17 DIY Camera Strap Ideas

The modern market is replete with different camera straps but most of them are rather expensive or look identical. If you don’t see the point in purchasing such a high-priced product, you can make a strap yourself.

If you’re planning to design your own camera strap, it makes sense to think outside the box and craft a bespoke model. I have selected some DIY camera strap ideas that are easy but still creative and you are sure to make a cool strap.

1. Camera Themed Strap

diy camera strap fabric

How to make a camera strap without spending a fortune? In fact, it is possible. You just need camera themed fabric, fat quarter battling, narrow twill tape, cotton webbing, strap ends, and tri-glides. This strap will look totally fantastic and can become an awesome DIY photography gift too.

2. DIY Macrame Strap

diy camera strap macrame

If you are into making macramé ornaments, you should seriously consider the possibility of crafting a macramé camera strap. Such a piece will add casual, boho touches to your shooting kit. The best part is that you can make such lanyards using minimum materials, namely, a macramé cord.

A strap will be slim and lightweight, while securely holding your camera. All in all, using a macramé technique, you can produce lots of cool DIY photography props.

3. Scarf Strap

diy camera strap scarf

Have you ever thought that your old scarf can become a wonderful DIY camera strap? Of course, you should modify it a bit, but the result will definitely spur interest and you will hear many complimentary words. If you photograph with a DSLR camera, which can be heavy, you need to choose a scarf durable enough to hold the weight.

Another thing to consider is the thickness of a scarf. Select the one that is comfortable for you. If you work in warm locations, something lightweight will do a fine job. For colder places, you’d better prefer thicker scarves.

4. Embroidered Strap

diy camera strap embroidered

Another great handmade camera straps idea for a zealous needlewoman. You just need to sew camera straps like you do with any other material and attach a heavy-duty carabiner to each end. This item can become even more stylish if you adorn it with an interesting phrase or ornament.

5. Beaded DIY Strap

diy camera strap beaded

To design your own camera strap in this way, you need to prepare beads, an elastic cord, scissors, a needle, and thread. Gauge an elastic cord and cut off needless pieces. Start stringing beads onto the cord and secure them with a needle and thread. Repeat these steps until you cover the entire cord.

6. DIY Bow Strap

diy camera strap bow

Adding some cute touches to your camera strap is possible by embellishing it with bows. You only need to prepare eyelets and fabric for making bows. No restrictions on the number of bows and their color –go with your guts.

7. Felt Strap

diy camera strap felt

Crafters like this material a lot because making anything of it is very easy. No matter what idea has popped up in your mind, you are sure to find a detailed tutorial on how to bring it to life.

For instance, you can start with DIY picture frame ideas for beginners, and proceed with more complicated projects. To make a felt DIY camera strap, you need a nylon string or fishing line and felt cut into chosen patterns. Next, attach all pieces to the string. You will get a kind of garland.

8. Belt DIY Strap

diy camera strap belt

If you have a belt that is no longer in use, you can transform it into a stylish camera strap. Make accurate measurements and cut excess parts to get a black nylon strap. Next, you need to loop it through the buckle slot and apply a faux leather sheet to the ends.

9. DIY Sequins Strap

diy camera strap sequins

Sequins are frequently used for a DIY photo backdrop, but they are also suitable for making a sleek strap.

As a base, you should use a leather strip, cover it with tacky glue and sprinkle the surface with colorful sequins. Make sure to cover the entire strip. Tuck each end of a sequin strip under with some glue to prevent quick wearing out.

10. Pom Pom DIY Strap

diy camera strap pom pom

Realizing this camera strap DIY idea is very easy and the result is sure to exceed your expectations. You just need to purchase ready-made pom poms and glue/sew them to any strap or fabric you have.

You can either use pom poms of different colors or identical ones. If you have several pom poms left, you can experiment with them for creative DIY photo display ideas.

11. Ruffle

diy camera strap ruffle

Handmade camera straps, especially those decorated with ruffle, look totally beautiful. You can position the ruffle along the entire strap or sew it to the central part – it depends on the style you like.

12. Lace

diy camera strap lace

Using lace as a strap for your camera, you can greatly change the entire look of your equipment. A narrow strip of lace doesn’t cost much but it adds elegance and refinement.

13. Vintage Style DIY Strap

diy camera strap vintage

A DIY camera strap can not only securely hold your camera but also become a catchy attribute that will distinguish you from the crowd. Use a vintage fabric strip of the needed length, several scraps of durable faux leather, and a pair of hardware pieces to join elements.

14. DIY Climbing Rope Strap

diy camera strap climbing rope

If camera security in all shooting conditions is your top priority, this is the best strap idea you can find. Your task is to purchase a climbing rope and cut it to the needed length. Attach both ends to a camera body and you are good to go.

15. Simple Faux Leather Strap

diy camera strap faux leather

If you want a DIY leather camera strap, it is not obligatory to use genuine material, a faux one will do just fine and its price is significantly lower. You need to buy a faux leather strip and connect it to the camera sides with D-rings and clasps.

16. Rope DIY Strap

diy camera strap rope

This is one of the cheapest variants of handmade straps. You need to buy a standard yard rope (costs less than $10) and attach it to your camera using gold lobster clasp swivel hooks. You can experiment with colors depending on the style you are after.

17. Braided Strap

diy camera strap braided

Photographers, who like braided things, will definitely favor this strap design. Making a strap out of a rope is very easy. You need to apply some glue to the end of a rope and thread to clasp on. Fold the end over the clasp to secure the rope. Next, use the needle and thread to sew down the rope for the utmost reliability.