboration & control. If you want to improve the effectiveness of your QR code campaigns using advanced monitoring tools, select a service that allows you to work together with your team, manage access rights, configure logins, manage brand data, and set up branded domains.

1. Adobe Express

adobe express dynamic qr code generator interface
  • Intuitive
  • Extensive customization
  • Easy to access from all devices
  • Allows using a password for extra security
  • A 30-day trial only

Price: Free or $9.99/mo

Review: Using Adobe Express, I generate QR codes for various purposes to make my landing pages, brochures, and portfolios more informative. For example, this software allows me to collect user feedback, improve the effectiveness of my printed materials, and increase my site’s traffic.

Another advantage of this service is that it enables me to create QR codes with custom colors and styles, which makes it easier for me to design codes that match my brand’s style.

  • I was able to add my brand’s logo to the QR code I created. When everything was ready, I saved the dynamic QR code to my computer.

The program allows users to generate high-quality QR codes in JPEG and PDF.

"It might be difficult to manage events, but Adobe QR code generator helps me to quickly design wedding invitations. It allows me to track guest check-ins and other valuable data." - Amy, event manager ★★★★★ (5/5)

2. QR Code Dynamic

qr code dynamic generator interface
  • Suitable for novices and easy to customize
  • Change URL destination dynamically
  • Password protection
  • No distracting ads
  • Limited free version
  • No bulk QR code generation

Price: Free, Pro plan for $29/mo

Review: In a few clicks, I generated dynamic QR codes using customizable email and phone templates. Due to the well-thought-out UI, the process of code generation is quite streamlined. The program allows me to design professional QR codes with ease.

The notable difference of QR Code Dynamic is that it comes with a wide choice of customization opportunities.

  • I can select from 16 QR code templates for phone, URL, text, SMS, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Vcard, Crypto, PayPal, PIX payment. Besides, it helped me generate a QR code for my photography portfolio in the form of a beautiful camera sign which you may see above.

Regardless of the intended use, this QR code generator for business supports impressive customization and enables me to customize the design of my codes to ensure that it matches the style of my brand.

Another advantage of this best vCard QR code generator is that I can track the performance of my QR codes and make the necessary edits to improve the effectiveness of my campaigns. The program allows me to use my domain or select one of the available ones.

3. The QR Code Generator

qr code generator dynamic interface
  • Advanced customization
  • Supports basic tracking
  • Streamlined interface
  • Powerful data security
  • For small and mid-sized companies
  • Distracting ads in the trial version

Price: Free or from $5/month

Review: This software stands out for its extensive functionality as it supports text and link encoding as well as allows users to encode information about vCards, contact data, PDF files, and SMS. It has a streamlined single-page interface, which allows me to find any tool that I need to use quickly.

I often need to link my PDF files to QR codes, which makes this program perfectly suitable for my needs. It allows me to share any data with my clients with ease. I was able to design a QR code and save it to my device in less than a minute.

In addition, I use this free QR code generator for PDF to track views and other data to make adjustments in my marketing strategy. It enables me to save my code in PNG and SVG formats and quickly add it to my photography marketing materials.

"the instructions on the website were quite helpful and easy to comprehend. it allowed me to generate a qr code without wasting a lot of time and save it to my device in png format." - Greg, student ★★★★★ (5/5)

4. Aurora3D Barcode Generator

aurora3d barcode dynamic qr code generator interface
  • 30+ templates
  • QR codes in various formats
  • Useful tips
  • Generates batches of up to 100 QR codes
  • Limited trial
  • No free version

Price: $19.95

Review: Aurora3D Barcode Generator enables users to generate more than 32 QR codes and barcodes. Even novice users won’t face any difficulties trying to navigate through its UI.

After selecting a template, I was able to customize it depending on my needs. Another advantage is that it takes me no longer than a few minutes to generate a barcode.

  • One of the key selling points of this barcoding software is its large catalog of customizable templates. I had a chance to select suitable fonts and colors, resize their codes, add text, and perform other adjustments if necessary.

This dynamic QR code generator facilitates changing barcode data, selecting suitable color schemes, and performing other tasks, which helps me generate QR codes that suit my needs perfectly.

In addition, this software supports many languages, including Latin, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Japanese. It allows me to save the QR codes that I have generated in PNG, JPEG, BMP, SVG and TIFF formats.

5. Uniqode

uniqode dynamic qr code generator interface
  • Quick QR code generation
  • Performance tracking
  • Creates a batch of up to 2000 QR codes
  • Top-level security and privacy
  • No free unlimited plans
  • The starter plan is too basic

Price: Starter plan for $5/mo, Pro plan for $49/mo.

Review: Uniqode enables me to create, edit, and manage a variety of QR codes for links, business cards, restaurant menus, SMS, and other purposes. The program supports integration with Excel, Word and other document management software.

