Adobe Express vs CorelDRAW: What Program to Choose

By Kate Gross 14 days ago, Software Reviews

Adobe Express or CorelDRAW – which of these programs is best for developing brand-building elements and advertising content? If you are interested in this question, then my article is what you need.

Adobe Express is great for both images and video clips. Its feature set is easy to use, so even beginners can master it. The product comes with many handy customizable templates, making photo cropping and resizing a breeze for inexperienced users. At the same time, avid designers will not be bored here either, because there is a set of pro tools here.

CorelDRAW is a pro-grade vector graphics solution. It offers all the necessary functionality for layout, typography, and collaboration on illustrations. The program can be an excellent assistant in solving problems of any complexity, including creating layouts for booklets, branding, and multi-page docs.

What Is Adobe Express?

creative cloud express logo

Powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe Express has become one of the most popular graphic design software for its AI and machine learning technologies. It is incredibly beginner-friendly – even without the necessary skills, everyone can handle the design of their picture or video thanks to a handy set of tools.

Users appreciate pre-made templates that are easy to customize to suit everyone’s tastes. If you have an entire design team, then you’ll also love CC Express with its strong teamwork capabilities.

  • creative cloud express interface
  • creative cloud express interface

    Adobe Express: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Intuitive UI. This solution comes with a very user-friendly interface that you won’t get confused even if you are new to the world of graphic design. Here you can quickly and easily customize any template or create a design from scratch. If we compare Adobe Express vs Photoshop, then the latter certainly offers deeper functionality, but you will have to put in a lot of effort to understand the program. With CC Express, you don’t have to be afraid, because all functions are designed to be intuitive.

    Handy features. Although all the functions and tools are very clear even to a user with no experience, do not think that with this product you will not be able to achieve results like a pro. Thanks to a bunch of overlays, filters, and effects, you can easily create an attractive video clip or illustration. What’s more, to make it even easier, browse through the pre-made templates, perfect for any promotional or social media graphics.

    Simple picture resizing. Reducing or rotating a picture in this free AI photo editor is a no-brainer task. You can also tailor your project to the necessary social media for photographers or prepare it for print, all in seconds. In addition to the predefined sizes, you can set an arbitrary one.

    Fast photo conversion. Sometimes when creating a design, you may need PNG format instead of JPG, for example, to make the background transparent, darken the edges of a photo, and more. With CC Express, you no longer need third-party converters for this, because it comes with a built-in one that can handle it in just a couple of seconds and will not ruin the quality.

    Quick background removal. Adobe Express is often used as background removal software. Removing or changing the background with it is a breeze. Just select the subject in the picture and remove the background. You can then place this subject on any other background to create the desired effect.

    Strong collaboration tools. Thanks to synchronization with other products from Creative Cloud, collaboration has never been easier and more enjoyable. As with its rival in Adobe Express vs CorelDRAW comparison, here you can share designs, separate assets, and corporate identity components quickly and easily to create even faster and more effectively.

    Poor video capabilities. This solution only comes with the most basic clip creation features. Adding inscriptions and other slightly deeper tools are not provided here.

    Limitations in publishing capabilities. Unfortunately, CC Express may not work on all mobile devices. It also lacks a useful post-scheduling feature.

    What Is CorelDRAW?

    coreldraw logo

    CorelDRAW offers a set of pro-level tools with which you can create eye-catching vector designs, edit photos, and work with typographic materials and layouts with maximum productivity. Like its opponent in the Adobe Express vs CorelDRAW battle, it also comes with a large selection of templates and features and works applying the latest technology.

    As one of the most famous vector graphics software, it is used for booklet layouts, branding components and multi-page documents, print-ready projects, and cartoon illustrations that emphasize color stability over smooth transitions. You do not have to figure out the program for a long time, because it comes with optimization for individual training.

