20 Diy Photo Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

If you are tired of the classic and traditional Christmas decorations that you use for your Christmas tree and your home every year, then these DIY photo ornaments are what you need.

In addition to giving personality to your decorations, they are a great opportunity to get yourself in the Christmas mood while making. What’s more, decorations made from photos of your family and friends are a wellhead of original and interesting Christmas photo ideas.

1. Sled Ornament

diy photo ornaments sled

Miniature sled is very easy to make, but no less cute photo ornament craft. The basis of such a sleigh can be wooden craft sticks, and you can cover them with any paint or paste over with beautiful washi tape.

Place a photo of your child in the center to customize the sled. Since the decoration is small, the photo also needs to be small, and here it will be very handy to show off your Christmas photo booth ideas.

2. Snowflake-Shaped Ornament

diy photo ornaments snowflake

Each snowflake is unique and has its own characteristics, just like your kids. Decorate a picture of each of your children with a snowflake frame. Place a photo of the child on the front side, and the memorable moments from last year on the backside.

You can also complete these homemade picture ornaments with fun and festive Christmas photo captions. This is a very cute decoration that will delight you and your children, and will also dip you into memories of the past year.

3. Scrapbook Angel

diy photo ornaments scrapbook angel

Angels are one of the most popular symbols of Christmas. At the same time, making a DIY angel out of paper is a breeze. You will need some scrapbook paper, from which you need to cut out the main components of the angel – wings, body, and head.

Cut out the faces of your relatives and friends from their photos, and glue them on the angel’s head. By the way, if you are looking for a creative Christmas card photo idea, then angels with your faces can also come in handy here.

4. Lollipop Ornament

diy photo ornaments lolipop

One of the simplest DIY Christmas ornaments for pictures is the lollipop, which is also one of the symbols of Christmas, especially for children. I like that everything you need to make it is most likely already in your home. First, take a wooden stick and paint it the color you want.

Next, take a beautiful piece of paper that will be the base of your lollipop and cut a circle out of it. Then take the photo that you will place in the center and also cut it out in the shape of a circle, but with a slightly smaller diameter. Next, simply connect the stick and lollipop with glue, and decorate with ribbon, bow, and eyelet.

5. Pom Pom Ornament

diy photo ornaments pom pom

Decorating your photo with pom poms is easy, but the effect is amazing. Take bright and colorful pom-poms and glue them around your photo. Dip each pom-pom in turn and glue them as close together as possible, covering the entire surface of the cardboard so that it is not visible between them.

6. Photo Cube Ornament

diy photo ornaments photo cube

This is a great DIY Christmas ornaments with pictures idea that can hold multiple photos at once. Make a wooden block or take a ready-made one, the sides of which need to be pasted over with photos or beautiful patterns.

However, do not decorate the top side with a photo, as there will be an eyelet mount. In addition to Christmas home decoration, this item can be a great idea for DIY photography gifts.

7. Wood Slice

diy photo ornaments wood slice

This idea will appeal to those who choose natural rustic decorations for their home this Christmas. Order craft wood slices or make them yourself from tree branches, glue photos to them, and tie loops on them. I love that these slices can serve as original tags for your gifts.

8. Rudolph the Reindeer

diy photo ornaments reindeer

Being the most popular of the classic Christmas photo props, the red nose will also come in handy for DIY photo Christmas ornaments. It will help to turn your kids into real Santa reindeer without much difficulty! Take a paper lid, paint it brown, and leave to dry.

In the meantime, find a photo of your baby, the optimal size is 4 x 4 inches. Cut it out in the shape of a circle, to do this, use the lid to circle evenly and appropriately. Place the photo on the lid and secure it with glue.

Take pipe cleaners and twist them so that it resembles deer antlers. Attach them to the back of the lid with hot glue and decorate them with mini pom-poms. Make deer ears out of paper, take the twine and attach them to the lid with hot glue as well. Voila – Rudolph reindeer photo ornaments are ready!

9. Retro Polaroid Ornament

diy photo ornaments polaroid

Polaroid photos are always nostalgic and reminiscent of happy moments, so using them for our decorations is a great idea, especially if your Christmas style this year is the 90s era. You can use them as gift tags for your family and friends. Stock up on cute clothespins and decorate your polaroid photos the way you make a photo booth frame.

