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Photoup Service
FREE or $1.75/image

VERDICT: PhotoUp is a real estate picture post processing and virtual staging company, which is one of the most popular services offering such services. These guys perform color correction and make 2D & 3D floor plans of your building. You can order virtual staging from professional 3D furniture modelers, with the ability to fully control the choice of virtual furniture.

  • Real estate virtual staging
  • Work 24/6 with Sunday being a day-off
  • Possibility to get the first order free of charge
  • Dissatisfying site management
  • Credit-payment system
photoup services

You can easily get confused with the pricing system of this service. Photo-Up wants clients to pay for packages that include credits, but all prices for services are indicated in dollars and you have to convert dollars into credits. Also, there isn’t a usual price list for services, only the cost of packages.

The website itself deserves special attention. Frankly speaking, managing it is so annoying that I was really irritated trying to get to the necessary section. If you don’t believe me, try scrolling to the footer and back – it takes forever.

PhotoUp Editing Services

Editing real estate photos on your own is as difficult and time-consuming as taking these images. Photo-Up provides a range of services, and you can choose the most suitable one:

Single RAW – if you have only one RAW photo and you want to improve it (color correction, sky replacement, removal of unnecessary items, greening the lawn).

HDR – making one photo from several shots with a different dynamic range. This is a great option for the room where dark areas, a bright sky, windows and well-lit objects get in the frame.

Panoramic – this service implies gluing panoramas. Of course, you can make a panorama using your phone, but if we are talking about professional pictures, you have to use special software and possess some skills.

Also, for an additional fee (from 0.5 to 5 Credits per shot), you can order editing add-ons, such as - HDR Window Masking, Day-to-Dusk, Object Removal and etc.)

PhotoUp Virtual Staging

If you are selling a house/an apartment, which is still being renovated, or the rooms are completely empty and you need to fill them with furniture to take successful photos, Virtual Staging service can come in handy. Experts from PhotoUp will edit your images and fill the space with furniture, so that the result will look absolutely realistic.

3D planning implies work with all surfaces and interior details - doors, windows, wallpapers, a gas stove, a refrigerator, etc. They have a catalog of everything that they can add to your rooms. Thus, having a 3D model of the building, you can attract even more buyers, who can imagine how they can use the entire space.

PhotoUp Floor Plans

Most often, each house/apartment has its own floor plan which owners get when they buy the property. If it has been lost, you’ve changed the planning or you want to have an electronic version of the floor plan – you can contact Photo-Up and they will fulfill the task. You can order 2D or 3D Floor Plans or both.

A floor plan is a scale drawing that shows how rooms, spaces and physical features in your house/apartment are interrelated. It is done in the “from above” angle. Looking at such a visual plan, you can imagine how to arrange the space in the best way possible and how to get from one room to another.

With this plan in front of your eyes, you can evaluate the space, decide whether it is suitable for a specific purpose, work through possible difficulties and redesign rooms before buying the property.

PhotoUp Free Trial

You can get a free trial order. But in fact, it isn’t completely free. The price is rather symbolic - $1 and for this money, you can get 20 images edited.

You need to go through the registration process, answer questions about your experience as a real estate photographer, enter your first/last name, email and a phone number.

After that, you will receive a letter on email with more questions concerning your occupation – how long have you been taking real estate photos, where, what types of property, how you edit your shots, etc.

Frankly speaking, the whole procedure is very tiresome and I can’t understand why PhotoUp has chosen such an approach.

PhotoUp Prices

Package Price
Basic $99 (3 Month Starter)
Pro $799
$1199 (Pro Plus)
Premium $1599
$1999 (Premium Plus)
Team $2399 (Small Team)
$3599 (Medium Team)
$4799 (Large Team)

PhotoUp vs FixThePhoto Comparison

  PhotoUp FixThePhoto
Real Estate Photo Editing No set prices Basic - $2 per image
Pro - $5 per image
High-End - $10 per image
Discounts $1 for the first package of 20 images Bulk orders (15%-50%)

If you are seriously engaged in real estate photography and you need virtual staging or floor plans, Photo-Up is an excellent variant. But it is quite difficult to figure out the prices for this kind of work, since you need to pass a kind of the company’s “test” and wait for an answer.

  • real estate photo editing by fixthephoto real estate photo editing by fixthephoto
  • real estate photo editing by fixthephoto real estate photo editing by fixthephoto
  • real estate photo editing by fixthephoto real estate photo editing by fixthephoto

    At the same time, FixThePhoto offers excellent real estate photo editing services, which include almost everything that can be done to these images. The company has been long on the market and specializes in everything related to photo editing.

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    This is absolutely fantastic! Than you so so much. You really are talented. Thanks again! X
    thank you Ann
    they look great.
    All the best to you and your team.
    Thank you so much!! This was a really difficult session for a lot of reasons, thank you so much for making it easier for me to choose the best pictures. You really chose the best of the best!
    Thank you again! I'm very satisfied!
    Those are amazing. As usual you guys are fantastic!!
    I cannot believe what an awesome job you did with these photos, Christine! They look amazing! Thank you, Kerry
    To Ann, your work met and exceeded my expectations. Than you for your professionalism. I found my editing company. Thanks
    Everything is great thank you. Great job! I’ll be using you guys again!
    I am very pleased with the edit. Thanks again for your help!

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