10 Best Freepik Alternatives for Designers in 2023

If you’re not satisfied with the uniqueness and amount of content available on Freepik, check out these alternatives. It’s a very popular stock photography site and since it’s heavily used by other designers, finding some unique photos or vector graphics can be quite a challenge.

Freepik’s prices start at $15/month. That is rather a lot for up to 100 downloads a month, which is another reason why more and more users are interested in finding Freepik alternatives.

Top 10 Freepik Alternatives for Commercial & Home Purposes

  1. Adobe Stock - Large library of vector illustrations
  2. Ouch - Great library organization
  3. Vecteezy - Unrestricted monthly downloads
  4. Pixabay - Perfect for similar-styled assets
  5. VectorPortal - Completely free
  6. 123FreeVectors - Huge selection of backgrounds
  7. Vexels - Vector graphics for merchandise
  8. Flaticon - Animated icons
  9. Humaaans - For professional use
  10. unDraw - Customizable vector assets

Despite its rather diverse library of vector graphics, the platform doesn’t allow you to download more than 3 images a day, which is very inconvenient if you’re working on a large project.

1. Adobe Stock – Our Choice

Large library of vector illustrations
  • Curated asset selections
  • Frequent updates that feature lots of content
  • Premium-quality stock fonts
  • Broad library of 3D models
  • High subscription price

Verdict: Adobe Stock is among the best Freepik alternatives for anyone interested in premium-grade vector illustrations, 3D design assets, fonts, and raster images. Compared to Freepik, Adobe Stock offers a significantly larger collection of stock assets, thanks to the integration with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and other Adobe software and apps.

You can use the provided content for free for noncommercial purposes and the free license doesn’t force you to credit the creator of the image. Freepik’s free license requires you to provide the name of the designer whose work you’re using.

Adobe’s cheapest plan is available for $29.99/month for 10 standard assets. While that might sound expensive, remember that this price doesn’t just include premium stock content, but a subscription to multiple Adobe software solutions as well.

adobe stock freepik alternative website

2. Ouch

Terrific library organization
  • Terrific organization
  • Allows searching for content by images
  • Up to 100 images a month
  • Helpful community of like-minded professionals
  • Free content has watermarks
  • Free trial limited to 3 days
  • High price

Verdict: Ouch is a fantastic platform that offers an expansive library of graphic design assets suitable for pro-level projects. The library of vector illustrations and 3D assets is significantly larger than the one found on Freepik or any alternative stock photo finders with vector images.

Compared to Freepik, Ouch offers a far better organization system that lets you conveniently browse through all the available royalty-free images. Unlike Freepik, this platform comes with a built-in editor that allows you to edit the colors, adjust the composition, change the background, and perform various other manipulations with the chosen stock asset. The prices here start at $9/month (includes a single illustration).

ouch freepik alternative website

3. Vecteezy

Unrestricted monthly downloads
  • Allows searching for assets by contributor
  • Contains premium-grade patterns
  • Vector illustrations in various formats
  • Unrestricted number of downloads
  • When downloading batches of images, not all of them are provided in good quality
  • Inaccurate search results
  • Demands registration

Verdict: Vecteezy is arguably the best vector site that you can visit to get free vector graphics if you’re tired of Freepik. It offers a diverse selection of assets, including patterns that are presented as a separate category, which isn’t the case with Freepik.

Another advantage of this stock service is that its paid version doesn’t impose any download limits while Freepik doesn’t allow you to download more than 100 images a month even with a premium subscription.

Vecteezy also offers more convenient asset organization, providing categories and subcategories that make finding the desired vector graphic easier and faster than in Freepik. The subscription prices for this service start at $14/month.

vecteezy freepik alternative website

4. Pixabay

Perfect for similar-styled assets
  • PNG and SVG format support
  • Allows subscribing to your favorite contributors
  • Tags
  • Convenient sharing functionality
  • Limited selection of vector graphics
  • Doesn’t provide detailed search filters
  • Updates don’t add a lot of content
pixabay freepik alternative logo

Verdict: Pixabay can be a fantastic Freepik alternative if you need assets for large-scale projects that require the highest quality image format for vectors and graphics created in a single style. Compared to Freepik, this option offers a simpler way of finding similar assets since you can just subscribe to a specific creator and instantly receive notifications when they add new assets to the platform.

This solution allows using the provided images for all purposes (including commercial projects) without crediting the author, while Freepik requires attribution even for completely free downloads. It’s also very convenient that Pixabay lets you download all the available images for free while providing the option of donating to a specific creator if you want to reward their work.

pixabay freepik alternative website

5. VectorPortal

Completely free
  • Convenient Shutterstock integration
  • Completely free service
  • Live chat with other designers
  • Lots of thematic categories
  • Assets aren’t conveniently organized
  • Not a lot of content
  • Infrequent library updates
vectorportal freepik alternative logo

Verdict: VectorPortal is one of the most useful sites like Freepik on the web. Even though it isn’t as popular, it offers a far bigger selection of unique assets related to different types of graphic design. Freepik only offers 10 images for free while all the stock graphics on VectorPortal are available for free (both for personal and commercial purposes).