10. Ornament with a Christmas List

diy photo ornaments christmas list

The list of gifts that the baby wants to receive from Santa is one of the cutest attributes of the holiday, which you will definitely want to keep as a keepsake, and can be one of your best DIY photo ornaments ideas. Connect these lists with Christmas baby photooshoot ideas and decorate with whatever you want. This cute little thing will be a wonderful decoration for your Christmas tree and will dip you into the sweetest memories every year.

11. Plush Doll Ornament

diy photo ornaments plush doll

This idea will become not only a unique and personalized Christmas decoration but also a thing that will be passed down from generation to generation. Make prints of your favorite photos on fabric and decorate as you like using threads, various buttons, tulle, and more. This decoration will give coziness to your home and fill it with a vintage atmosphere.

12. Button Ornament

diy photo ornaments button

If you keep a lot of buttons, a couple of which you have lost a long time ago, then their time has come. Use them to bring your photo ornament craft ideas to life. The best part is that you can get by with it in just a few hours as it is also one of the easiest DIY photo display ideas.

13. Snow Globe Tree Ornament

diy photo ornaments snow globe

Photo snow globes are one of the most spectacular and eye-catching decorations for your Christmas tree. Take clear fillable ornaments, artificial snow, and of course photos of your loved ones. Then it all depends on your desire and imagination – you can add a small Christmas tree, sleigh, deer, gifts, and more.

14. Washi Tape Christmas Ornament

diy photo ornaments washi tape

Wondering how to make photo ornaments as quickly and easily as possible? Arm yourself with washi tape, which will help you quickly and accurately decorate almost any homemade Christmas tree decoration. Make a frame for your photo out of cardboard and cover it with washi tape of the same type or different types at once.

15. Pasta Ornament

diy photo ornaments pasta

Pasta noodles, one of the most unexpected materials for crafts in childhood, can come in handy for our homemade Christmas decorations. Take the shape of the macaroni you like, paint it green, and arrange it around your photo in the form of a Christmas wreath. If you prefer pasta, then even more shapes can be made from it – from a Christmas tree to a candy cane, and so on.

16. Salt Dough Ornament

diy photo ornaments salt dough

Like all the homemade picture ornaments described here, this type is suitable for making together with your children to amuse them. What’s more, making salt dough is quick, easy, and fun, and you’ll have everything you need at home.

Form and bake a few shortbreads, then leave them to dry in the air for a couple of days. Then sprinkle them abundantly with sparkles, having previously smeared them with glue, or decorate them with your favorite paints – it all depends on your imagination.

17. Mini Wreath

diy photo ornaments wini wreath

The wreath is another of the traditional symbols of Christmas, and recreating it, combined with your photo, makes a great gift for your relatives. In addition, it is also one of the easiest, but no less spectacular ways to embody the best DIY picture frame ideas. Take a piece of green cardstock and cut out leaves from it. If you do not want to do painstaking work, then use the die-cutter.

After gluing the first layer of leaves, add a second one to make your wreath splendid. It will be better if the second layer is directed opposite to the first and is slightly uneven – it will look more cute and natural. Then you just need to glue the resulting wreath to your photo and attach a loop to it.

18. Photo Booth Ornament

diy photo ornaments photo booth

If you are a photo booth lover and have many photos taken with your friends and family there, then it will be cool to use them as Christmas ornaments for pictures. Take an empty glass Christmas tree toy, some glitter, a thread for a loop and combine it the way you like.

19. Beads Ornament

diy photo ornaments beads

Take beautiful beads that will harmonize with your other Christmas decorations and string them on a thread. Then make a loop out of them for your photos to hang on the Christmas tree. Very simple and attractive!

20. Transfer Ceramic Ornament

diy photo ornaments transfer ceramic

For the next photo ornament craft idea, you will need blank white ceramic ornaments, which are the perfect substrate for transfer media application. Apply the latter in a thick layer on your photo, directly on the front side, so that it is not visible. Then stick this onto your pottery and leave it to dry for at least a day.