ImageRanger vs ACDSee: Which Software is Better

By Eva Williams 21 days ago, Software Reviews

If your professional activity involves managing many pictures, you may be interested in ImageRanger vs ACFSee comparison, as both programs allow fulfilling this task with ease. Although they have similar functionality, there are some differences between them.

ImageRanger is a great program for users who work with a great number of photos daily. It will be especially useful for shooters and the owners of photo studios who often need to organize and process images, create impressive photo books and manage their collections.

ACDSee offers an extensive toolkit for managing and enhancing your pictures. This is an all-encompassing solution that allows optimizing your photography workflow and managing your digital files effectively. This program is more suitable for those who are interested in photo organization and editing.

What is ImageRanger?

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ImageRanger is a photo organizing software that can help you identify image copies, manage multiple pictures, categorize files into folders by date and location using automatic mode, convert RAW images to JPEG, set keyword tags, view photo metadata, sort images according to resolution, location, brightness, and contrast.

You can use this program for refining several pictures automatically at once. Besides, you can edit dark and light areas as well as adjust various color settings. 

  • imageranger interface
  • imageranger interface

    ImageRanger: Pros and Cons

    Image indexing. ImageRanger needs to index your image collection only once to allow you to find, sort, and classify pictures anytime.

    Supports NAS and USB drives. The ImageRanger index can be saved in a remote folder. You can find the necessary file and classify photos on any other device with the help of the index that you created.

    Manual categorization. You can include or exclude some folders when searching for images. If you are not sure where to perform a search, you can set ImageRanger to browse the entire storage drive.

    Collections. Save and import the image bundles found before to make certain you can recover the important slideshows manually in a short time.

    Face recognition. ImageRanger can detect facial features even in group pictures. You can tag faces and find photos depicting some specific person.

    Deletes duplicates. ImageRanger lets you search for image copies and remove unnecessary files. 

    Sort images into folders. The program lets you upload all your pictures, create a folder structure, and systematize images by shooting time and location.

    GPS filtering. This option allows sorting images automatically based on the locations where they were taken. You can find all photos taken five meters away from any spot.

    Impossible to edit RAW files. If you compare ImageRanger vs ACDSee, you will see that the former cannot process RAW files. However, you can use any software like image converter for changing file formats.

    Problems with accuracy. You might need to find a different option if you need high-accuracy software.

    What is ACDSee?

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    ACDSee Photo Studio is a photo editing software with a handy DAM feature. This is a versatile solution for users who need to process and manage digital pictures. As ACDSee is fitted with multiple features and options, this digital asset management software for photographers is all that you need for performing a variety of tasks.

    ACDSee Photo Studio has a powerful toolkit, including a great variety of filters, customization and multimedia tools, options for processing RAW images, GPU-accelerated adjustment layers, and more. With it, you can store and edit pictures like a pro. ACDSee Photo Studio is an optimal choice for companies and individual users who provide professional services in this field.

    • acdsee interface
    • acdsee interface

      ACDSee: Pros and Cons

      Develop mode. ACDSee has an extensive set of features for processing digital files of various formats. The search tool allows tagging images by adding ratings, keywords, location, or other categories that can be customized to your needs. This feature offers you to use color labels and visual tags. This option is crucial for managing and organizing your digital pictures effectively.

      Supports layers. You can correct colors, add special effects, adjust lighting and apply effects to a particular layer without affecting the others. It’s also possible to undo any action with ease. 

      Lens Correction. This feature will come in handy when you need to fix various types of distortion. The program supports an advanced Light EQ™ technology, which allows you to modify a specific part of a picture.

      Highly functional Edit Mode. It allows users to save time when processing pictures. You can record all your editing steps and apply them to another image automatically. The GPU layer engine will speed up your editing workflow.

      Maps feature. ACDSee can analyze the GPS coordinates in digital files to display them on the map. By dragging image thumbnails onto the map, you can mark their location on it.

      Systematized interface. Although ACDSee has a lot of buttons, menus, modes, toolbars, the interface of the program looks quite neat. You can look through all the program’s modes using a Quick Start guide that is launched automatically at the first run.

      Overloaded function bar. Many users dislike having too many options in the context menu. Of course, all of them may come in handy, but it often irritates people.

      Occasional crushes. Sometimes the program stops functioning when you are browsing through a folder with many videos. All the versions of the software have this problem.

      ImageRanger Vs ACDSee: Prices

      imageranger vs acdsee prices

      By analyzing the pricing policy of each program, you can find a winner in the ImageRanger vs ACDSee competition. ImageRanger offers three types of subscriptions. Opt for the Home Edition package if you need software for one PC. This plan also includes one year of updates and email support, face recognition, tagging, etc. It also allows filtering pictures and provides other handy functions. The price of this subscription is $49.

      Pro Edition is great for 2 computers and costs $99. It includes all the features offered by Home Edition as well as such options as indexing, NAS storage, RAW images support, batch editing, rating, and tagging. It also allows working with non-image files. Pro Edition for 3 computers offers the most extensive toolkit and priority support. Its price is $10/mo.

      ACDSee also has various packages. The standard Home Plan, which includes the four most popular ACDSee products, allows five people to use the product and offers 50GB of cloud storage. The price of this subscription is $8.90/mo.

      By purchasing a Lifetime License, you will get one year of updates and access to technical support. The Lifetime Licence for ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate costs $149.99. Photo Studio Professional costs $99.99, whereas Photo Studio Home costs $59.99.

      Who Wins?

      ImageRanger is an effective image management software with extensive functionality. It can identify metadata and retrieve it even from the complex directory structures in a matter of seconds. This software is a perfect option for professional photographers, however, it’s hardly suitable for average users.

      ACDSee is a photo catalog software for processing RAW pictures that allows you to work with layers, filters, masks. It’s a highly functional option for effective image management and RAW image processing. 

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