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Verdict: Persnickety Prints is a photography lab with a wide choice of printing options for any needs. What impresses me most about its services is that the company prints high-quality photos using the newest technologies. Besides, I like their customer service and short turnaround time.

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Persnickety Prints can print photos in different sizes and will do everything to give your images an immaculate look. I was pleasantly surprised at how well-packaged the photos they sent me were. The company also creates collage prints, photo books and wallpapers. In this review I will tell you about the key advantages of this photo laboratory in detail.

Persnickety Prints Review: Main Features

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Persnickety Prints is a well-established photo printing service that can print high-quality family albums and scrapbooks. It has a collection of scrapbook templates on the official website that can be used free of charge to create memory pages of different sizes.

This photography lab is known for stunning print quality and a short turnaround time. Besides memory pages, it can create prints of custom sizes, calendars, albums, cards, etc.

Premium Fuji Silver Halide Photographs

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The key advantage of the printing services provided by the company is that they allow you to get high-quality printed materials with impressive color accuracy. Thanks to high-level Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type II Technologies, your prints won’t fade over many years. This chemical process ensures that your images will look as close to the digital original as possible.

Fuji Crystal Archive is a resin-based paper known for its top-level archival quality. For years, it has been considered the best color photographic paper on the market, which makes it perfect for photographers and photo labs. The company creates Fuji silver halide photographic prints in different sizes.

High-Quality Handcrafted Photo Books

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By creating a photo book, you can preserve your cherished memories in a printed form. With Persnickety Prints online photo prints, you can create an illustrated cookbook, children’s book and other projects. If you are a professional photographer, the company will help you create a pro-level printed portfolio. It will print your best photos in the highest quality, which will help you impress your clients and get more orders.

The company makes it easy to quickly design and print a beautiful photo book. You can use a variety of layouts and get photo books with rich and accurate colors. To create a photo album, you can upload photos from your PC, social media, cloud storage or smartphone.

Persnickety Prints has a photo book maker that allows you to use free images, designs, and quotes when working on your layouts. There is no need to install dedicated software on your PC or use special apps for making photo books. To save time, you can use easy-to-customize templates or design custom pages for your photo book.

Printing Solutions for Your Business Needs

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Persnickety Prints provides a variety of services for entrepreneurs and creative professionals who need to use printed products to improve their brand’s visibility. You can order its printed services online. The company specializes in creating business cards, flyers, tri-fold brochures, coupons, inserts, promotional marketing materials, etc.

Persnickety designs will come in handy for those who need to create branded printed products for promoting their companies. For instance, you can design custom business cards with a few clicks. You just need to select their parameters, use your logo and other brand elements.

When designing business cards, you can select a variety of types of finishes to give them a more polished look. It will help you improve the visibility of your brand. You can use a classic or custom design when ordering this online business card printing service.

The company also can create a tri-fold brochure using your graphic design and including all the information that you need to print. With the help of Persnickety brochure maker, you can create branded print materials that will improve your company’s visibility and help you reach out to a wider audience. To create a brochure, you can use your own custom designs.

Collage Prints for Your Visual Board

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If you don’t have any experience in combining images, you can entrust this task to Persnickety Prints. The company will use your photos to create a professional-looking collage. Such collages are perfect for creating vision boards or a year in review. You can use them as gifts to your family members, colleagues, business partners, or even the members of your sports team.

The photo laboratory prints custom collages on top-quality giclee matte photo paper. You can fully change the layout of your collage by moving or deleting image placeholders. To create a unique collage, you can use hundreds of the available templates that can be customized to suit your needs. Besides, you can upload your custom designs.

Photographers often use collages to combine photos taken during a wedding, graduation, or birthday party. The company allows you to use its photo collage maker to use photos from your Instagram account or drag and drop images into placeholders.

To customize your projects even further, you can select any mount and texture, select custom effects, texts, patterns, background color and other parameters to make your collages even more attention-grabbing.

Custom Journals for Creative and Organizational Needs

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If you have ever tried using the Bullet Journal, you might already know that it’s a convenient way to manage your life and keep track of various events. To optimize your workflow, you can order the Persnickety Prints Custom Journal service that allows you to get a notebook to manage your to-do lists. You can also order a sketchbook, diary, or other custom solution.

The company creates notebooks using high-quality paper and binding to make it easier for you to manage a variety of tasks and keep yourself organized. Despite pro-level materials, these journals remain pretty affordable. A client may order a custom cover and then select the design of inside pages. They could be blank, dotted or lined.

Custom notebooks and journals will be a perfect gift for your guests at various events. The company doesn’t put its logo on covers, which allows its clients to use these journals as branded products. When placing an order, you can customize your journal by selecting free fonts and images or uploading your brand elements. To save time, you can order one of the available journal covers and select any type of inside page that suits your needs.

Persnickety Prints Prices

On the official website of Persnickety Prints, you will find a wide choice of services and available options. Prices depend on the size and other parameters. For instance, it will cost you from $0.24 to print a regular 3х4 photo. If you need to print a 12х35 image, you will need to pay $21.99 and higher.

The price for collages starts at $0.89 and can reach as much as $39.99, depending on the size and additional design options. A notebook will cost you at least $15.00, however, if you customize your order, the price will be higher.