Fotor vs Snapseed: What App to Choose

Nowadays, there are dozens of advanced apps for photo improvement on the market, so it might be difficult to narrow down your choice. In this article, I will compare Fotor vs Snapseed and tell you about the main differences between them so that you could choose the best option for enhancing your pictures on the go.

Fotor is a cross-platform choice for editors and graphic designers who have already mastered all the basics of working with images. While it has a limited set of advanced manipulation features, it is a great option for beginners.

Snapseed is one of the most widely used free photo editing apps for professional photographers who need to make their pictures look more polished without using desktop software. It stands out among other similar solutions with its intuitive interface, which makes it a suitable option for beginners. This all-in-one app was created specifically for users who prefer editing their photos manually, without resorting to AI-driven tools.

What Is Fotor?

fotor logo

Fotor is a handy photo editing app for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC. It has an online version, so you can access it from your browser. The key advantage of Fotor is its impressive library of easy-to-apply filters. 

Fotor supports 3 main features: Edit, Collage, and Design. Besides embellishing your images, you can use it as a free photo collage maker. With it, you can create various photo collages in different styles. It’s a great free graphic design software that allows users to work on their projects on the go. The app supports a variety of Design elements that will help you to complete your projects more quickly.

Fotor allows you to crop your photos, remove the red-eye effect, add stickers and overlays, raise sharpness, etc. After editing your images, you can share them on various platforms.

  • fotor interface
  • fotor interface

    Fotor: Pros and Cons

    Easy collage creation. Fotor has a set of tools that allow you to create stunning collages with up to 9 photos. First, select the photos that you want to edit, then, add stylish frames, borders, filters and effects to make your collage more attention-grabbing. The app has a library of 100+ templates.

    If you need to create a classic collage, use default templates. To make it look more attention-grabbing, use Magazine templates to add a stylish frame and various inscriptions.

    Helpful recipes. If you want to automate your workflow, try using the Recipe feature that enables you to create various presets. After editing your photo, you can save its settings as a recipe to apply the same preset to other images in the future. Thanks to it, you can edit your pictures in a consistent style. It will come in handy for those who need to enhance several images. Aspiring photographers who don’t have loads of experience can contact the professional service, FixThePhoto.

    Beautiful photo effects. The app has an integrated library of over 100 pro-level effects and filters that will help you give your photos a fresh look, add a retro feel, turn pictures black and white, apply a film effect, etc. These effects will help you edit your images in various styles.

    Creative design templates. To facilitate your workflow, use unique templates sorted by such themes as daily life, work, ads, business trade, etc. You can further customize them by changing text and other elements. The templates are updated every week.

    Basic cropping tool. You can improve the overall composition of your photo and make it look more balanced by cropping your image. It’s also possible to flip or rotate photos to adjust the perspective, fix distortion or create an unusual effect.

    Advanced editing features. Besides basic editing tools, the app comes with a set of pro-level features, like Curve, HSL, Color balance, Dehaze, Denoise. With them, you can give your images a professional look.

    One-tap enhancement. Thanks to this feature, Fotor can quickly fix any exposure issues and make colors look more saturated. The app will analyze pixels in every part of your image and automatically adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure.

    Focus feature. This option allows you to adjust the depth of field and create a bokeh effect so that your photo would look like it was taken with DSLR lenses. You can change the intensity and shape of the effect.

    Lots of ads. There are many distracting apps in the free version of the app. You can get rid of them by paying for the Pro subscription.

    Limited toolset. If you are looking for a professional choice and don’t know which app, Fotor or Snapseed, suits your needs best, keep in mind that the former doesn’t have many advanced features. Besides, they are available only in the paid version. The number of these tools is too limited to allow you to edit photos on a professional level.

    What Is Snapseed?

    snapseed logo

    Snapseed is one of the most widely used professional apps for photographers. It was developed by Google for those who need to quickly enhance photos on mobile devices. The app allows you to rotate, crop your images and add text to them. It comes with 29 other editing tools. If you compare it to popular Snapseed alternatives, you will see that it has more filters, brushes, and other tools. The app supports non-destructive editing.

    You can install this app on your iPhone or iPad without worrying that it will take up too much space on your device. It makes it better than other similar automatic photo editors available today.

