Boxbrownie Review: FixThePhoto vs BoxBrownie

fixthephoto or boxbrownie in real estate editing

BoxBrownie is a platform specializing in real estate photography, visual staging, post production, etc. Retail marketers and real estate agents use this service instead of desktop virtual staging software when they need their images to be improved and look attractive for potential customers.

BoxBrownie provides any real estate photography service starting with slight color correction and ending with 360-editing and creation of a full 2D/3D model of your house.

FixThePhoto is a leader in editing interiors and real estate, and can change your images the way you want. Their vast experience allows them to cope with tasks of any complexity. The company has received several awards in this area.

There is a wide range of additional services that may be added to your order. You should also pay attention to video editing services. You may send a clip from a drone or camera and get a great commercial video.

Quality of Work

fixthephoto night real estate retouching fixthephoto night real estate retouching

The FixThePhoto team consists of retouchers with whom they have been working for many years. The whole workflow is streamlined so that you will not need to tell them several times about the result you want to get. It is enough just to mark certain items in the questionnaire when placing an order, answer a few questions from the manager and pick up the order the next day.

To see the results of their work, you just need to look at the gallery, where you will find many examples of both interior and exterior real estate photos. Editors will correct the proportions of a picture, remove unnecessary objects, fix lighting issues, replace the sky/lawn, if necessary, etc.

fixthephoto interior real estate retouching

BoxBrownie focuses on virtual modeling, which comes in handy when you need to visualize your design idea or show how good an empty room might look in the future. They also specialize in rendering.

The team creates 3D models of apartments, houses, or even huge buildings that look as realistic as possible. Box Brownie virtual staging will help you better understand how a building or house will look after completion.

If you need image editing services, such as color correction, background changing, object removal, etc., then the best choice is FixThePhoto since this platform specializes in such services and has extensive experience. BoxBrownie is an ideal option if you need 2D/3D modeling ‒ they are experts in this sphere.

Turnaround Time

fixthephoto light retouching real estate photos fixthephoto light retouching real estate photos

Both services will fulfill your order in the shortest possible time. Usually, it takes them up to 24 hours (48 for especially difficult orders) to complete a project, so it is difficult to name a leader. Judging by customer feedback, BoxBrownie and FixThePhoto often complete orders in less than 10 hours. I like that you can place an order by filling out a form on the main page of both sites. Besides, they provide support via a pop-up chat.

The Sign-Up Process

fixthephoto sign-up process

FixThePhoto cares about your convenience and has a responsible approach to work. They are not in a hurry to quickly take an order without going into details. Their managers will ask questions about what you want to get from retouching, whether you need additional services, such as flash shadow removal, object removal, wall painting, and the like. It is also very useful to outline the required areas of the frame with different colors and take notes to help a retoucher solve the task.

The service supports uploading JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, DNG, RAW files. You can upload photos from your computer or use Dropbox/Email/Wetransfer.

Even though BoxBrownie claims that you can place an order in 60 seconds, in fact, they require a lot of unnecessary information even before you start placing an order. They ask questions about your profession, phone number, etc.


fixthephoto and boxbrownie prices

They are quite similar in terms of prices. The price of a real estate photograph starts at $1 and varies depending on your preferences. Brownie Box tries to structure each order by dividing it into different types, and FixThePhoto estimates the total price by taking into account all your wishes.

Additional Services

fixthephoto additional services

FixThePhoto is ranked first in various genres, and real estate photography services are not the only ones. Here are the most popular services that this team provides:

BoxBrownie specializes in real estate and product photography. Therefore, they do not have as many additional services. They provide automotive photo editing services, floor plan layouts, 360 virtual tours, etc.

*By mentioning Average Quality we mean the average quality of editing services at popular freelance platforms. The photos you see in this post were edited by freelance retouchers for $5 per photo. FixThePhoto examples were edited by professional FixThePhoto retouchers also for $5 per photo.

FixThePhoto Customers Feedback

8 Customer Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars
Pennie Valtierra
Yes, satisfied with results and fast turn around time.
William Caudill
Hi, there!
The revisions are perfect! I wanted to thank you so much for your help and I'll certainly continue to use your company. Many thanks and wishing you all the best!
Avinash Sood
Dear Ms Ann,
I appreciate the excellent service you provided since I start dealing with the FTP team. Your attention to my requested instructions and the skilled retoucher even better than I expected amazed me. I value your fast response in particular. Keep up good work. Your happy customer.
Daisy Warner
Your team knows what I like. Thank you so much! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
Christine Laverton
I am over the moon happy with my results of the editing....I will be sending more your way for sure! Thank you Thank you!
Ruby McDermott
Hello Ann,
The work on this past job as well as the previous has been done timely and to the request. The results are exactly as described and my client is happy.
Larry Khan
That's a very nice piece of work.
Thank you so much.
William Smith
Hello Ann,
wow this result is awesome got a new customer for sure. great work thanks a lot