    • coreldraw interface
    • coreldraw interface

      CorelDRAW: Strengths and Weaknesses

      Quick non-destructive picture editing. Editing raster and vector illustrations in CorelDRAW is seamless and without damage to the source file. When creating block shadow, symmetrical design, or perspective in your designs, you don’t have to worry about destructive things. What’s more, you can make reversible edits and apply different effects in this vector program for Mac and Windows.

      Advanced features. Try CorelDRAW’s strong vector illustration features to make simple lines and shapes look like a true masterpiece. Its arsenal of drawing and shaping tools can give you everything you need to create whimsical and unusual curves. Apply eye-catching effects to your design using the Contour, Mesh Fill, or other tools to make it even prettier.

      The program works on the principle of layering, which means adjusting color and hue, removing defects, correcting perspective, etc. won’t cause you problems. AI technology and the AfterShot HDR feature will help you improve the quality of your shots and turn your regular RAW files into HDR photos.

      Play around with colors. CorelDRAW deserves a place in the list of best color grading software for its handy color options. Adding color to paths or fills with color swatches or creating a color according to color harmonies – all this is available to you with this solution. Here you can also set the desired transparency settings or paint objects with gradients, patterns, mesh fills, and so on.

      Create page layout quickly. This program will easily compete with the best free brochure makers, as it has everything you need to create layouts for booklets, multi-page docs, and other projects. Switching from single-page to multi-page editing is available seamlessly and at any time.

      Teamwork capabilities. Like its rival in the Adobe Express vs CorelDRAW battle, the latter brings you collaboration tools to speed up your workflow and increase efficiency. All this is achieved using cloud technologies and allows you to share files and comments with customers and employees in real-time and right on the project.

      Easy font handling. Even beginners can handle lettering design in CorelDRAW with its feature-rich set of font tools. Try different effects to decorate your lettering, fine-tune the font that supports variable fonts, fit text to paths, and other experiments to help you style text like a pro. Organizing and managing your font collection has never been easier with Corel Font Manager, which lets you apply fonts without installation.

      Slow handling of large files. If you have a top-notch computer, then working with large projects should not cause any glitches. Otherwise, we may notice some lags or be content with the slow operation.

      Working with text can be tricky. Even though the solution comes with a bunch of features and text design tools, it looks complicated and confusing.

      Adobe Express vs CorelDRAW: Price

      creative cloud express vs coreldraw battle price

      Adobe Express has 2 plans to choose from:

      Adobe Express Free comes with pro-level templates, design assets, and Adobe Fonts. It also offers a stock image library from Adobe Stock, but it is somewhat limited. You can enjoy the basic photo and video editing tools and effects and store your project in cloud storage (2 GB).

      Adobe Express Premium costs $9.99/mo and provides you with all the above and premium pre-made templates and design assets, over 160 million free Adobe Stock images, 20+ thousand licensed Adobe Fonts, curved type, grids, and font pairs. In this plan, your storage is increased up to 100GB.

      You can test the program with the 30-day free trial.

      CorelDRAW comes in 2 plans as well:

      CorelDRAW Annual Plan costs $36.58/mo. It offers the latest program version, teamwork capabilities, premium options and assets, cloud-based collaboration, and constant support.

      CorelDRAW One-Time Purchase costs $859.00. This option gives you unlimited access to all the functionality of the product, including handy layout functions, extra tools to improve the multi-page layout, and additional drawing tools.

      CorelDRAW is available for free testing for 15 days.

      Adobe Express vs CorelDRAW – Who Wins?

      Each of these programs can greatly help you create unique designs, but it all depends on your goals. Also, unlike its rival in Adobe Express vs CorelDRAW comparison, the first one comes with a simpler and more convenient toolkit.

      Adobe Express stands out with its flexibility when creating any design, whether it’s an illustration or a short clip, whether it’s for advertising or social networks. With its intuitive interface, attractive ready-made templates, and other features, you can create stunning designs while saving your time and energy on other things.

      CorelDRAW also comes with a clean interface and advanced features that let the pros create compelling designs. Thanks to non-destructive tools, you can create freely without the risk of ruining your projects. What’s more, teamwork capabilities help you work even faster and more efficiently.

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