MCP Actions

MCP Actions

MCP Actions were created by an inspired shooter Joe Riviello and his team. Apply these actions and your images will become sharper and more vibrant, acquiring rich black and white tones. Moreover, you will correct colors and add vintage strokes to your works. Continue reading to get acquainted with mcp actions and download their free alternatives.

MCP Actions Review

No matter what photography genre you are involved in, MCP Photoshop actions will come in handy. These tools may be called universal ones since they effectively work with various shots. Moreover, these actions are suitable both for professional and amateurish photographers who wish to turn the image post-production process into fun, boost the workflow and productivity.

MCP Actions: Double Exposure

mcp double exposure photoshop actions

These amazing tools will help you create great double exposure effects in several mouse clicks. Photoshop MCP actions provide 4 double exposure effects. It is very easy to see which effect is the most suitable for your combination ‒ just turn on one of the double exposure folders and you will be able to estimate the results. Moreover, this collection includes 90+ additional actions that will be useful in the working process.

MCP Actions: Portrait Suite Frequency Separation

mcp frequency separation photoshop actions

Portrait Suite includes 5 actions for portraits that will turn your shots into professional ones. Apply these easy-to-use frequency separation actions and you will effortlessly smooth skin, remove blemishes, fine hair, stubble/goosebumps, etc. It is a great helper in beauty, fashion and portrait photography.

Moreover, as a pleasant bonus, you will get a tutorial on the application of the Dodge & Burn Technique and Accenting Technique.

MCP Actions: Eye Doctor & Dentist

mcp eye doctor & dentist photoshop actions

Price: $39.99

This collection is designed to improve eyes and teeth in a matter of seconds. You will easily enhance catchlights, brighten the iris, whiten eye whites, deepen pupils, sharpen eyes. Being completely customizable, these mcp actions enable the user to apply changes according to their likes and purposes. In such a way, you may add a more dramatic look to your photos or make them as natural as possible.

MCP Actions: Newborn Necessities

mcp newborn necessities photoshop actions

MCP Newborn Necessities Photoshop actions offer 65 effects organized into 6 groups. All of them are user-friendly and allow applying all the changes necessary for newborn photos. This bundle will take care of every detail in the frame. In several mouse clicks, you will remove reds, flakes, spots and patches, make the skin creamy, smooth and silky.

MCP Actions: Makeup Toolkit

mcp makeup photoshop actions

Price: $79.99

Makeup Toolkit includes MCP Photoshop actions that will make you feel like a makeup artist. They are very fast and easy to apply. In several seconds, you will clean skin, apply makeup, enhance the body or even add shine to hair. These tools ideally work with wedding, boudoir and portrait shots.

MCP Actions: Inspire

mcp inspire photoshop actions

Price: $99.99

Photoshop MCP Inspire actions offer 99 effects to make your images look ideal. The set offers such capabilities as lighting fixes, quick looks, mood rings, custom looks, special effects, color tricks, polishing actions, etc.

MCP Actions: All in the Details

mcp photoshop actions

Price: $69.99

The All-in-the-Details actions offer more than 30 tools to highlight all the hidden details in the frame. It is a great opportunity to focus on the important elements that really matter to convey an overall message. Since this collection is designed to improve contrast, texture and color, it is a perfect choice for landscape photography.

MCP Overlays Packs

MCP team is famous not only for professional actions but also for effective overlays and textures. They are suitable to enhance photographs of any genre.

MCP Overlays: Sky Background

mcp sky overlay for photoshop

It is a set of 85 hi-res effects. 6 of them are bonus frame overlays, and 79 textures belong to sky backgrounds. These are easy-to-use overlays so you can combine them with your photos in several seconds. The majority of textures have a neutral bottom zone to simplify the process of incorporating the skies into the image. As a result, the final photo looks more natural. Speaking of sunset backgrounds, they have a neutral-toned bottom zone, allowing the tone to carry through the layer.

MCP Overlays: Sunshine

mcp sunshine overlay for photoshop

Price: $69.99

Sunshine Collection offers 75 excellent sunshine textures for Photoshop and Elements that will help you make your pics even more eye-catching. These tools were designed to work together, featuring similar colors and styles. So, you can easily combine them in one shot. In such a way, you will achieve the results you want to. These are perfect effects to liven up your outdoor images, making them more natural and catchier at the same time.

MCP Overlays: Texture Play

mcp photoshop texture

Price: $69.99

Texture Play is a bundle of 75 exceptional overlays that will make your images deeper and more dramatic. These effects are hi-res JPG files. There is also a PDF tutorial that will guide you through the process and teach you how to get impressive results. You will learn to change effects, customize tones, and combine overlays with actions to satisfy your requirements.

Pretty Actions vs MCP Actions

pretty actions vs mcp actions pretty actions vs mcp actions

Pretty Actions and MCP actions offer the same function ‒ improvement of the skin tone, preserving the natural texture. For this task, MCP Actions offer the Inspire Pack while Pretty Presets provide the user with the Pure Action Pack. These packs offer a great number of effects to enhance images and implement all your ideas.

As you can see the final result is pretty similar. The photo edited with the action from the Pretty Actions Pure Package is a bit brighter and features a sun flare; while the photo edited with the action from the MCP Actions Inspire collection has a slight orange cast that makes it seem warmer, and features a subtle bokeh effect.

MCP Blog

mcp blog interface

MCP blog has subcategories describing various topics. If you have some questions, you may visit it and find all the answers. Moreover, here experienced shooters provide useful tips on MCP actions, give advice on how to improve your photography and photo post-processing skills. The posts provide Photoshop tutorials, tips on how to start a photography business with no money, best model poses, posts by guest bloggers, photography contests, etc.

Regularly, MCP Blog publishes interviews with different famous photographers. Then you can learn additional info regarding each particular shooter.

Free MCP Actions

Here are the free tools that offer effects similar to the ones provided by MCP actions. They will add brightness, color and perform color correction, etc.


free drama mcp action for photoshop free drama mcp action for photoshop

This action has unique color mixing, which results in saturated enhancement of the image. It is sure to add cinematic drama to your shot.

Fantasy Land

free fantasy land mcp action for photoshop free fantasy land mcp action for photoshop

Use this action if you want to bring a warm glow into your photos. It will create a gentle atmosphere. Perfect for lifestyle photography.


free matte mcp action for photoshop free matte mcp action for photoshop

Achieve a beautiful matte effect by using this unique action. Your portraits will start exuding a subtle glow. It works especially well with natural light images.

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