SVGator App Review 2024: Pros & Cons


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Verdict: SVGator is a great application that allows creating SVG animation compatible with mobile devices. A great advantage of this app is that the designers and developers do not have to possess some advanced coding skills to produce animations. Projects can be exported as a single file. Besides, a user can edit and preview designs without plugins or third-party applications.

Animations created with its help are compatible with both IOS and Android. This allows mobile app developers to achieve uniformity throughout the whole process of design. Another advantage is that animations look the same on web pages or in mobile applications.

  • A rich collection of assets
  • Sophisticated animation tools
  • Export options for Android & iOS apps
  • User-friendly UI
  • Does not require coding skills
  • No 3rd party apps or plugins needed, exports a single SVG file ready to use
  • Lack of pre-made animations
svgator app website

SVGator does not require a connection to the web to make the animations work. The product is fitted with a variety of handy options for producing animations from scratch. You can test your mobile app animation without problems. Besides, you can always return to this SVG editor free and make the necessary changes if they are required.

SVGator App Review: Main Benefits

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In this SVGator app review, we will tell you how you can use its features for creating pro-level animations. Nowadays, in-app animations are very popular for designing the user interface of various mobile applications. More and more designers and developers prefer to use them. The market offers a great variety of accessible tools with handy features for producing mobile app animations.

Both mobile app and web animations enhance the user experience. They are not only funny and captivating but also simplify the app navigation, attract customers, as well as can increase the conversion rates.

In-app animations can make an already popular mobile app even more attractive for users. SVGator is a highly functional free animation software that you can use even without any coding skills. Recently launched SVGator 3.0 is widely regarded as an innovative product for creating web animations without any special knowledge.

Intuitive and Customizable Interface

svgator app interface

SVGator is fitted with a great variety of features and options for creating SVG animations. The software has a well-designed UI that makes the process of creation intuitive. Unlike other similar tools, SVGators does not have a steep learning curve. Its interface will be quite familiar if you have worked with a similar product at least once.

Your SVG graphic will appear in the center of the main screen. On the left, there is a panel with various components of your design. On the right, you will see a contextual properties panel that alters depending on which component you’ve chosen.

At the bottom, you will see the timeline that groups the graphic elements according to different channels. With its help, you can animate a particular component without affecting other elements. You can easily customize the UI according to your requirements. It has collapsible and scalable panels.

No Coding Skills Required

The SVGator app does not require any coding skills. It has a code manager panel where you can see the app-created codes. Many users consider this product as one of the best animation software for beginners, as it allows turning SVG into motion graphics without writing a single line of code. You can devote all your time and resources to creating animations, and SVGator will do all other tasks for you.

After creating a code, the app exports it in a clean and convenient format. Then you can use this file on website pages and mobile applications. Recently developed export options simplify the process of creation of lightweight and scalable animations for mobile applications.

The designers without any coding knowledge will definitely benefit from this app when they need to create animations and provide the developers with that code for customization.

Endless Animation Possibilities with Full Control

svgator app animation tools

SVGator is an extremely user-friendly app for making motion graphics. You only need to select the necessary element from the list, add it to the timeline, then assign one or several animators. Another way is to select an element, add an animator, and both element and animator will appear on the timeline.

Currently, the developers allow users to incorporate keyframes into the animators and change their configurations. By using this tool, you can adjust the position, rotation, scale, and opacity. Besides, you get overall control over the length of transition and other aspects of the animation. Some users prefer adding easing for getting an effect of a lifelike motion.

You can apply the linear easing effect with continuous speed; ease-in effect, which starts slowly and then accelerates; ease-out effect, which is fast at the beginning and then gradually slows down; and ease-in-out effect, which is slow at the beginning, then accelerates and slows down again. Moreover, you can manage the animation triggers. The app allows looping the animation, limiting its duration, or playing it on mouse-over.

