Luminar AI vs PhotoWorks: What to Use in 2023

By Eva Williams 21 days ago, Software Reviews

This detailed Luminar AI vs PhotoWorks comparison is a real treasure for those who are confused about the similar functionality of these two programs and do not know which one to choose.

Luminar AI is great software for photographers who don't have much editing experience or are unsure of their skills. Besides, this program includes AI-powered tools that speed up your workflow. All you have to do is move the slider to get the look you want. Although Luminar AI is very easy-to-use, it has several advanced features so the program is suitable for professional needs as well.

PhotoWorks contains tools for refining photos, changing backgrounds, and adjusting levels. Plus, the program allows you to correct the colors of the model's clothes right in the picture. This is a good option if you are interested in experimenting with different effects. However, keep in mind that you won't find advanced image improving tools here.

What is Luminar AI?

luminar ai logo

This photo editing software provides tools based on artificial intelligence. With this technology, the whole photo enhancement process is very simple and even beginners can easily handle it. Professional editors also use this program as an add-on to Lightroom to speed up their workflow.

You may think that Luminar AI resembles other photo enhancement apps as it includes the same options: adding pictures, editing them, and exporting final photos. However, there are some differences and the main distinguishing feature of the program is its AI-based functionality.

  • luminar ai interface
  • luminar ai interface

    Luminar AI: Pros and Cons

    Impressive templates. The availability of amazing templates can be an important factor when deciding whether to choose Luminar AI or PhotoWorks. Thanks to these templates, you can apply different effects and changes in no time. Choose the one that suits you and click the mouse to give your photo a new look. There is no fuss with menus and tweaking levels!

    As soon as you import a picture into the program, it will select templates suitable for this case. For example, it could be Urban Style, Big Screen, or Filmatic. All templates are divided into categories consisting of five options.

    AI sky replacement. This feature allows you to enhance your photos by adding an attractive, beautiful sky instead of a dull one. There are many sky options and you can experiment with them until you achieve the desired results. Just a couple of clicks and your photo will turn into a real masterpiece.

    Advanced portrait mode. With this AI photo editor, we can easily enhance your portraits. It automatically finds the face in the picture. After detailed analysis, you can contour and define their features however you want. Use the sliders to fix some imperfections.

    What's more, you can enhance the teeth look or improve lip color. With the body AI option, you can make the subject's figure more attractive and also change the pose and even the volume.

    Natural weather effects. Pay attention to this option when comparing Luminar AI vs PhotoWorks as the latter does not have this tool. If you were unlucky with the weather and had to take pictures in bad conditions, you can correct the image using this function. Make colors richer, correct exposure, add natural haze and get fantastic images in just a few clicks.

    Smart editing tools. With innovative technologies, this professional-grade editor allows you to get flattering, polished pictures without any hassle. Its AI tools will do all the boring work for you. The program is a real find for both experienced photographers and novices.

    Photo cataloguing options. This non-destructive photo organizing software is great for filtering, viewing, and organizing your images. You can undo or change any edits you make using filters or templates.

    For example, the Luminar AI catalog can show both folders on your PC and your custom albums. Moreover, you can see recently changed or added pictures. Also, all photos can be sorted by date.

    Lack of layers. Since Luminar does not include a layering technique, some powerful and advanced image improving tools are not available in this software. Therefore, professional photographers use this program only as an addition to the main editors such as Lightroom.

    What is PhotoWorks?

    photoworks logo

    A clean interface designed in a minimalist style is one of the advantages of this software. PhotoWorks has an excellent package of features for photo retouching, makeup applying, face recognition, white balance adjustment, background replacement, and more. You can also add logos, watermarks, stickers, captions, and other elements within this program.

    This is a good option for those who want to enhance pixel images and convert RAW files. The wide range of color correction options is a powerful argument in our Luminar AI vs PhotoWorks battle. You can experiment with different settings (contrast, brightness, saturation, etc.) to get fantastic pictures.

    • photoworks interface
    • photoworks interface

      PhotoWorks: Pros and Cons

      Automatic enhancement. PhotoWorks may offer options for enhancements based on AI genre detection suggestions. With the smart Auto-Correction feature, you can adjust exposure, color balance, and dynamic range. But its AI capabilities are inferior to the competitor.

      You can use the sliders to adjust the intensity of the applied effects. This automatic photo editor has intuitive sliders to fix digital noise, sharpen a blurry picture, and straighten a tilted horizon.

      Portrait Magic module. Make portraits faceless with this tool. It allows you to whiten your teeth, smooth your skin, get rid of face shine, and more. The Face Sculpt tool will make portraits eye-catching in just a few clicks. Move the slider to enhance the lips, chin, nose, eyes and other facial features. The virtual makeup tool is useful if you want to make your face brighter and more expressive.

      Change any background. Replacing the background, removing unwanted objects, or moving your digital self to another location won't take you long. However, Luminar AI offers more options related to this feature.

      Old photo restoration. PhotoWorks can be worthy photo restoration software. It contains tools for removing scratches, rips, and stains. You can also fix the battered edges. There is a special slider to make your blurry pictures sharper. Moreover, you can add a vignette or a vintage effect to create a special retro mood. 3D LUT presets allow you to make faded colors more saturated and vibrant. Alternatively, you can fix this issue manually.

      Remove unwanted details. You can often spot random people, unflattering shadows, or unwanted objects in your shots. PhotoWorks makes getting rid of it all easy. Even if you have photographed in crowded places, you will quickly remove unnecessary things even if you are new to editing.

      Includes stylish effects. The availability of cool artistic effects is another aspect we can't get past in this Luminar AI vs PhotoWorks comparison. The built-in filter collection contains tons of options to enhance your images. Apply HDR, vintage, black & white, and other effects to make your pictures look amazing.

      You can adjust the light and tone settings to get the look you want. Experiment with filters and their intensities to create impressive, vibrant shots.

      No batch processing. While many editing programs have this feature, you won't find it in PhotoWorks. If you need a batch photo editor, then look at other options.

      Luminar AI vs PhotoWorks: Prices

      luminar ai vs photoworks prices

      Now, let's compare Luminar AI vs PhotoWorks in terms of cost. Luminar AI is available through a one-time purchase. The program costs $47. You can request a refund within 30 days if the software does not meet your requirements. You can also contact support at any time you need.

      Developers offer three versions of PhotoWorks. The cheapest is Standard. It costs $19.25. You can buy Deluxe capabilities for $39.20. The Pro version costs $79.80. In general, this software is more expensive than its rival.

      Who Wins?

      By buying Luminar AI at a very reasonable price, you get an impressive set of tools. Plus, its AI capabilities make it a great option for those who don't want to spend a lot of time manually editing images. With this software, enhancing your photos is an easy and fast process without any difficulties.

      On the other hand, the choice of advanced editing features is rather poor. For example, in-depth editing with layers is not available. However, it can be a good addition if you use Lightroom or Photoshop as your main software. Luminar AI is recommended for those who are interested in professional-level image improving with instant results.

      Although PhotoWorks has some drawbacks, it does the job well. All tools are quite simple and you can easily figure out how to use them. Its intuitive and clear features will make your editing experience as enjoyable as possible.

      You can change the background, improve portraits, remove unwanted objects, restore old photos, and add artistic touches with various filters. You will quickly understand how to use the program and can even customize it for your convenience. If you are a beginner, this software is for you!

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