PhotoDiva Review 2024: Pros and Cons


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Verdict: PhotoDiva is a highly functional portrait editing software for removing blemishes and other imperfections as well as resizing the facial features automatically. I like that this program is great for amateurs who do not have Photoshop skills and want to improve their images in the shortest possible time.

My experience of editing portrait pictures in PhotoDiva was very positive. I’ve managed to modify the light and correct the color scheme. One of the greatest advantages of the program is that it has a handy one-click preset for eliminating such skin imperfections as acne, wrinkles, etc.

  • Automatic portrait processing
  • Deletes undesired objects
  • Modifies facial features
  • More than 100 image filter effects
  • Allows applying digital makeup
  • The versions with upgraded features are paid
  • Only a desktop version
photodiva interface

PhotoDiva employs AI-driven tools for retouching in one click, which makes this software an ideal option for beginners in portrait photography. It will come in handy for those who want to optimize their image retouching routine.

PhotoDiva - Main Features

logo photodiva

After launching this photo editing software for PC for the first time, you will see a video tutorial that will get you acquainted with the functionality of the program.

By using over 100 one-click effects, you can easily enhance your portrait images achieving dramatic results. PhotoDiva allows adding digital makeup, which makes it easier to try a new lipstick to see whether it suits you. The toolkit of an editor also allows erasing various imperfections. After comparing PhotoDiva vs Portrait Pro, I’ve noticed that their functionality is quite similar.

Automatic Skin Smoothing to Enhance Your Natural Glow

photodiva retouch

After downloading this automatic photo editor, check out the left menu bar with the editing toolkit. To process portraits, you can use a one-click portrait feature for enhancing the image automatically. Your only task is to choose the desired style from the variety of options.

By using various one-click features, you can edit the skin and remove its imperfections. The plus is that they are quite natural in comparison to other skin-smoothing filters I’ve used before. Thanks to the AI tools, the program detects facial features with ease and refines them with an “Overall Enhancement” preset.

The users who want to avoid creating an artificial look can try to employ the “Slight Enhancement” option for lighter editing that still refines the skin. Whereas the photographers who prefer a glamour look may try using a “Glamour Portrait” filter for producing bright and eye-catching images.

Easy-To-Use Custom Skin Smoothing

In this PhotoDiva review, I will tell you how you can adjust the intensity of the tools using intuitive sliders. Use them to position your picture properly and create natural-looking images without achieving an artificial effect. By dragging the sliders, you can also change the shape of the model’s facial features. For example, you can enlarge the eyes or make the nose smaller.

After starting to edit pictures in this software, I turned each slider up to define what part of an image was being affected. Afterward, I dragged the sliders to zero and moved them until I achieved the desired look. The whole process is very simple and lets you get professionally edited pictures without trouble.

The before/after option allows you to evaluate the processed image and decide whether it requires some additional edits.

I like that this photo editing software for beginners can make photos look more natural and attractive. By taking advantage of the face sculpting option, you can make the face wider, correct the shape of your nose, lips, and other facial features.

Perfect Teeth in Pictures in a Few Clicks

Besides editing tools, the program is fitted with a great range of image enhancement options. Firstly, I recommend you use the teeth whitening feature that can be adjusted manually.

To whiten the teeth, open the image you need to edit. Zoom in to magnify the image and evaluate the scope of work. Go to the Auto Retouch tab, then select the Whiten Teeth preset.

Ability to Make Your Body Perfect

photodiva sculpt

PhotoDiva can also reshape the model’s body making it slimmer and more attractive. Even if the subject is overweight, this program will manage to fix it. This free body editor can eliminate even minor defects in a few clicks.

The software can transform various parts of the body. Its toolkit even allows editing muscles. If you want to get quick and professional results, you can also contact a professional service. 

Incredible Effects with Makeup Module

photodiva makeup

The software is fitted with a highly functional makeup module that offers numerous options. For example, by dragging the lipstick slider, you can choose the color and its intensity.

The blusher offers a great variety of colors for creating the perfect makeup. Besides, it allows changing the shape of cheeks to create an ideal facial expression. The editor also has other beauty tools, including bronzer, eye shadows, etc. You can select and adjust any color to achieve attractive and natural-looking makeup.

To make a model more appealing by adding digital makeup, take the following steps:

  • Open a portrait to enhance it with digital makeup.
  • Apply lipstick after selecting the color from the palette using the color picker.
  • Choose a color of the Blusher and the shape of your cheeks.
  • Use the Highlighter and Bronzer to contour the face.
  • Make the necessary adjustments to upper and lower eyeshadow.

If you want to check whether some specific makeup suits you, this editor will help you visualize the result.

Variety of Useful Common Features

photodiva common edit

Photodiva portrait editing software has all the features for processing your pictures. It allows you to tweak individual colors. Like sophisticated editing software, this program offers a great variety of color tools.

Another handy option is that it enables you to turn your photos black and white using advanced color controls. Unlike other similar programs, this software can also create a negative.

The editor also includes a full range of standard features. It allows cropping, rotating, images, altering colors and brightness, making the pictures sharper, adding blur and vignette effects. If an image is poorly lit, you can try to increase the exposure to make it more appealing.

You won’t need to have some professional skills to add vignettes that are great for bringing the focus to the face.

Hundred Photo Filters

photodiva effects

This software has many photo filters for blurring the background to focus on the subject. The program also lets you alter the backdrop by smoothening the edges to make the object or subject stand out.

The editor also has numerous image filters, including retro, movie colors, films, and other great presets. However, they are only available in the ultimate version. By using these presets, you can create an appropriate mood for your portrait.

The program allows refining your images with side illumination, color gradients, black and white contrast, grayscale, soft toning, and more.

The Clone Stamp Can Remove Bigger Problem Areas

The clone stamp tool will come in handy if you need to get rid of some large blemishes or imperfections. This option is similar to the healing brush. You can alter the diameter of the tool so that its size matches the area that needs to be processed. Then you should outline the spot for copying pixels that will be pasted onto the area with a blemish to mask it.

Great Export Options and Ability to Share to Social Media

The process of exporting files is very fast and easy. Click on the “Save” button and choose the desired configurations, such as format, quality, output type for printing, posting on social media networks, viewing on an HD screen, etc.

PhotoDiva also allows exporting files with one click. In such a way you can share your images on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Pro Version Perks

Beginners can test the functionality of this program when using the free version. Professional shooters can start from Pro and Ultimate packages that offer more sophisticated features.

If you take photos in a poorly-lit space, then you should know what the flat face effect is. You can remove it using the Add Dimension tool that serves for adjusting highlights and shadows making the subject’s face deeper and more contrasted. Virtual makeup is also available in paid packages.

PhotoDiva has a semi-automatic backdrop-altering feature that allows deleting or replacing the background in just a few strokes. Besides, some users may also find a background-blurring tool quite useful for creating original pictures.

The paid version allows you to process RAW pictures taken by more than 450 shooting devices. By purchasing a package, you can also get rid of noise and add haze.

PhotoDiva Prices

PhotoDiva is a free editor with a basic toolkit and a range of standard features. If you do not use the upgraded version, you won’t be able to download an image without a watermark.

The price of the Essential Version is $19.25. The package offers various features and allows retouching faces, removing undesired objects, altering facial features, and enhancing the model’s face with digital makeup.

The Pro Version costs $29.40. This subscription offers more features including the ability to alter or blur backdrop, shape and retouch faces, eliminate unnecessary objects, apply digital makeup, etc.

The Ultimate Version costs $39.20. The features included in this package allow retouching faces, eliminating undesired objects, altering facial features, applying digital makeup, and adding more than 100 effects.

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