Lightweight and Interactive Mobile App Animations

With the help of the mobile export feature, you can easily create, export, and run the animation for native iOS or Android applications. Its online editing platform now allows exporting one lightweight file for such popular frameworks as React Native (.js) and Flutter (.dart).

iOS and Android support is a great benefit for mobile application developers who can achieve uniformity when designing UIs. This is a time-saving feature especially if you are planning to incorporate numerous animated components into the design.

Besides, the way the exported animations work inside a web page or how they run in a mobile application does not make a big difference. Another great plus is that to play the animation created in SVGator you do not need a connection to the web.

Easy-to-Use Vector Creation Tool

svgator app vector

The 3.0 version of SVGator is an updated and highly functional animation editor and SVG creator. There is no need to use any third-party free vector graphics software, as you can create animations from scratch and customize the pre-made templates. The generator offers a great variety of handy features, including the Pen with quick editing options, adjustable shapes, compound options, etc. These tools are great for morphing tweens supported by SVGator.

The drawing process in SVGator is similar to that one in any vector editor. You can use bezier curves with handles and customize them to create smooth curves. The line weight and color can be changed according to your requirements. If you have already had some experience using vector editors, then this tool will be familiar to you.

SVGator is an online vector creator, so you do not need to install anything. All the processes happen in a browser. It is very convenient as you can create animations anywhere and from any device and continue working on your design without problems.

Single Player Mode for Smaller File Sizes

The animations produced with the SVGator app are lightweight, especially when compared to such raster graphics as GIFs. This results in short processing time and enhances the user’s experience. Recently introduced single-player node module for even smaller APK and IPA files ensures that your mobile app will perform without any lags when playing animations created with the help of SVGator.

Comprehensive Step-by-Step Tutorials and Instructions

svgator app tutorials

To start working with this app you will need to read the tutorials and instructions in the Help Center. SVGator provides the designers with handy tips on how to create and employ in-app animations with the SVG animation tool. Check out these tutorials to learn how to create animations from start to finish and find inspiration for creating stunning designs.

Constantly Growing Asset Library

svgator app asset library

SVGator offers an extensive collection of assets to accelerate the process of animation production. It contains a great variety of characters, animals, nature elements, transport, tools, furniture items, finance icons, technology assets, and more.

The icons are available in different styles like outline, solid and colorful duotone. You can download static or animated icons. The developers are going to enrich the library with even more free SVG animations to increase the users’ productivity.

Besides, you can upload your own assets to the collection. Once your animation is created, you can save it to the library and use it for your future designs.

Moreover, you can export your completed animation projects in various formats, including SVG, GIF, PNG, and JSON. Thus, it is possible to integrate animations into websites, presentations, and other digital platforms, ensuring maximum compatibility. The support for JSON output format facilitates easy integration with web development frameworks.

Extensive Lists of Custom Fonts

svgator app fonts

The recent update introduced by SVGator includes new custom fonts. Thanks to it, SVGator became a full-featured SVG generator that can replace any other third-party tools. You can select from a long list of custom fonts to adjust the look of your text so that it matches your design. SVGator supports all the fonts from the Google Fonts library and allows adding your own custom fonts.

SVGator App Prices

There are three packages available for those who want to use the SVGator app:

Free Plan - Perfect for beginners. It allows exporting static files as many times as you want. Besides, you can export 3 animations per month. The plan also includes a 10-second timeline.

Lite Plan –It is the best choice for planned projects. It allows exporting as many static files as it is necessary and downloading 10 animations per month. The plan supports a 1-minute timeline.

Pro Plan - The price of this package is $19/month. The package is great for professional designers. Its main advantages are unlimited static file and animation exports, a 5-minute timeline.

If you want to test out the app, then start with Free Plan. You can use it for as long as you need, however, your projects will be exported with basic animating components only. The Lite Plan provides access to all the animators and allows exporting 10 animated projects per month. If you require more options and interactive elements, purchase the Pro Plan.

You can pay for the SVGator’s packages with most credit cards, as well as PayPal. Besides, you can cancel the subscription at any time, and it will remain active until the end of the payment period.