Uniqode is also suitable for those who want to track the number of scans, analyze user engagement, and learn about the functionality of QR codes.

  • It enables me to add my data into Google Analytics and analyze it together with information about direct and referral traffic, as well as other criteria. This service also enables me to add other members of my team and manage their access rights.

It is also known as the best QR code generator for wedding invitations with custom designs.

I decided to use this tool to generate dynamic QR codes for flyers and customize them to ensure that they align with the style of my brand. After adding a logo and a background, I customized the dots and dashes. Then, I downloaded the QR code in a vector format to get a high-resolution version.

"I can change my dynamic QR codes at any moment. For instance, when we perform rebranding, I can edit my code without any issues. However, the program is not cheap." - Jared, small business owner ★★★★☆ (4/5)

6. MustHaveMenus

musthavemenus dynamic qr code generator interface
  • Streamlined setup
  • 25,000 templates
  • Code management tools
  • Intuitive UI
  • No offline access
  • A free plan is limited

Price: Free plan, Pro plan for $25/mo

Review: As I do not have a technical background, I like the fact that MustHaveMenus has an intuitive interface. I use it large library to select a suitable template and save it to my collection of designs for future use.

I can quickly add QR codes to my materials, including menus, posters, business cards, or labels. What makes it the best dynamic QR code generator is that it has an in-built catalog that includes over 10,000 design templates, which makes it easier for me to find a suitable option for my needs.

What I like the most about this menu design software is that it enables me to convert URLs into QR codes on the go. Due to this, I do not need to print my marketing materials multiple times and can quickly adjust my marketing strategy depending on my needs.

7. Flowcode

flowcode dynamic qr code generator interface
  • Extensive customization
  • Complex QR code analytics
  • Bulk generation
  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • Pro features require an upgrade
  • Customization options require an improvement

Price: Free, Pro for $5/mo.

Review: This service streamlines the process of creating dynamic QR codes, which enables me to produce them for various types of content, including documents, links, social media pages, etc. When creating wedding invitations, I used Flowcode to create QR codes. The program enables me to produce custom designs and supports fast scanning.

In addition, this free dynamic QR code generator enables users to add images and 3D animations to their designs. It helped me make my invitations stand out and add a stylish feel to them. Flowcode also enables me to add logos and use custom colors when designing my invitations.

  • I was happy with the fact that the dynamic QR codes generated with the help of this service are easy to track, which allows me to see how many times people scanned my QR codes and where.

Using the engagement data, I can evaluate the effectiveness of my marketing campaigns and adjust my strategy.

"What impressed me about Flowcode is that it allows me to upload a single code or use the bulk upload option to avoid wasting time. In addition, I can use different QR code designs." - Ted, web developer ★★★★☆ (4/5)

8. CountWordsFree

countwordsfree dynamic qr code generator interface
  • Quick QR code generation
  • Supports a variety of formats
  • Automatically reads all the data
  • Occasional glitches
  • Lacks some pro-level tools

Price: Free

Review: I was stunned by the variety of options available in this software as it allows users to generate QR codes for text, messages, URL, email, and vCard information, which makes CountWordsFree extremely convenient to use.

The CountWordsFree tool is quite intuitive. I was pleased by the fact that I did not have to download it on my device. After inserting a link, I did not have to wait, as the program instantly produced a QR code. Then, I was able to add it to my documents and website. It made it easier for me to share contact or vCard information without paying a dime.

After creating a QR code, I can download it in the format I need to use. The program supports JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF formats, which allows me to generate QR codes for different uses and ensure that my potential clients will be able to access them from various devices.

9. Mezink

mezink dynamic qr code generator interface
  • Social media integration
  • Allows editing a QR code
  • Logo settings
  • QR code templates
  • Limited design tools
  • Time-consuming QR code generation

Price: Free, Starter for $5/mo

Review: Mezink is a free service that facilitates the process of creating dynamic QR codes. I often use it to replace the foreground, change the eye color, or edit the background in my pictures. However, the in-built QR code generator is one of the most useful tools available in this software.

What makes this free QR code generator different from the rest is that it enables users to create a QR code using a branding logo. Using the Mezink tool, I can quickly add QR codes to my marketing materials while ensuring that they are in the same style as other elements.

When testing out the in-built tools, I quickly created dynamic QR codes to promote my photography services and offer freebies. After adding a URL to the field, I clicked “Start,” and downloaded the result. It took me about 5 seconds to get the code.

10. Upmenu

upmenu dynamic qr code generator interface
  • Custom brand colors
  • Allows uploading high-quality pictures
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Prints menu QR codes
  • No offline access
  • Issues with credit cards

Price: From $49/mo.

Review: Upmenu is a professional dynamic QR code generator that allows users to share their menus with clients with ease. I quickly figured out how to create a menu using this program.

  • After creating a design I was satisfied with, I generated a QR code. This service enables me to connect my online menu to the QR code generator and get a printable QR code.

