7 Best Glass Photo Prints Services for High-Quality Images in 2023

If you want to create an original glass gift with your photos, an offbeat interior decoration, or just save your images in a unique way, turn to one of the companies specializing in glass picture prints. These services offer lots of printing options of predetermined and custom sizes, glass forms and configurations so that every person can find something suitable.

Top 7 Glass Photo Prints for High-Quality Images in 2023

  1. Fracture - Printing on glossy and frosted glass
  2. Shutterfly - Diverse design options for printing on glass
  3. APG Graphics - Use the latest PVC printing technology
  4. Prints on Glass - Print on glass of custom sizes
  5. MyPhoto - Different glass bases for prints
  6. WhiteWall - Print on acrylic glass
  7. Snapfish - Print photos from social networks on glass

In addition to standard glass printing, some services can create collages from your photos, add ornaments, frames and inscriptions, craft exclusive glass items, etc. Moreover, many companies allow clients to choose the thicknesses and size, colors and designs of the glass for prints.

If you need to improve photos before sending them to a printing service, you can get in touch with FixThePhoto professionals. They will correct colors, fix defects, and resize shots so that they comply with the standards set by a printing agency.

1. Fracture – Our Choice

Printing on glossy and frosted glass
  • Varied sizes
  • Storyboard glass prints
  • Quick turnaround
  • Not found

Verdict: Fracture is a photo printing service that offers the best glass photo prints on glossy and frosted glass. Specialists apply a high-quality reflective finish that adds depth and shine to images, which is ideal for framed photos. If you want to decorate a brightly-lit room with glass prints, you should opt for a matte variant. Such pictures perfectly reflect glare.

The company allows clients to choose the size and shape of glass for printing: from small 5x5 to extra-large 21.6x28.8-inch pieces. In addition, you can order a glass storyboard production service. All your photographs printed on glass are placed on a solid wood base. You can easily relocate images thanks to the grooved surface.

The ordering process is very simple – upload your pictures, choose the print size and type of the glass, and confirm your order. The service offers Single Prints and Photo Walls (multiple glass prints are arranged in a specific manner) options.

fracture glass photo print interface

2. Shutterfly

Diverse design options for printing on glass
  • Handy filters
  • Top-quality prints
  • Different design options
  • Glass base may have sharp edges

Verdict: Shutterfly is a renowned service that specializes in glass printing. Besides, you can address the company if you want to print your images on other services. Experts provide high-quality translucent photo printing. The sides of the glass are well finished; the cut is smooth and rounded. Clients can choose flat glass or curved design variants. As for the style, there are 3 on offer – modern, traditional, and rustic.

Shutterfly works with standard photo sizes. Typically, they make prints on 7x7, 8x10, 7x10, 10x12, 5x7-inch glass pieces.

You also need to choose the color of the glass for prints. It will become the background for your photos. In fact, there are 2 variants – a single color background or a custom palette. You don’t need to use a third-party photo collage maker to arrange images, but can do it right before ordering. Besides, it is possible to choose a print option related to a specific occasion – a friend’s birthday, anniversary, etc.

shutterfly glass photo print interface

3. APG Graphics

Use the latest PVC printing technology
  • HD quality prints
  • Cutting-edge printing technology
  • Perfectly polished edges
  • High-priced services

Verdict: If you are interested in frameless glass printing, you should address this service. All images are printed in Full HD resolution and protected from environmental factors that can degrade their quality over time. You need to upload your shots from a computer or a mobile device, and specialists will transform them into winsome glass photo prints. They use crystal clear glass, HD acrylic and high-res canvas as a base surface.

The team uses the latest PVC printing technology to provide clients with top-notch results. This method involves adding PVC laminated paper on the glass surface to get brighter colors, higher image resolution, and better durability. Undoubtedly, this technology is more advantageous than direct printing to glass.

They can print a single photo or create a glass collage in three different sizes, with five different styles and backgrounds. If necessary, the company's specialists can increase the resolution of photos by up to 50% without charging extra. You can also ask them to add a white border around the photo by specifying its size.

apg graphics glass photo print interface

4. Prints on Glass

Print on glass of custom sizes
  • Extra-large prints
  • Guarantee quality and durability
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Long delivery time
prints on glass photo prints logo
Prints on Glass

Verdict: If you are looking for experts who know how to print photography on glass of non-standard sizes, this service is worth checking out. The company can print images on glass of custom sizes, including large items (for example, glass splashbacks for the kitchen).

The most popular services are wall art prints, signs, feature walls, awards, photo blocks, memorials, and gift certificates. But the list includes lots of other options. Every client gets a free mockup design to clarify the details of an order. Though the agency is based in Australia, it delivers glass picture prints and other products worldwide, guaranteeing you’ll get a high-quality item.

Regardless of the print size, an image has vivid colors and crisp details. Photos not only look great but they are completely sealed from the outside air and are protected from harmful UV rays.

prints on glass photo print interface

5. MyPhoto

Different glass bases for prints
  • Lots of glass-exclusive products
  • Clear crystal glass
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Higher prices than similar services have
myphoto glass photo prints logo

Verdict: This is a reputable glass printing service that interests people with a broad range of glass products they can print at. For example, you can order image printing on diamond glass, AirGlass, Miniblox, dry-erase glass boards, and more.

The most popular service is printing on crystal glass MiniBlox, which is a handmade and accurately polished piece of optical grade pure crystal where they place a picture. In the end, you receive a 3D image that can serve as a cool present for your relatives or friends. No.2 demanded service is an AirGlass – a light photo wall art. For printing, they use ultra-thin yet very durable glass with a self-adhesive surface. So, you can use it as a décor element.

Experts not only print on transparent glass but also add various ornaments if a client wants. The company has flexible ordering conditions, providing a full refund in case they fail to satisfy your expectations. They offer free shipping on orders over $79, as well as a 20% discount on the first order.

myphoto glass photo print interface

6. WhiteWall

Print on acrylic glass
  • A plethora of glass-exclusive products
  • Charge more than analog services
whitewall glass photo prints logo

Verdict: The company stands out with its pictures printed on glass of an acrylic type. Thus, the resulting printing quality is higher and colors in images acquire luminosity and depth. Clients are free to choose the sizes of prints from 114x71 and larger. It is a great option if you want a series of related decorations for your home or apartment of different dimensions.

The company allows you to choose glossy or matte acrylic glass as a base for printing. These surfaces convey saturation and color depth differently. If you hesitate whether the service can satisfy your demands or just want to see how they cope with non-standard tasks before ordering lots of glass photo prints, you can take advantage of the sample set option.

The set includes samples (4.3x4.3-inch large), printed on different types of glass of varied thicknesses, as well as UltraHD metallic photo print under acrylic glass. While paying for your order, you receive a $12 voucher that you can use the next time you approach the team.

whitewall glass photo prints interface

7. Snapfish

Print photos from social networks on glass
  • You can upload photos from different sources
  • Bright images
  • High-quality glass surface
  • Only one size for glass prints
snapfish glass photo prints logo

Verdict: The Snapfish team uses top-tier photo printing software for their work. You can upload photos for printing from almost any medium, be it a computer or mobile phone, Google Photos and even Facebook or Instagram.

Despite the fact that Snapfish offers a rather limited selection of glass printing options, the result is always great. Images are clear with original colors preserved. At the same time, the glass plate itself is durable, with a carefully machined rounded edge.

If you need to print your images on 8x10-inch glass, Snapfish is a good service to turn to. However, the availability of only one size for printing on glass upsets many users. Besides, the cost of the service is somewhat high.

snapfish glass photo print interface