BoxBrownie Review 2021

BoxBrownie Real Estate Photo & Visual Staging Services
Price: FREE or $1.60/image

VERDICT: BoxBrownie is a platform specializing in real estate photography, visual staging, post production, etc. Retail marketers and real estate agents address this service when they need their images to be improved and look attractive for potential customers.

BoxBrownie provides any real estate photography service starting with slight color correction and ending with 360-editing and creation of a full 2D/3D model of your house.

  • 360 real estate post processing
  • Work with real estate renders
  • 24 hours turn around
  • Unlimited guarantee
  • Complicated and confusing website
  • You can’t zoom the sample pictures
boxbrownie services

The price for their services directly depends on the photo editing type. Basic color correction doesn’t cost much, while the price for the rendering can reach several hundred bucks. By the way, BoxBrownie even provides portrait retouch services as well as a full range of services related to car photography.

BoxBrownie Real Estate

Brownie Box provides two types of post processing services: residential and commercial.

Residential editing is oriented on those, who want to sell a house or an apartment and improve some images before selling.

Commercial editing implies improving pictures of an office, café, shop or even mall before these objects are listed.

Prices and the list of services are well defined. The only difference is sample images. Check out the services I liked most:

  • Virtual Renovation is useful if your building is on the “stage of empty walls” or being repaired but you want to visualize the true potential of the space and enhance the attractiveness of your property.
  • Item Removal is great if you still live in the building you are going to sell. This way the guys from Brownie Box will remove all your things from the shot.
  • Renders are realistic 3D models of houses, apartments or even huge buildings. It will help you and your clients imagine real estate objects before they are built.
  • Virtual Staging will help you fill the room with furniture or replace the existing one.

BoxBrownie Automotive Photography

It is a relatively rare type of services provided by few platforms. Automotive Editing is something like Real Estate Editing ‒ improvement of images before selling. The range of services is, of course, smaller than within their basic service packages but still there are some interesting options:

  • Day to dusk ‒ a standard service for the real estate sphere but not frequently used for car image editing. They can edit the sky, the light, glare on the car and even headlamps.
  • Interior restoration ‒ you may show the alternative interior of your car to expand the circle of interested buyers.
  • Renders ‒ it is useful for those, who are going to open a car showroom. You will get a full 3D model of the exterior and interior of the building.

BoxBrownie Product Images

Apart from its key services, BoxBrownie offers product photography editing. However, here you won’t see color correction or some advanced options; it is limited to background removal of varying complexity.

The services are divided into Simple, Medium and Hard. There aren’t so many examples of such edits in comparison with other services provided, so I think this service is just to attract attention.

BoxBrownie Free Trial

As a pleasant bonus, after registration new users get an opportunity to order color correction of 3 real estate pictures and day to dusk editing of 1 image for free.

You have to register, fill in your phone number and then choose the necessary service (to the left, you will have a counter of free services that you haven’t used yet) and send your image to Brownie Box.

BoxBrownie Prices

Services Image enhancement Virtual staging
Virtual renovations
360° virtual staging
Product background removal
Automotive interior restoration
Price $1.60 per image $32 per image
$24-$176 per image
$64 per image
$280 per image
$0.80-$4 per image
$24 per image

BoxBrownie vs FixThePhoto Comparison

  BoxBrownie FixThePhoto
Real Estate Photo Editing Color Correction – $1.60 per image
Day to Dusk - $4 per image
Item Removal - $4 per image
Basic Level - $2 per image
Pro Level - $5 per image
High-End Level - $10 per image
Product Photo Editing Simple – $0.80 per photo
Medium – $2.40 per photo
Hard - $4 per photo
Basic Level– $2 per photo
Additional services - Optional

If you need image editing services, such as color correction, background changing, object removal, etc., then the best choice is FixThePhoto since this platform specializes in such services and has extensive experience. BoxBrownie is an ideal option if you need 2D/3D modeling ‒ they are experts in this sphere.

  • fixthephoto real estate image editing services by fixthephoto fixthephoto real estate image editing services by fixthephoto
  • fixthephoto real estate image editing services by fixthephoto fixthephoto real estate image editing services by fixthephoto
  • fixthephoto real estate image editing services by fixthephoto fixthephoto real estate image editing services by fixthephoto

    FixThePhoto is a leader in editing interiors and real estate, and can change your images the way you want. There is a wide range of additional services that may be added to your order. You should also pay attention to video editing services. You may send a clip from a drone or camera and get a great commercial video.

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