Another advantage of Upmenu is that it has a large collection of templates for creating a restaurant menu with QR codes. I can select any of over 60 templates to create a menu in a specific style that matches a client’s brand. By customizing the template, I can make a menu easier to use and ensure that it has a nice design.

11. QR Code Generator Pro

dynamic qr code generator pro interface
  • Counts scans
  • Supports code customization
  • Easy to add to marketing materials
  • QR codes metrics
  • No free version
  • Limited customer support

Price: Free trial, Starter for $5/mo, Advanced for 12.50/mo.

Review: Using QR Code Generator Pro, I was able to easily create QR codes for links, vCard, text, emails, pics, SMS, Twitter, WiFi, and BTC. Besides generating dynamic QR code, the program enables me to adjust their colors, add logos, and customize patterns. Using the in-built tools, I can track the number of times a QR code was scanned, as well as track the time and location of scans. It enables me to see whether my marketing campaigns are efficient without using statistical analysis software.

I was also pleased by the fact that I could generate bulks of QR codes and manage them using convenient organization tools available in the dashboard.

  • Another advantage of this program is that it facilitates team collaboration and enables me to add up to 5 colleagues to the project and configure their access rights.

This QR code generator is extremely useful in situations when I work on complex projects that require the involvement of various professionals.

12. QR Code Monkey

qr code monkey dynamic qr code generator interface
  • Unlimited scans for a lifetime license
  • High-quality QR codes
  • Custom designs and colors
  • Supports vector formats
  • Pro features are paid
  • UI requires improvement

Price: Free, Pro for $5/mo.

Review: I decided to add QR Code Monkey to this list because it supports an extensive variety of static QR code types. For instance, I often use it to generate QR codes for Wi-Fi, SMS, text, or vCard. The program enables me to customize QR codes by changing their colors, adjusting their design, and adding logos.

Another useful feature of QR Code Monkey is that it supports the bulk generation of QR codes. It saved me a lot of time, as I often need to create multiple QR codes at once.

I also like scan statistics, as it enables me to analyze the efficiency of my marketing campaigns. In addition, I like the fact that I can download QR codes in a variety of supported formats, including PNG, SVG, PDF, or EPS.

13. Scanova

scanova dynamic qr code generator interface
  • Tools for designing QR codes
  • Scan tracking and analytics
  • Responsive landing pages
  • Lead generation
  • No free plan
  • UI requires an upgrade

Price: Lite from $9/mo, Standard from $35/mo

Review: Scanova enables users to choose from 23 dynamic QR code types depending on their needs. For instance, I can select the most suitable QR code for my social media profiles or business cards.

The program supports extensive customization of QR codes, which allows me to select custom colors, add my logo, and perform other adjustments to ensure that my materials have a consistent style and can grab the attention of my potential clients.

In addition, this QR code generator for business has a wide choice of tracking tools that allow me to analyze the efficiency of my marketing campaigns.

I often use this collaboration software when I need to work on projects together with my team members. It allows me to add a semi-transparent dynamic QR code to any background. Due to this, I can add QR codes to the marketing materials of different types.

14. Linkhero

linkhero dynamic qr code generator interface
  • Tools for tracing data
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Extensive integration
  • Optimized for mobile users
  • Requires an internet connection
  • Doesn’t allow creating multiple QR Codes at once

Price: Starter for $12/mo, Pro for $45/mo.

Review: After using Linkhero, I can conclude that this QR code dynamic generator software has an easy-to-use interface, which facilitates the task of creating custom QR codes for different types of marketing campaigns.

What makes Linkhero so convenient to use is that it allows encoding text, pictures, links, and vCard data into QR codes. Due to the extensive functionality of this software, I can easily track how users interact with my marketing materials.

After getting in-depth data about user behavior, I can make my campaigns more targeted. The in-built tools allow me to learn more about the needs of my clients and see what materials they are interested in.

15. TLinky

tlinky dynamic qr code generator interface
  • Trackable analytics
  • Data capturing and lead generation
  • Extensive customization
  • 13+ QR code templates
  • Scan environment limitations
  • UX issues

Price: Free plan, Starter for $9/mo, Advanced for $29/mo.

Review: When organizing an event campaign for photographers, I decided to use TLinky, as this dynamic QR code generator allows me to quickly prepare my posters and flyers for release by making them more informative.

The program allows adding a QR code to promotional materials to drive more traffic to landing pages where visitors can get comprehensive information about provided services or find an event’s schedule.

  • In addition, TLinky stands out among other dynamic QR code generators for its extensive customization options as it allows users to select the most suitable designs for their QR codes and customize them by adding logos and pictures.

Besides, users can select suitable colors to make their QR codes more attention-grabbing. I am also pleased with advanced tracking and analytics tools that allow users to count the number of scans, track geographic locations and user interactions, as well as analyze data about browsers and devices.