20 Creative Ring Light Photography Ideas

Whether you want to take studio photos or capture pictures at home, you can benefit from using ring light photography ideas. This device is quite affordable. You can put it in front of your face or behind, on the side, or above your head. Depending on its position, you can achieve different unusual effects.

Besides, you can use a ring light as a prop for your photo. In this article, I described both traditional and unusual ideas for taking photos with a ring light. Here, you will also find some pieces of advice on makeup, poses, and accessories that will help you take more professional photos. You can use the Neewer Ring Light Kit to implement the ideas described below.

1. Full-Height Portrait

ring light photography ideas full-height portrait

To take great pictures with ring light, you can use this device as your main source of lighting when snapping full-height portrait photos. The ring light should be visible in the frame, as it will allow you to achieve a more eye-catching effect.

You can assume any pose that makes you feel comfortable, for instance, you can take some props or sit on a chair. The main thing is to stay relaxed in front of the camera.

2. Spray Water on Your Face

ring light photography ideas in profile

To make your portrait photographs more unusual, ask your friend or assistant to spray water on your face. Before it, it’s important to put the ring light opposite your face and turn it on. In this case, the camera will capture the drops of water, which will add nice details to your photos.

3. Reflection in the Eyes

ring light photography ideas nimbus

This effect looks unusual and instantly captures the attention of a viewer. I recommend you try to bring this idea to life, provided you have a suitable gadget. It is easy to implement, as you just need to put the source of light opposite to you and snap a pic.

4. Colorful Highlights

ring light photography ideas colorful

If you have ever seen photos with objects lit by colorful highlights, you need to know that most of them were taken with the help of colorful RGB ring lights. Use this source of light to give your portrait photos a magical feel.

ring light photography ideas ultraviolet

In case you are curious about ultraviolet photography, keep in mind that you can achieve a similar effect by using ring lights of different colors. To make this effect more noticeable, you can use UV face and body paint. The paint will reflect the light, and you will achieve the desired effect easily.

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5. Lifestyle with a Ring Light

ring light photography ideas lifestyle

If you are interested in lifestyle photography, you can take perfect pictures with ring light serving as a prop. You can use it as a source of light when shooting in the street, especially when it’s dark outside. However, this idea requires you to know how to pose. It will help you look natural and relaxed in front of a camera.

6. Ring Light Photo with a Pet

ring light photography ideas pet

If you have a pet, you can take photos of it using a ring light. There are plenty of options to choose from. For instance, you can illuminate your pet using a ring light or capture the reflections of the ring light in its eyes. You need to ensure that your pet is comfortable as many animals don’t like it when a bright light is shining into their eyes.

7. Silhouette with Smoke

ring light photography ideas smoke

If you are wondering how to take pictures with ring light that will make you stand out among the rest, put the source of light behind you. This practical solution allows you to use black background lighting. Using this composition technique, you can make your frame more interesting.

To give it a creative touch, add some smoke to the frame. You can exhale smoke or someone could create some smoke near you. Alternatively, you can add smoke in Photoshop when editing your photos.

8. Mirror Behind a Ring Light

ring light photography ideas with mirror

Put a small mirror behind the ring light and stand in front of it. A photographer should stand behind you. This way, your face will be visible in the mirror, which will create an interesting composition.

As the photo will be dark and monochrome, you can add unusual details, such as pieces of imitation jewelry. It will add some visual interest to your photos.

9. Profile Portrait

ring light photography ideas in profile

Another great idea involves standing with your profile visible against the ring light. It will create a shining outline around your head. Such framing techniques allow you to create a simple but beautiful composition. When looking at such a photo, a viewer will focus on your face, as there won’t be any distracting details.

10. Framing Using a Light Ring

ring light photography ideas face framing

Many photographers who are looking for an unusual example of framing in photography like this idea, as it is extremely easy to implement. You just need to take photos when your model is standing opposite a ring light. It will enable you to emphasize her face, cheekbones, eyes, and lips.

ring light photography ideas face framing with additional light

If you want to light your face well, try using a source of extra light. Put it close to the ring light. For instance, you may use the UBeesize softbox kit for this purpose.

11. Light Around the Neck

ring light photography ideas on the neck

If you want to take a creative shot using ring light, put it around your neck. Keep in mind that the light coming from it might emphasize some imperfections on your face. Try experimenting with different angles to take a great photo.

12. Hands in the Light Ring

ring light photography ideas hands

If your Instagram feed looks monotonous, you can use a ring light to take a close-up photo of your hand. Put the ring light in the background. As the result, you will get a great photo for your social media pages or collages.

I recommend you use a black background and avoid using extra sources of light. It will allow you to add more contrast and sharpness. As the result, you will get an image of a flat circle and a three-dimensional outline of the hand.

13. Nimbus Above the Head

ring light photography ideas nimbus

If you are wondering how to use a ring light creatively, try making it look like a nimbus. Just put it above your head. Using this idea, you can create a minimalist portrait with a dark background or take a photo that requires makeup, stylish outfits, and accessories.

14. Makeup Through a Ring Light

ring light photography ideas make up through a ring

Ask your assistant to make it look as if they were applying some makeup to your face. They need to reach their hand through the ring light. You need to sit close to the ring light with the side of your face clearly visible. Your assistant should be able to reach your face.

The photo will look quite unusual, as only half of the frame will be fully lit. You can implement other ideas besides applying makeup. For instance, your assistant may feed you, give your water, or give you some object, depending on the idea that you want to implement.

15. The Outline of a Ring Light

ring light photography ideas outline

There is no need to fully charge the ring light to use it for taking photos. One of the most original ring light photography ideas involves using this device as a prop when it’s turned off. To do it, you need to use a camera with a flash or extra sources of light. It will allow you to illuminate your face well. The ring light will reflect the light falling onto it. As the result, only its outline will remain clearly visible.

16. Ring Light Like a Moon

ring light photography ideas moon

In case you are looking for a creative photo idea that will allow you to give an artistic feel to your photos, make a ring light look like the Moon. To bring this idea to life, you will need to take a portrait photo and then select a suitable sky background using online services or mobile apps.

17. Look into a Ring Light

ring light photography ideas mirror

If you are looking for a more creative way to use a ring light, try using it as a mirror. You may look into it when posing. To make your photo look natural, try to behave the way you usually behave in front of a mirror. You can fix your hair, paint your lips, put on jewelry pieces, etc.

It’s possible to take an attention-grabbing photo using a camera of your smartphone. You just need to switch to portrait mode. It will allow you to put your face in focus and snap a picture with a mesmerizing bokeh effect.

18. Out of Focus

ring light photography ideas out of focus

This ring light photography idea is suitable for those who want to stand out among the rest. While using ring light, you can make your photo look slightly blurred so that your silhouette is visible against a blurred shining outline.

19. Ring Behind the Head

ring light photography ideas out of focus

Add a dramatic and emotional feel to your portrait photo by putting the ring light behind you. It will allow you to illuminate half of your face, while the other half will remain in darkness. It will create a beautiful contrast with a bright ring light. This idea has its unique charm, so don’t discard it easily.

20. Like a Blogger

ring light photography ideas blogger

In case you are interested in blogging and want to show your followers and subscribers how you work on creating video content, you can use a ring light to capture your daily routine. Focus on the source of lighting and ensure that the background looks slightly blurred. You can mount a mobile phone or a camera to the light ring to make your photo look as realistic as possible.

Bonus Tools

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