12 Winter Family Photo Outfit Ideas of 2023

When selecting winter family photo outfits for your next photoshoot, think about the result you want to get. If you want to take classy winter pics, wear knit sweaters, pants, boots, shearling jackets, and bright accessories. To ensure that your pictures will stand out among the rest, wear a maxi dress made of shimmery fabric or combine various clothing items to create the desired effect. In this article, we have rounded up the best ideas that you may use to take stunning winter photos for your family album!

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1. Warm Neutral Outfits

winter family photo outfits with warm neutral colors

To recreate this classy look, wear knitted sweaters or neutral colors and add some brightly-colored accessories. When selecting winter family photoshoot outfits, don’t forget about layers as well. If it’s already cold outside, mom can wear leggings under a maxi skirt or use a shawl to create a cozy look.

Pro Tip: It’s better to avoid adding excessive details. If every person in the photo wears clothes with different patterns, the outfits won’t match well. It might take the attention away from your face as well. This is why it’s better to opt for beige, white, and other neutral colors as they will look more stylish and elegant. Besides, it will be easier for you to combine them with various accessories.

2. Winter Family Photo Outfit with Different Textures

winter family photo outfits with clothes of different textures

One of the easiest ways to add some visual interest to your photos is to wear outfits made of different fabrics. Don’t use only knitted items as they will look boring. Combine them with clothing pieces made of lace, cotton, tweed, and satin. You can also use accessories with dresses and jackets to change the way you look.

3. Layer Up Outfit

winter family photo outfits layer up

By using layers, you can ensure that your children won’t get cold. This idea is a must for those who are going to take photos outside in freezing temperatures. When wearing layered outfits, your children will stay warm and relaxed, which will allow you to get great photos.

4. Burgundy and Plaid Outfit

winter family photo outfits burgundy and plaid

This combination of colors will look great in the frame, besides, you will easily find all the necessary items in your wardrobe. Ask your children to wear plaid shirts or jackets to add nice colors to the photo. A plaid shirt will also look great if you wear it under the tan sweater!

Pro Tip: If you want to take photos in a garden, backyard, or forest, it’s better to wear warm clothes to avoid getting cold during a photoshoot.

5. Match Winter Photo Family Outfits on Christmas

winter family photo outfits matching clothes

You can use a variety of Christmas photo ideas to take photos in winter outfits, however, I think that it’s better to select Christmas matching clothes for your loved ones if you want to recreate a wonderful atmosphere of this winter holiday. By wearing matching items, you can emphasize a strong bond between your family members and show that you love spending winter holidays together.

6. Warm Browns and Cozy Blankets

winter family photo outfits with blankets

You can use this winter photoshoot idea to take beautiful photos for a family album or create Christmas postcards. It’s one of the most creative winter family photo outfit ideas. Wear tan pants, beanie hats with winter patterns, wool fedoras, and dark winter jackets. Combine them with throw blankets with ethnic motives. For instance, there are plenty of beautiful blankets with traditional Mexican patterns. You can easily match them with other props and outfits. Besides, they will keep you warm and make your pics look more attention-grabbing.

7. Classic Black and White

winter family photo outfits classic black and white

I simply adore this basic neutral combination that looks beautiful and elegant at the same time. It is perfect for selecting matching outfits for a family look. Focus on black and ivory colors. Wear black or dark denim jeans with warm sweaters. You can also opt for a sweater dress as it will look nice in the frame.

8. Warm Dress for Creating a Cozy Feel

winter family photo outfits warm dress

If you don’t want to spend hours selecting matching tops and bottoms, just wear a nice and stylish dress. To create a family look, ask your family members wear matching winter jackets or coats of neutral colors. Such outside winter family picture outfits will look great and allow you to stay warm. Add accents to add some visual interest. For instance, you can select a bright sweater for your child.

Pro Tip: To implement this idea, it’s better not to wear high heels or pumps when shooting outside. However, you can wear them if you are going to a location where there is a lot of concrete. High heels aren’t suitable for grassy locations or places where the ground is soft. When going to such locations, it’s better to wear block heels, flats, or other similar types of shoes.

9. Puffer and Parka Jackets

winter family photo outfits puffer and park jackets

You won’t face any difficulties when trying to re-create this look. Besides, it is perfectly suitable for cold weather. Ask your family members to wear black or neutral-colored jackets and select colorful scarves and other accessories to add some bright colors and liven up your photo.

10. Outfits with Winter Accessories

winter family photo outfits with accessories

You can experiment with different accessories, such as headwear items, mittens, winter boots, socks, and wraps made of faux fur. They will help you bring to life a variety of family photo outfit ideas and create a nice and cozy atmosphere. Using fun winter accessories, you will stay warm during a photoshoot. Don’t forget to use winter-themed mugs with tea or hot chocolate to add a nice touch.

11. Identical Items of Clothing

winter family photo outfits identical items

It might be a daunting task to take a great family photo if all your family members have different ideas about what they would like to wear. Besides, it is always challenging to select matching winter family photo outfits for people of different ages. As there is no one-fits-all solution, you can use a style board to ensure that everyone can contribute. It will help you discover the most suitable color palette and select the perfect outfits for your photoshoot.

12. Emerald Green Winter Family Photo Outfit

winter family photo outfits emerald green

If you will try to implement this idea, you will look stylish and elegant. It’s perfect for Christmas-themed pics as well. Use greenish tones when shooting in places in a rustic style. The background should be mostly black. Instead of using a red and tartan plaid that became a common element in winter-themed photos, opt for emerald-green props and clothing items instead.

Pro Tip: Avoid focusing on emerald color when taking photos in a location where there are a lot of trees or various green-colored objects. It’s hardly suitable for photoshoots that take place in a forest.

Bonus Tools

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If you want to give your winter pictures a magical feel and create a wonderful atmosphere of a winter holiday, use this bundle of actions to enhance your photos with snowy effects. Regardless of the outfits and location that you select, you can easily improve your photos using these actions. They will help you capture a winter fairy tale in all its luminous glory.