Adobe Express vs Premiere Rush: Which Software is Better

By Eva Williams 14 days ago, Software reviews

Adobe Express and Adobe Premiere Rush are suitable for basic editing but the choice between them often depends on the type of project you want to create and edit. Additionally, you have to account for all the extra features offered by each software, which is why this comparative review will be useful to anyone who wants to determine which option will be better suited for their needs.

Adobe Express is a beginner-friendly option that is primarily employed for graphic design projects but also features a solid selection of editing tools for videos. You can use this software on Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices and it doesn’t even have to be installed.

Adobe Premiere Rush is an advanced, intuitive software created for editing videos on the fly. It offers all essential editing tools, a resizing feature, and a huge selection of effects, which is why it’s often the go-to option for users who don’t have the time required to master pro-grade movie editors like Premiere Pro.

Interface Properties

adobe creative cloud express interface

Adobe Express offers a pleasantly intuitive UI that can be conveniently navigated across all popular platforms. Once you start the software, you won’t be greeted by the usual timeline included in other Adobe video editors (like Adobe Rush or Premiere Pro). Instead, the software will prompt you to pick a template that matches the type of content you want to create.

Upon deciding the optimal template for your project, you’ll see a familiar arrangement of Adobe features on the workspace. The timeline can be found at the bottom of the workspace while style settings are located to the right and allow you to pick between full-screen and split-screen modes and as well as apply a theme to your video.

adobe premiere rush interface

Adobe Premiere Rush provides a satisfyingly clean and minimalistic UI that is primarily designed to be viewed in portrait orientation. If you hold your smartphone in landscape mode, you’ll be able to view the video on a bigger screen but won’t be able to use any of the included editing features.

If you create a project for the first time, you might think that you can only edit a single video layer but that is not the case, as Premiere Rush allows you to enhance the project with assets, titles, clips, and graphic elements. Overall, you can create up to 4 video layers and 3 audio layers, which is all the freedom most smartphone users need without being overwhelmed by “unlimited” layers.

Editing Tools

adobe creative cloud express editing

Adobe Express, previously Adobe Spark, is employed for simple editing tasks. You can use it to resize, crop, trim, and join clips. If your goal is to speed up a video in Adobe Express, create a slow-motion or reverse effect, you can achieve the necessary result in your browser once you’ve imported the video. Additionally, CC Express offers a drag-and-drop workflow, which makes it significantly more convenient.

The software is integrated with Adobe Stock and allows you to access a huge selection of video templates that can be employed for all your social media needs. CC Express offers separate templates for YouTube intros and outros, Instagram stories, tutorials, and other popular video types.

Additionally, CC Express lets you enhance your videos with graphic elements, photos, and personal branding assets. That's why you can use this software not only for creating social media clips but for advertising and brand promotional videos as well, the functionality which you won’t find in Adobe Premiere Rush.

adobe premiere rush editing

Adobe Premiere Rush offers a solid selection of editing tools aimed at different video types. You can use it for both making existing videos more professional and producing new ones from the ground up. If you draw an Adobe Express vs Adobe Premiere Rush comparison in terms of functionality, you'll notice that the latter offers a more advanced toolset while still being perfectly suitable for complete beginners.

You can take advantage of a broad collection of features that allow you to make basic edits on the fly: you can duplicate videos, cut them, trim, rearrange them, etc. Premiere Rush also offers deeper customization compared to Adobe Express. The processing tools are fairly intuitive on their own, but you can also view a bunch of tutorials to ensure you’re reaping all the benefits that this software can provide.

Some of the more interesting extra features included in Premiere Rush contain the ability to speed up or slow down a video, a frame fill tool, and a resize tool that allows you to make sure the entire footage is visible regardless of the project’s format. Additionally, this software lets you pick the video’s rotation and opacity and apply a selection of audio filters, which is extremely impressive considering this is a smartphone app.

Other than the standard resizing function, Rush lets you apply pro-grade transitions, filters, and VFX to your videos. The software also comes with integrated color presets that let you enhance the colors in your footage in just a few clicks. The provided color filters can be customized to suit your needs for each specific project and saved as a new preset.

Video Animation Possibilities

adobe creative cloud express animation

Adobe Express can also be employed as a basic GIF generator, giving you even more options to make your videos look creative and eye-catching. You can use the provided functionality to easily design interactive animated text or conveniently animate a picture in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Convert your new videos into memes, reaction GIFs, and other types of viral content. Afterward, you’ll be able to specify the size, aspect ratio, and quality level of the created file. Additionally, this software lets you trim animated files and post them on social networks and other sites.

adobe premiere rush animation

Adobe Premiere Rush is also capable of enhancing your projects with interactive titles and graphical assets and its animation workflow is significantly more intuitive and fluid compared to CC Express. The only drawback of this video editing app is that all its assets are animated but it’s impossible to preview the animations in the selection menu. You can tap on any option to choose it but it can be rather time-consuming to find the optimal animation for your current project.

