GIMP vs Procreate

By Eva Williams 16 days ago, Software Reviews

If you don’t know which option, GIMP or Procreate, to choose for refining photos, creating art, and animated images, take a closer look at this review. Both programs have stunning sets of tools, which makes them suitable for novices and professional users.

You can use GIMP on Mac, Windows, and Linux devices for free. In terms of functionality, it is similar to Adobe Photoshop. It also contains various features for retouching, cropping, reducing noise, correcting colors, and more. GIMP also has customizable brushes and gradients.

Procreate was developed for iPhone or iPad owners. The program has a great number of brushes and allows the users to create their own custom ones. Besides, Procreate supports layers.

What is GIMP?

gimp logo

GIMP is a raster-based editor. It comes with features that make it similar to Adobe Photoshop. This software is great for both novices and professional users who are looking for a more affordable alternative to expensive programs.

The software supports layers and has advanced drawing and editing features, such as masks, Bézier curves, filters, animation tools, etc. GIMP allows reducing noise, correcting colors, employing brushes, applying various gradients, creating collages and posters.

When comparing GIMP vs Procreate, you will see that the former is a cross-platform, open source photo editor. It offers a great variety of customizable features.

Besides, you can extend its functionality with multiple free plugins. GIMP receives regular updates and employs GEGL scripts for editing graphics.

  • gimp interface
  • gimp interface

    GIMP: Pros and Cons

    Customizable interface. This photo editing software for PC is fitted with a customizable interface and various features. You can alter the color of the widget theme, widget spacing, icons size, and more. The UI is built from modules. You can switch between different tabs or open them in new windows. In addition, you can work in full-screen mode.

    Stunning features. GIMP allows correcting perspective distortion caused by lens tilt. You can use a special filter to get rid of lens barrel distortion and vignetting. Besides, the program is fitted with a channel mixer for highlighting the strong features of your B/W photography.

    Sophisticated retouching features. You can delete unwanted details with clone tools. A new healing tool is great for correcting minor details. Besides, you can duplicate objects with the perspective clone tool. If you want to enhance your photo, but are not sure whether you can do it on your own, make sure to contact professional photo retouching services

    Supports almost any image format. The program supports various formats, including JPEG (JFIF), GIF, PNG, TIFF, as well as other specific formats like multi-resolution Windows icon files. Besides, you can extend the range of formats supported by GIMP with plug-ins. This software allows loading and saving files from remote locations thanks to TP, HTTP, SMB (MS Windows shares), and SFTP/SSH protocols.

    Supports third-party plugins. GIMP supports third-party plugins that extend the functionality of the program greatly. Written in Python or as Script-Fu extensions, GIMP plugins make your workflow smoother and more productive. Besides, they are easy to install even from repositories. 

    A bit cluttered user interface

    What is Procreate?

    procreate logo

    Program is suitable for amateur and professional users who create digital art. After comparing Photoshop vs Procreate, you will also notice that the programs have similar interfaces.

    This drawing app for iPad has a streamlined UI and a range of unique features that you won’t find in similar programs. For example, the drawing assist feature allows the illustrators to draw isometric pictures. The StreamLine feature balances every pen stroke. To achieve the best results, make sure to use the Apple Pencil.

    The program has more than 200 customizable brushes. It can be configured for both right-handed and left-handed users. Procreate also supports large canvases with up to 4K resolution. The program allows you to undo up to 250 edits and process such popular formats as TIFF, PNG, PDF, JPEG, and PSD.

    • procreate interface
    • procreate interface

      Procreate: Pros and Cons

      Extensive collection of brushes. Procreate has more than 200 brushes, including pencils, ink, charcoal brushes and tools for creating beautifully textured layers. You can use Brush Studio to customize each tool or import numerous brushes from the web. Moreover, users can create their own brushes according to their needs and preferences.

      Absolute color control. You can draw your images with the help of such features as Color Dynamics, Color Harmony, and Color History. Besides, you can select any color on the canvas or use the Color Companion option to pick the color you like. 

      Convenient editing on phones and tablets. When choosing between GIMP vs Procreate, you will be pleased to learn that the former has a version for tablets and phones. It supports multi-touch gestures, including a highly popular two‑finger tap to Undo. 

      Convenient work with layers. Thanks to layer support, you can adjust the lighting and the intensity of colors of each layer. Procreate allows combining layers into groups. You can choose a layer by tapping it once, and then merge down the selected layers or combine them down to create a new group.

      Various sharing options. The program lets you upload files from Dropbox or your camera. You can publish your projects on social media networks or export files to Dropbox, iTunes, etc. 

      Compatible only with iOS devices.

      GIMP vs Procreate: Price

      gimp vs procreate price

      GIMP is a free open-source program. You can use all its tools for free without any time limitations. Procreate is an affordable software that costs $9.99.

      GIMP vs Procreate: Who Wins?

      If you still do not know which program, GIMP or Procreate, suits you more, think about what tasks you are going to perform. GIMP is the most suitable option for PC and Mac owners. Although the program’s UI is a bit cluttered, even beginners will learn how to use it in time. GIMP is suitable for basic graphic design tasks, such as editing and manipulations with images.

      If you are interested in digital art and can spare $10, I advise you to check out Procreate. The program is great for users who often create graphic files on iPad. Procreate has many brushes, which makes it an optimal solution for drawing and designing animations.