Luminar Neo Noiseless AI Extension Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Eva Williams 13 days ago, Software Reviews

Luminar Neo Noiseless AI

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Verdict: Luminar Noiseless AI is a handy extension that allows you to remove noise from your images without ruining their detail. I appreciated that it achieves this effect without smoothing the photo like other noise reduction tools. Instead, it restores all the details of the image while preserving its true-to-life appearance. You can use this extension for both JPEG and RAW documents.

Forget about compromising ISO when taking your photos forever. The extension automatically detects how noisy your image is and presents you with three pre-made denoising options to choose from, which differ in intensity. No more image zooming and tedious masking of noisy areas – one click will fix all the noise on the whole photo at once.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Super-fast operation
  • Image can be uploaded as a layer
  • Around-the-clock client support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Is supported only by top-notch PC
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Luminar Neo Noiseless AI extension is one of the products of the Skylum software initiative. Their developers have focused on creating advanced photo editing extensions instead of standalone programs. Besides the hero of this Luminar Noiseless AI review, you can also try another one – HDR Merge. The team also announced the launch of several more add-ons.

Luminar Neo Noiseless AI – Main Features

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The goal of this advanced AI-driven extension for Luminar Neo is to remove all the noise from your photo without damaging its look and detail. Thanks to the latest control technology, you can set the most precise settings to enjoy super-quality work in the end. This extension was created as a tool for working with RAW files, however, it does an excellent job with others.

Fast Installation of the Extension

Luminar Neo Noiseless AI extension is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is open the image in edit mode and launch the extension from the Tools menu.

Next, you will see a choice of three preset noise reduction options – Low, Middle, and High. The extension will recommend you the best option for your photo.

You don’t have to listen to this advice – you can choose the one you want.

What’s more, you can use this extension to select specific parts of an image with Luminar Neo features, including Mask AI.

Simple Operation Suitable for Beginners

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It is very convenient that using this extension, you will see recommendations for the degree of noise reduction that is suitable for your photo, or you can choose the degree that you like. Also, use the slider to suppress color noise. What’s more, it also provides for the restoration of the original detail of the image and its sharpening.

Upon completion of the noise removal process, you will see your photo in a larger view to evaluate the result. Click on the eye icon and compare the noise level before and after photo editing.

While testing the beta version of Luminar Noiseless AI, I ran into a small problem. Uploading my photo through it for the first time, I had to wait a lot of time.

Although sometimes slow, this extension is just great at removing noise and will be a reliable assistant for those who prefer Luminar Neo in their work or for editing their shots. If Luminar is your go-to choice, add-ons and extensions like this create an integral, easy-to-use imaging system without the hassle of buying and installing other products.

Brief Comparison with Similar Tools

I can safely single out two serious competitors for this extension and they are Topaz Denoise AI and ON1 NoNoise AI. Both solutions are super effective and give decent results. You can explore them in more detail in my detailed Denoise AI vs NoNoise AI comparison.

Testing all three products, I got really high-quality and attractive pictures without noise. However, I couldn’t help but notice small differences. I confidently believe that the Luminar Neo Noiseless AI extension did the best job, giving an almost perfect result.

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The results obtained from Topaz DeNoise and ON1 NoNoise AI are as similar as possible to each other, which makes it difficult to choose the better of the two. The former left minimal noise in the image while retaining great detail.

topaz denoise ai testing

While the latter may have done a little better with noise reduction, it was harder to use due to the slightly complex interface.While the latter may have done a little better with noise reduction, it was harder to use due to the slightly complex interface.

on1 nonoise ai testing

Note: It doesn’t matter which of the three mentioned products you choose, as long as it is AI-driven noise reduction software. Each of these solutions will be leagues ahead at removing noise than any of the tools that come with your cameras, smartphones, and image editors.


Noiseless AI is included in the Luminar Neo Extension Pack. Its price is $179 if purchased outright. Otherwise, you can pay $69 annually to enjoy Luminar Neo, the extension pack, and all updates available. In both cases, you can apply for a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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  • • Who can use Luminar Neo?

This great product will make life easier for both beginners and real pros in working with photography. It is very easy to use, yet gives amazing results. With it, you don’t have to tremble over the enlarged image to manually remove noise.

  • • How many devices does Luminar Noiseless AI cover?

This information will always be provided at checkout. As a rule, these are 1 or 2 devices, also called seats. If it is two, then you will be able to use them on two devices, and it does not matter which OS they use. Both on macOS/Windows, or one for each OS, take your pick.

  • • Is Luminar Neo available in standalone mode or as a plug-in?

Luminar Neo was designed as a versatile product to be used as a plug-in or standalone tool. You can use it as a plug-in or extension for Lightroom Classic version 6 and higher, Photoshop version CS5 and higher, and Photos from macOS.

  • • What is the 2024 Extensions Pack? What does it include?

Skylum announced the launch of seven extensions for Luminar Neo by the end of 2022. It will include HDR Merge and Luminar Neo Noiseless AI extension already released in the summer, as well as five others that will appear within a few months.

  • • Do Skylum has any loyalty discounts?

Yes, Skylum provides such discounts for Luminar or Aurora HDR users. They believe that such benefits will help the user to more easily switch to the brand new Luminar Neo product. If you are part of this circle, then all you need to do is enter the e-mail with which you registered and click Verify Account on their website.

  • • What’s the difference between Luminar X Membership and the Luminar Neo Pro Subscription?

An annual or monthly subscription to Luminar Neo Pro includes the Luminar Neo app, all its updates and versions, and all extensions released during your subscription period.

Luminar X Membership is a paid subscription for Luminar users who want even more to enhance their work and creativity. With such a subscription, you will receive new collections of unique assets, presets, LUTs, and textures from Luminar every month. What’s more, you can benefit from the provided Luminar tutorials and 4 tutorials for photographers throughout the year.