Audio Options

adobe creative cloud express audio

Adobe Express lets you take advantage of the audio file collection included in the Music tab that has all of its content sorted by mood. Alternatively, you can import your own sound files to make your project even more unique. The software lets you employ an adjustable lever to tweak the audio volume throughout the clip.

Additionally, you can record a voiceover straight in the browser without having to download third-party audio recording program. That said, the overall audio functionality isn’t as expansive as what you’d get from Adobe Rush.

adobe premiere rush audio

With each update, Adobe Premiere Rush gets a solid package of new royalty-free audio samples, sound effects, and loops. The software lets you import your own songs and audio or add content from the free Adobe library. Rush also has all the necessary tools for editing audio tracks, including trimming, speeding up, and slowing down sound, which is achieved thanks to Adobe's Sensei AI.

Until recently, such an overabundance of content made it difficult to find the optimal soundtrack for your clips, but some of the latest updates introduced an advanced search system. Now you can look for music and sounds with the help of keywords, which is a far more time-efficient solution.

Text on Videos Customization

adobe creative cloud express text

Adobe Express allows adding text descriptions within the confines of your chosen template. If you decide to add text, you’ll have to place it in the center or the corner and you won’t even be able to choose a different font since it’s determined by the selected theme.

adobe premiere rush text

Adobe Premiere Rush grants you a lot more freedom when adding and editing text, than CC Express. You can pick any font you want, change the character and line spacing, alter the color, add a shadow, and even save the adjusted text style as a preset for later use.

Additional Features

If you pit Adobe Express vs Adobe Premiere Rush, you’ll notice that while both options share some similar features, the differences between them are far more substantial.

Adobe Express is supplied with:

  • Premade video templates for different social networks (Instagram, YouTube, and so on)
  • Capability to add various visual assets within one platform
  • Integrated GIF converter

Adobe Premiere Rush provides:

  • Integrated camera for producing videos
  • Multitrack timeline
  • Advanced professional-level features secured by the integration with Premiere Pro


adobe creative cloud express vs adobe premiere rush prices

You can purchase Adobe Express either in a bundle with other Adobe products for $54.99 a month or as a standalone solution. In the second case, you can choose between the Free and Premium versions. The former offers all the basic features you need to begin learning this software and create a basic project.

It includes templates, premade assets, and fonts. Additionally, you’ll be able to take advantage of basic graphic design, image, and video post-processing features. Lastly, the free plan lets you save your project in the cloud, as it offers 2GB of online storage space.

If you find the offered functionality to be lacking, you can get the Premium version for $9.99 a month (along with a 30-day free trial). By choosing the paid plan, you get access to all templates and premade assets, licensed fonts, professional editing features, and creative effects. Additionally, the premium plan allows you to add branding elements to your videos (logos, colors, and fonts) and offers 100GB of cloud storage.

Adobe Premiere Rush can be purchased as a standalone application or a part of Adobe’s bundle of video editing software.

If you’re only interested in making basic edits, then the features included in the free Premiere Rush Starter version should cover all of your needs. This edition grants access to basic editing features, adjustable animated titles, the ability to import soundtracks from Adobe's free collection, and unlimited exports.

Premiere Rush can also be purchased in a package with Adobe Express for $9.99 a month. As a result, you can enjoy the premium functionality of Express and receive the tools necessary for making graphic design projects that you can later add to the videos you produce in Premiere Rush.

Another way to obtain Rush is to subscribe to the Premiere Pro package. It costs $20.99 per month and provides access to state-of-the-art features for producing and processing videos without any limitations.

Adobe Express vs Adobe Premiere Rush - Who Wins?

Adobe Express is the optimal open source video editor for making social network clips, producing tutorials, and presentation videos, creating basic ads, and so on. Thanks to its collection of premade and pre-formatted assets, user-friendly UI, and basic functionality, it can be considered the ultimate solution for complete beginners who are new to the video creation world.

Adobe Premiere Rush is a cross-platform editor for videos that is suitable for a broad range of business and personal projects. It’s a user-friendly and powerful solution for producing both basic social media content and pro-grade movie projects. It offers a lot more personalization options compared to CC Express, which is why it’s a much more popular choice among marketers, content creators, video production experts, etc.