18 Monthly Baby Photo Ideas for Parents to Repeat

It’s an exciting time when you have a baby. Every month marks a momentous milestone, and what better way to celebrate than by capturing the moments with creative monthly baby photos?

From the very pic of childbirth, I advise capturing your child monthly at a certain date to keep in mind the way they grow.

To make it more attractive, firstly think of the thematic monthly photos, get the required attributes prepared, select the look and ask someone for assistance if it is possible.

1. Erasable Monthly Baby Board

monthly baby precious moments facts photo ideas

Erasable children’s board can hugely contribute to the process of taking photos, if you immediately write something bad or willing to make the writing colorful chalk. You just have to fill the form with the data about your child or good phrases.

Place the child in a bucket, offer something to chew on, and switch on the music in the background. Capture the way your child grows up and his/her first tries to keep the head, their radiant smiles and the brightest emotions.

2. Plushy Letters for Monthly Baby Photos

monthly baby photo plushy letters ideas

It is a plain idea that facilitates your focusing on various facial expressions of your baby, which I find absolutely appealing. Put your kid on a colorless background, add sensory alphabet letters and entertain your dearest one!

Try to shoot children’s true emotions and do not hurry with a photoshoot. If something functions wrong, you can try again the next day.

3. Use Blocks for Photos

monthly baby milestone blocks photo ideas

One more splendid idea is applying wooden blocks with numbers from 0-12. It can also be plastic blocks, with some images or numbers, so you will be able to discover the result with the child under different games with dolls and bears later on.

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4. White Fur and Wood Slice

monthly baby fluffy photo ideas

Some perfect conditions for your home pictures would be snowy winter vacation days, some warmth and using fur or woolly blanket. Also place blackboard for writing the months, a Christmas wreath, wonderful accessories, so every person will cherish your baby’s images.

Thoroughly selected fabric enables you to arrange a magnificent photo session once you employ additional props for 3-month-old photo ideas. Light cotton wraps and some books are the most appropriate ones in creating the baby's portrait.

5. Use Calendar

monthly baby calendar photo ideas

Apply a desk calendar and various characteristic components. For instance, in January you can take snowballs or deer cap, in July, you can take flowers. In August you can use a melon, etc.

Applying the calendar for your child, you can take some really decent pictures at a certain date.

6. Monthly Baby in a Bucket

monthly baby photo moses basket bassinet ideas

This monthly baby pic is an exquisite but risky idea. Place the baby into a bucket with a soft fabrics or blanket and put wooden stickers.

monthly baby photo moses basket bassinet ideas

Trace the way your baby grows as you monthly reproduce this beautiful Moses basket photograph. Include several lovely accessories if the basket looks plain in half birthday picture ideas and reproduce this concept.

7. Monthly Milestone Blanket

monthly baby photo batzkids blankets ideas

These are generally combined with a few accessories so that you can emphasize the age of the child in each picture. You can also benefit from getting to use the blanket all year round. You can find Milestone Blankets on Amazon, and include some Christmas decorations, Valentines cards, not big pumpkins or mushrooms and leaves.

Put a raincoat on your baby in November or a Santa robe in December, employ caramel canes as props and your Christmas photos will be sincere.

monthly baby photo batzkids blankets ideas

Another incredible children photo idea will be dressing your baby in a swimsuit in July and making it more interesting with either shells or stars, summer hat and glasses, snipers and bright bodysuits, and letting your kid feel like on the beach.

You can include some sea sounds imitations, gull and dolphin calls to make the atmosphere closer to reality.

8. Monthly Photo Idea for April's Baby

monthly baby photo weather ideas

A newborn photoshoot on a rainy day would be an unprecedented experience for a baby. It can be easily arranged employing a sheet, blanket and paper cutouts. Nothing special is to be used for such images, just include a mini umbrella, rain boots and a rain jacket for the sweetest look.

9. Each Month is One Creative Theme

monthly baby season photo ideas

Each month has its own peculiarities, and you can easily select something worthy. For example, in December, you can arrange a Christmas scene, February - Valentine's Day, October - Halloween, etc. You will require some white paper for the background, monthly themed elements, charming looks concerning the chosen theme and a smiling jolly baby.