I like how accurate this platform is at suggesting similar images in different styles, providing you with far more choices than Freepik. VectorPortal offers assets in SVG format, which makes your life a lot easier while Freepik provides graphics in different formats and doesn’t allow you to sort images by format, which is why finding the necessary stock content can take a lot of time.

vectorportal freepik alternative website

6. 123FreeVectors

Huge selection of backgrounds
  • Background vector graphics
  • Large collection of patterns
  • Free brushes for Photoshop
  • User-friendly interface
  • Filters aren’t particularly convenient
  • Expensive
  • Large part of the provided content isn’t unique
123freevectors freepik alternative logo

Verdict: 123FreeVectors is the optimal Freepik alternative if you’re looking for backgrounds and patterns. Freepik search results may contain patterns but that is rather a coincidence and you may spend quite a bit of time before you find what you’re looking for.

Freepik has a separate category for backgrounds but it contains assets in different formats, including raster ones, while 123FreeVectors provides exclusively vector graphics.

A unique advantage of this platform is that it allows you to find free Photoshop brushes, which enable you to customize your design without using third-party raster and vector graphics software. The initial price is $29/7 days for unlimited downloads.

123freevectors freepik alternative website

7. Vexels

Vector graphics for merchandise
  • Integrated mockup generator
  • Print-ready vector files
  • Allows editing text
  • Reasonable pricing policy
  • Prices are frequently changing, especially during holidays
  • Not universal
  • SVG is the only vector format
vexels freepik alternative logo

Verdict: Vexels is a fantastic platform to use if your business deals with creating designs of photography shirts and other types of merchandise. Similar to Freepik, this option hosts royalty-free images, but its collection is more diverse and affordable. The cheapest plan will send you back $6.50/month (for unlimited downloads), which is far more attractive than what Freepik has to offer.

All provided vector illustrations come with customizable text and are ready for print. Vexels also makes it easy to find assets that are similar in style or theme, which is why using it is far more convenient than Freepik. Although Freepik also shows images that are similar to the one you’ve chosen, they don’t always have the same style, color scheme, or other parameters.

vexels freepik alternative website

8. Flaticon

Animated icons
  • Broad collection of icons
  • Animated icons
  • Assets can be downloaded in entire packages
  • Allows editing icons
  • No illustrations and vector graphics other than icons
  • Need to create an account
  • Doesn’t have search filters
flaticon freepik alternative logo

Verdict: Flaticon contains over 9 million royalty-free vector icons and stickers that you can add to your graphic design projects. This platform comes with a far more expansive selection of icons than other websites like Freepik or Freepik itself. Not only does Flaticon offer an array of free stock icons but it also provides a far more intuitive search tool.

Freepik doesn’t host any animated graphics, making Flaticon the superior choice if you’re interested in downloading animated icons. Additionally, this platform lets you choose between assets in a variety of formats including PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, etc. You can download as many icons as you need for just $10/month.

flaticon freepik alternative website

9. Humaaans

For professional use
  • Includes animated graphics
  • Useful filters
  • Allows saving search parameters
  • Convenient UI
  • Doesn’t allow downloading graphics in specific formats
  • Lots of unnecessary features for beginners
  • Not universal
humaaans freepik alternative logo

Verdict: Humaaans is a terrific platform for finding photos, vectors, and illustrations that can be downloaded free of charge. Their library includes more than 12 million assets and is updated daily by some of the world’s leading graphic designers. This is a relatively new site but its collection is expanding far faster than Freepik’s, mainly because of its more user-friendly UI and the ability to upload images for free.

Another reason why Humaaans is superior to Freepik is its advanced search filter system that lets you easily find the desired assets while also saving certain filtering parameters for future use, which isn’t the case with Freepik. The monthly subscription fee starts at $12 for the standard plan that includes 500 images, videos, and PNG assets.

humaaans freepik alternative website

10. unDraw

Customizable vector assets
  • Allows creating and editing your own graphics
  • SVG and PNG format support
  • Small image size
  • Can be embedded straight into your code
  • Unintuitive search feature
  • Outdated website
  • Not recommended for beginners
undraw freepik alternative logo

Verdict: unDraw is one of the best Freepik alternatives if you want to make and edit your own vector illustrations from scratch or use existing stock assets as a foundation. This platform comes with far superior functionality like the live preview feature, the ability to tweak the colors before downloading an image, and other useful editing tools.

unDraw can be integrated with advanced design tools like Adobe Xd, Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark), Miro, Evie, and other graphic design software. All illustrations, vectors, and other content hosted on this platform can be downloaded for free. They’re suitable for use in both commercial and personal projects, which isn’t the case with Freepik.

undraw freepik alternative website