    What makes this app truly unique is that it supports Control Point technology that allows you to make precise adjustments. The app has an export menu for sharing and saving your images. You can save your edits as presets and apply them to other photos. Snapseed can be used free of charge, it has no ads and comes with detailed tutorials.

    • snapseed interface
    • snapseed interface

      Snapseed: Pros and Cons

      Helpful Looks. The app supports layers, which allows you to edit your photo without affecting the source image. You can delete some layers, change their order, or use them to apply various effects. Then, you can save the layers with effects as a “look” to apply similar effects to other photos in the future.

      Convenient selective adjustment. You can add up to 8 control points to your image and perform precise adjustments. All you need to do is to tap on the area that you want to enhance and then swipe left or right to make it lighter or darker. By swiping up and down, you can adjust contrast and saturation.

      Wide range of styles. If you don’t want to spend much time editing your photos and learning how to use various tools, you can select one of the available styles in the main menu. Apply these filters to your photos to tweak colors, turn images black and white, adjust various settings, and give pictures an eye-catching look.

      Streamlined interface. Snapseed is easy to navigate thanks to its well-thought-out interface. You can easily access all the tools by tapping on the corresponding thumbnails with easy-to-understand labels. It makes this editor different from other similar apps with many icons that are impossible to memorize.

      Trouble-free B&W conversion. You can quickly make your photos more stylish by turning them black and white. In the corresponding section, you will find 6 presets: neutral, contrast, bright, dark, film, and darken sky. You can also apply 5 color filters to your photos: neutral, red, orange, yellow, and green. To enhance your images even further, adjust their brightness, contrast, and add some grain.

      Double exposure effect. Snapseed is known as a great double exposure photo app since it has a special mode that enables you to re-create this effect. You can also use a variety of blending modes, resize and rotate your images.

      Unique portrait editing tools. If you take a look at Fotor vs Snapseed, you will discover that the latter has dedicated tools for editing portrait photos. The Portrait tool will help you edit the skin tone by selecting one of the available presets. Some presets enable you to add highlights to the face or catch lights to the eyes of a model.

      With the Head Pose tool, you can change the angle of the neck or face by dragging your finger. This way, you can also change the size of your pupils and adjust the smile. Besides, the app allows you to change the focal length to make your photo look flat or slightly curved.

      Limited social media integration. Snapseed allows you to share photos via email as well as publish them on Facebook and Twitter. However, it doesn’t integrate with Instagram and Flickr.

      Fotor vs Snapseed: Price

      fotor vs snapseed pricing

      Snapseed can be used free of charge as it doesn’t have any in-app purchases. What makes it stand out is that it doesn’t have any premium, subscription-based tools. Its toolset is available for all users who install it on their devices.

      As for Fotor, it has a free version with basic functionality, but you will need to pay for advanced features. If you pay $39.99 for the Fotor Pro Annual Plan, you won’t see any distracting ads. This version allows you to access the newest features and comes with HDR support. Fotor has monthly and annual subscription plans. You can test its trial version for free for 3 days. If you like it, you can pay for the Pro version.

      Fotor vs Snapseed: Who Wins?

      Fotor is a perfect solution for aspiring editors who have never used advanced techniques before. It enables you to quickly apply filters and effects to embellish your photos with the help of your smartphone. With it, you can fix underexposed photos, adjust brightness, contrast, WB and saturation. Use this app to make your pictures less blurry, add a vignette, crop, rotate and straighten your images to improve their composition.

      Its intuitive UI with basic features will help you quickly tweak colors and perform other adjustments even if you don’t have much experience in editing. This app is useful for those who like to share their photos on social networks. You can change the intensity of most effects by moving sliders. While it doesn’t have as many advanced features as Snapseed, it’s a great alternative for beginners.

      Since Snapseed supports precise adjustments and allows you to edit your photos at a professional level, it can easily beat other similar apps in terms of functionality. Besides, you can edit selected areas by swiping to different sides to adjust contrast, saturation, and other parameters.

      The app has a well-thought-out design, which makes it convenient to use. The developers update its features regularly. Snapseed is an all-in-one editing app that will be useful both for beginners and for those who want to professionally enhance their images on the go.

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