15 Amazing Conceptual Photography Ideas for Inspiration

Conceptual photography is closely linked with creative photography ideas that can have emotional, personal, social, ecological, and even political sub-context related to a specific event in a photographer’s life. This genre involves out-of-the-box thinking and the wiliness to try something new.

1. Demonstrate the Space with Flowers

space conceptual photography

The essence of this concept art photography idea is to show limitless space and a human in it. Your model should express awe and admiration towards something we cannot control. You can just open an image of the space on a large TV and use a round transparent aquarium with flowers instead of a space suit. Make sure to experiment to find your angles in photography.

2. Combine Geometric Shapes and a Human

shapes conceptual photography

Geometric shapes can express various notions depending on the surroundings. You can arrange them in a way so that they make a human silhouette. Make sure the shapes you use and the model’s clothes are the same color.

3. Show the Seabed Outside the Window

sea conceptual photography

Combining underwater photography with photography concepts can yield amazing results. You can add a water component to average photos, like those snapped on a train or a subway.

fixthephoto color correction photo editing before after fixthephoto color correction photo editing before after

Want to Make Conceptual Photo Stand Out?

To make your conceptual images look arresting, you can hire editing experts.

Our retouchers can maintain a coherent style across a range of pictures, and improve light and shadows, as well as even out tones.

Of course, there are purpose-made locations with underwater aquariums, but it is easier to add a marine scene to a window during editing in Photoshop. Make sure the light balance in both images matches up.

4. Blend a Person with the Rest of the Scene

blend person conceptual photography

Refresh your knowledge of complementary colors if you want a model to naturally blend with the surroundings. Such concept creative photoshoot ideas are rather easy to realize while the resulting image grabs attention and makes viewers scrutinize the scene longer.

5. Use Mirrors in Conceptual Photography

puzzles conceptual photography

The idea of reflecting sky is totally fantastic allowing you to capture missing pieces in a huge puzzle of this world. To speed up the shooting process, you can take advantage of ready-to-use mirror wall stickers. As for the location, it should be as open and spacious as possible.

6. Turn Giants into Tiny

bubbles puzzles conceptual photography

To play around with this concept, you need to understand what photography composition is. In this case, it is necessary to take 2 separate images. The main trick is to change the size of ordinary objects.

tiny people conceptual photography

Next, you need to combine 2 frames into one using photo editing software for PC. Thus, by practicing concept art photography, you can show how minute and powerless a person is against the grandeur of nature.

7. Combine Color and B&W

combine color conceptual photography

There are lots of amazing examples of bw photography, but what about showing the scene that is hidden behind colorless curtains? Give viewers a peep into a colorful world so that they know that nothing is totally black-and-white.

8. Show the Meaning of Fixed Phrases

bird in a cage conceptual photography

Fixed phraseological units are an amazing source of conceptual photography ideas. For instance, you can try to show a bird in the cage drawing inspiration from bird photography. Such an image will surely look beautiful, while conveying a deeper meaning.

A bird is associated with a female, being sensitive and tender. You can go the extra mile and prepare a large scene to depict different feelings and emotions. Or, you can start with something simpler and use a regular round bird cage and artificial wings. Remember to get wings and a cage of the same color.

9. Take a Conceptual Photo with an Umbrella

umbrella conceptual photography

At first, you may think that a regular umbrella has nothing to do with concept art photography but in fact, it offers limitless possibilities for creativity. Of course, mastering rain photography https://fixthephoto.com/rain-photography.html (Rain Photography Tips and Tricks) will take up much time, so it is better to start with something simpler and imitate such weather with the help of a water hose nozzle sprayer and a water hose.

rain conceptual photography

Of course, when water comes into play, you can’t do without a waterproof camera. Keep in mind that some photography concepts require clear and loud representation, while others can be interpreted from a particular point of view. For instance, an umbrella can perform its primary function – protection from rain, or it can be used in a completely new way – as a source of a downpour.

10. Take a Conceptual Portrait

portrait conceptual photography

This idea is highly popular among fashion photography creatives. It is recommended to take a close-up shot but feel free to experiment with angles and distances. To realize this concept, you need to use a diving mask. However, a common one won’t do – you should find a more aesthetic mask, e.g., an oval model, for an eye-pleasing photo.

11. Combine Different Clothes Styles

clothes conceptual photography

There is a hidden gem in every person and society may never see it by looking only at the outer side. With this concept art photography idea in mind, you can take fantastic images. A model should wear clothes of different styles that will metaphorically show a mixture of various traits.

You need to use a good lens for portraits capable of capturing details from different distances. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens is a great option.

12. Implement a Shadow to Your Concept

shadow conceptual photography

Shadow photography offers the biggest number of creative possibilities when it comes to manipulating concepts. For instance, you can show the mismatch between reality and person’s desires. The focal point of the scene can be both living beings and lifeless objects.

13. Highlight a Pressing Ecological Problem

ecological conceptual photography

Ecological issues top the list of photography trends and you can also focus on this sphere when choosing photography concepts. You can show how severely polluted our green areas and oceans are by capturing a pile of plastic bottles in a forest or any other natural environment.

14. Use an Ice Cream Cane in a New Way

ice cream conceptual photography

Such conceptual photos usually evoke positive emotions as they depict something amusing. For instance, photographers like “inserting” flowers or candies in an ice cream cane.

ice cream corn conceptual photography

You can also add toppings of different colors. There are actually no rules of how you should stylize your compositions – anything interesting that pops up in your mind is worth trying out.

15. Make Animals out of Clothes

animals from clothes conceptual photography

Form in photography plays a huge role. For example, by arranging clothes in a particular way, you can make different animals. It is very interesting to trace a zebra in B&W trousers and jumper, or a camel in a white sports suit. Your imagination is the only limit.

Bonus Tools

freebies for conceptual photography ideas

To make your conceptual photos look professional, you need to devote time to post production. The process can get faster if you use presets from this collection. There are high-quality filters for improving colors, making pictures more saturated, raising brightness, applying cold tones, and more.