19 Mirror Picture Poses & Ideas to Look Better

A perfect photo depends on a beautiful outfit, good light, a clear mirror, and appropriate model poses that can show you in all beauty. I’ve spent much time surfing the web for the best mirror picture poses that will allow you to take eye-grabbing selfies without wasting much time in front of the mirror or in a photo editing app.

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One of the biggest challenges when taking a mirror picture is avoiding the reflection of the camera or the photographer. It's important to position yourself and the camera in a way that minimizes any unwanted reflections.

1. Mirror Pose, Leaning on the Wall

mirror picture pose leaning against the wall

Stand in front of the mirror leaning on the wall. A natural light emitted from a mirror will allow taking high-quality pics. But make sure that the harsh light does not fall on you, as the effect will be the opposite.

However, the amount of light should be sufficient, otherwise, your images will be blurred and dark.

Note that it is advisable to shoot without switching on the flash in order not to be obscured by the harsh light. However, if you aim to achieve such an effect, give it a try.

2. Classic Pose Near a Mirror

classic mirror picture pose

Stand in from of a big mirror and take a full-body shot. Put one foot slightly forward, mimicking a classic female pose.

As for locations, the hotel lobby, dressing room, waiting areas, or other spaces that have wall-to-wall mirrors are the most optimal options. Note that shooting at a considerable distance from a reflective surface will make a mirror look massive.

3. The Popped Hip Mirror Pose

the popped hip mirror picture pose

Take your leg to the side. Bend at the elbow your free hand, reaching for your waist, shoulder, or hair.

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4. Show Your Back

show your back mirror picture pose

Showing a back is another great selfie idea for girls. The best thing about it is that you do not need to make makeup to achieve a perfect look in your pic.

show your back mirror pose

Stand in half a turn to the mirror so that your elegant and smooth back is in the frame. You can take such a photo yourself by placing your phone so that only the necessary details are in the frame.

5. Showing Leg on Mirror

leg on the mirror picture pose

If you want to showcase your shoes, but there is no full-length mirror in your location, pose by raising your best foot forward. Or take a sitting pose opposite the mirror, placing your foot on it, slightly bending the leg at the knee. The other leg can be positioned as in a yoga pose or simply bent at the knee.

leg on the mirror pose

Capturing your reflection from above is another interesting variant of this pose. To mimic it, place a mirror on the floor, knee with one leg, and bend the other one as if to stand up, and step on a glass surface.

6. Sitting with One Leg Bent at the Knee

mirror picture poses sitting with one leg bent

Sit in front of a mirror, and place your legs so that one is bent at the knee. The right shooting angle is a key to success. Shooting continuously, move around to catch that angle to take your ideal shot that looks amazing.

sitting mirror pose with one leg bent at the knee

Outdoor space provides excellent scenery for mirror poses inspired by nature. Look for a picturesque photography location with trees or flowers, take your mirror and camera with you.

7. Squatting Pose

mirror picture pose on your haunches

Squat down in front of a mirror and take a shot. Tilt your head slightly or turn to the side and lean your free hand on your leg in a casual manner.

Alternatively, sit sideways in front of a mirror and straighten one leg slightly to make it appear even longer. This is the most optimal pose for showing your cool shoes in the most flattering light.

squatting mirror pose

To achieve a perfect mirror image, some post-processing is required, so finding a simple photo editing software for beginners is a reasonable decision.

8. Sitting on Knees Near the Mirror

mirror picture pose on the knees

Get on your knees and take some pics. Try to sit sideways to the mirror and turn your torso slightly into the frame. Take your free hand back for balance.

If you are looking for great mirror picture poses that do not require much preparation like doing makeup, this an ideal one as it brings the focus to your outfit.

9. The Candid Shot

the candid mirror picture pose

Sit in a relaxed pose and take a shot. I also recommend posing with your pet and wearing knitted sweaters and leggings.

the candid mirror pose

Make sure that your body is in a slightly bending natural position. No matter where you are going to conduct your photoshoot, make sure that it features a clear background so that the focus will be on you.

10. Lying on a Bed

Lie down on the bed in a comfortable position, but remember that your posing should look really nice. Lying on a stomach facing the mirror, on the back with one arm raised, or on the side, leaning on one arm, are the most popular poses for such a shot.

mirror poses on the bed

A dirty bathroom or a stack of unwashed clothes is definitely not what your viewers want to see in your shot. If some undesired objects still got into the frame, you can get rid of them using free apps to remove unwanted objects from photos. Fortunately, it is possible to download Photoshop free to try the most popular program’s functionality.

11. Lying on the Floor

mirror picture pose on the floor

Lie on the floor on your stomach and lean on your elbows. Position yourself perpendicular to the mirror surface to capture more than just your face.

mirror pose on the floor

Another variation of the floor pose is to lie on your side and lift your upper body, leaning on a straightened arm. Make sure your legs have a neat position - leave one straight, and bend the other slightly so that they look attractive in the frame.

12. The Bathtub Mirror Pose

the bathtub mirror pose

Tell the story with your photo. For this, take a shot posing in a beautiful dress, and shoot the next photo right after having a bath posing in a bathrobe in front of a foggy mirror. I also recommend experimenting with some bathtub photoshoot ideas.

mirror picture pose in the bathtub

To get an impressive image for your social media from the first snap, experiment with selfie apps. FixThePhoto App, Facetune 2, Retrica are the most optimal options.

13. Close-Up Picture Pose

the close-up mirror pose

If you are looking for the greatest mirror pic poses for showing off your beautiful make-up or a new hairdo.

the close-up mirror picture pose

You can also spice up your shots by capturing more intimate details, such as the curves of your waist.

14. Portrait in the Small Mirror

small mirror picture poses

You do not necessarily need to have a huge mirror to take a great photograph, as a small mirror for taking pics for your social media is more than enough. Posing both in profile and in full face work well for such a shot. Capture yourself fixing your hair with one hand to make the photo look natural.

15. The Multiple Mirrors Photo

the multiple mirror pose

To realize this creative photography idea, several mirrors are required. But try to arrange them creatively. For example, you can stand sideways in front of a large mirror and pick up a small one to display some detail of your image.

the multiple mirror picture pose

Or ask a friend to take a photo of you with two mirrors to achieve an effect of the repetitive composition.

16. Photo with a Mirror and Flowers

mirror picture pose with flowers

This is one of the poses for mirror that requires purchasing additional props. Add details to the frame like flowers, for example, to jazz up your pic. You can either pick up a flower or place a bouquet nearby.

flowers for mirror picture pose

Go outside and position your mirror either on the ground or bend it a bit to reflect the clouds in the sky creating a perfect background. Or find the location with perfect natural illumination to take an amazing shot.

17. Capture Your Preparation for Going Outside

mirror picture pose with cosmetics

Take a shot before applying makeup. Capture not only yourself but also the details with which you create your image.

mirror pose with jewelry

Repeat it after completing all the preparations demonstrating the result. Showcase your rings, earrings, or necklace.

18. Look Over Your Shoulder

look over your shoulder mirror picture pose

A portrait photography pose like this is easy to imitate either with a big or small mirror. Stand sideways to a mirror and look over your shoulder at your reflection.

mirror pose with look over the shoulder

Add a creative touch by capturing yourself in this pose from above. This idea works well for showcasing your beautiful hair accessory, ear party, or stylish bag.

19. The Half-Face Mirror Pose

the half-face mirror pose

Place a mirror near your feet, grab your camera or phone, and take some casual shots. Hold your phone or camera so that it covers half of your face.

Bonus Tools

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