To realize this idea, you can apply whatever you wish: fruit, autumn leaves, seashells, Christmas photo props, vegetables, grass and dandelions or rose petals. Utilize diverse types of cloth, shoes or accessories and get prepared for some great pictures.

10. Eggcellent Ideas for Monthly Baby

monthly baby photo easter ideas

Realize Easter photography ideas using painted eggs as a prop, as well as baked Easter cakes or Easter bunnies. Put on a beautiful beanie with ears and make your kid seem like a little rabbit.

11. Onesies On a Monthly Baby Clothesline

monthly baby photo sticker numbers on white onesie ideas

In my opinion, the onesies stickers is a little more comfortable way to go on, but you can also organize a set of 12 onesies with numbers for each month. You can look for a 12-month bodysuit set.

To make it more appealing, I inserted some clothespins in the colors of the baby's room and I hung the row of removable hooks. If it is a small girl, you can add some good-looking accessories, if it is a boy – then add a kepi or soccer hat and a ball. 

12. Plush Toys

monthly baby photograph stuffed animal ideas

When you add your child's favorite toys it makes the images more cherished and meaningful. Use the first toys of your baby to keep in mind how they grew every month. Your kid will adorably look at the photos once they grow up.

monthly baby photograph stuffed animal ideas

To add some elegance to this monthly baby picture idea, you can use a blanket, stairs or chair to shoot the way your baby’s first attempts to rise slowly on its feet.

In place of using monthly cards, you can adjust entries or supplement the images using free of charge & plain texts on pictures apps and insert original or exquisite captions.

13. Create a Metric Scene

monthly baby newborn announcement photo ideas

Applying metrics to your photo is a perfect first birthday photo shoot idea. Include some watch showing the time your child was born, the ruler showing his height, dumbbells meaning his weight, place some small toys and shoot all the necessary details.

14. Colorful Donuts

monthly baby photo doughnuts photo ideas

Looking at the process of growth of your child is so bittersweet that I found it great to use doughnuts to realize creative monthly baby photo ideas. You can buy or bake donuts, include a blanket and a numbers board related to the month of your kid.

If possible, give one doughnut to your baby so that they play with it, or taste it, as in such a way the pic will look more convivial. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the key meaning of such an image idea is to point the age, either with cute halved doughnuts or 6 doughnuts on a blanket.

15. Your Monthly Baby and Balloons

monthly baby balloon photo ideas

Starting from the day your child was born, each month is a reason for celebration, so why not consider using holiday balloons? Attach the corresponding number of bright colored balls to a cozy chair.

You can also put little with double-sided tape balls to connect them, and place your kid on a rug or blanket next to this combination. It will look emphatic to search clothes with balloons images, and involve cardboard white clouds. You can even bring to life one of the original levitation photography ideas with balloons.

16. Mommy and Her Monthly Baby

monthly baby belly to baby photo ideas

One of the best monthly baby photo ideas can be extremely simple - it is mommy and me photoshoot idea. Preparing these sweet images is super easy: for every new month, select various dresses or T-shirts, stand in front of a light-colored wall, make sure your baby’s face is kept forward, while somebody is taking a photo.

17. Black and White Baby’s Picture

monthly baby arm chair photos

Employ you device’s pre-built filters to take a black and white photography of your child. Select some huge armchair, take your dog or cat and cozy pillows and take photos of the kid while they are smiling.

monthly baby important details

Capture as many close-up shots of details as possible. After that you will be able to compile them and employ one of the most widespread photo collage makers to produce collages for printing.

18. Baby with a Dad

monthly baby photo ideas to record baby’s milestone

I adore the idea of getting dads participate in the monthly shots. It is a cool and a budget-saving idea for parents to get their baby monthly pictures with father holding a kid in a multi-colored shirt.

As a background you may employ a baby’s bed, some nice accessories and clothes for the child, you can also use a white bodysuit to bring some bright tiny details.

Bonus Tools

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To receive professionally enhanced monthly baby photos employ the ready-made presets created by the FixThePhoto team. They will enable you to edit the lighting, adjust contrast, white the balance, and a little bit correct the colors.