5 Best Pitch Correction Software

5 Best Pitch Correction Software in 2023

By using the best pitch correction software, you can facilitate your workflow and solve music production tasks more efficiently. If there are any problems with vocal recordings, you can easily fix them with the help of such programs. They are suitable for other tasks as well, for instance, you can use them to adjust intonation in instrument recordings. It might be especially useful for those who work with bass guitar and other stringed instruments recordings.

Top 5 Pitch Correction Software

  1. Celemony Melodyne - Clever technology called DNA
  2. Auto-Tune Pro - Built-in presets to create sounds and effects
  3. Waves Tune - 3 timeline modes
  4. Revoice Pro - Unlimited signal length
  5. PITCHMAP - Used in remix workflows

Most music producers prefer using pitch correction programs since they allow them to apply the T-Pain effect notably used in Cher’s songs. However, with such programs, you can also edit audio tracks in a subtle way to make them sound better.

1. Celemony Melodyne - Our Choice

Clever technology called DNA
  • Excellent multitrack option
  • Vastly improved plugin
  • Slick interface
  • Tempo mapping and adjustment
  • None

Verdict: Basically the Celemony Melodyne pitch correction software is perfect for me because it allows me to listen to my recordings and be able to go over them and make any adjustments that are necessary for me. In fact, the system allows me to make my own recordings of what I'm saying and save them to a convenient MP3 file so I can have them wherever I want. This is very handy especially on long road trips when the volume is a bit loud and I might want to have my backup handy just in case my phone has a power outage.

celemony melodyne interface

2. Auto-Tune Pro

Built-in presets to create sounds and effects
  • Superb real-time autotuning
  • Graph mode for manual editing
  • Low-latency monitoring for live input
  • Auto-Tune 5 Classic algorithm option
  • Still only monophonic

Verdict: Auto-Tune Pro pitch correction software provides you with the highest level of digital sound quality available on any computer or laptop for music production. With its patented algorithms, this software takes the guesswork out of recording your own voice. Its Auto-Tune technology can quickly correct your mistakes and boost your voice tone, no matter what you're talking about. It's perfect for those involved in radio, commercials, and other on-air applications where precision is essential to success.

This audio editing software is easy to use and it comes with tons of convenience features like Repeatability, Auto-Tune Lock, Record Position, Play position, undo function, and more.

auto-tune pro interface

3. Waves Tune

3 timeline modes
  • For an automated process, it offers plenty of user control
  • The quality of the automated pitch-correction processing is high
  • Easy to use interface
  • Requires a low-latency computer/audio system

Verdict: The good points of this DAW software are that it has an auto-complete feature that will detect any problems with the sound and automatically corrects it for you, the first thing I tried was the "resonance excess" setting which tries to equalize the sound waves when detecting resonance which basically means that if you have a high pitched voice and it is played at the same time as a lower-pitched voice than the high pitched one will produce a higher pitched sound.

This worked excellently in my tests however in real life it did not make much of a difference. To be honest it is probably best to leave this setting alone unless you are a rock or pop music producer who likes to push the envelope a bit.

waves tune best pitch correction software interface

4. Revoice Pro

Unlimited signal length
  • Unmatched time-alignment algorithms
  • Great-sounding pitch processing
  • Still creates convincing fake doubles
  • ARA2 plug-in works well
  • No distinction between essex and breaths
  • Only for Windows

Verdict: Revoice Pro is a program that positions itself as a professional tool for post-production. This Adobe Audition alternative is used by musicians from all over the world, as it provides the widest range of options, functions and instruments. With its help, you can correct all the shortcomings in the voice, align it, as well as carry out processing using monophonic instruments. Duplicating tracks is also considered a useful technology.

revoice pro best pitch correction software interface


Used in remix workflows
  • Real-time editing
  • MIDI control
  • Informative audio-spectrum display
  • Too expensive
  • Learning curve

Verdict: PITCHMAP is the world's first plug-in that allows you to process the pitch of individual sounds within a mixed signal in real time. It allows you to change the melodies and harmonies of any recording by simply playing your MIDI keyboard or create a patch map using a graphical interface and correct any inconsistencies at the same time.PITCHMAP is an inspiring musical instrument, precise equalization processor, and the only plug-in that will allow you to shape music with your hands.

pitchmap best pitch correction software interface