Photographersedit Review: Fixthephoto Vs Photographersedit Comparison

By Tata Rossi 23 days ago, Photo Editing Tips

photographersedit or fixthephoto comparison

If you use PhotographerEdit services but are looking for its qualitative alternatives that provide deeper work with photos, this review will be very informative for you. Here, I will compare two well-known services, tell you about their advantages and disadvantages, prices, main approaches, bonus offers and many more.

Photographer's Edit is quite a young company. When you open the website, you might think that they deal only with wedding photography. In fact, their main specialization is culling and color modification that suit all genres of photography.

PhotographerEdit Quality of Work

  • photographersedit and fix the photo quality of work
  • photographersedit and fix the photo quality of work

    I’m not sure about you but the first thing I check when I choose a service for editing is their gallery with before and after photo examples. If this service is qualitative, you will be able to understand its level and how it can improve your photos, examine picture samples, etc.

    In the case of PhotographerEdit it’s not possible to find a separate section with a photo gallery of examples. There is a tab called “Services”, which gives a full list of services that the company offers, their prices and descriptions.

    However, you won’t find any before and after examples even there. If you go to each resource separately using the button “Details”, you will see some examples but they are very small and placed among the text, which is not convenient. Clients can neither zoom these photos in nor see them before the edit to estimate the result and the capabilities of retouchers in Photographer's Edit.

    • photographersedit and fix the photo quality of work photographersedit and fix the photo quality of work
    • photographersedit and fix the photo quality of work photographersedit and fix the photo quality of work

      Their direct competitors, FixThePhoto, took into account all the mistakes and did exactly the opposite. Here you can see wonderful examples of their edits, ranging from the simplest examples of working with color to complex image manipulations and old photo restoration.

      FixThePhoto allows you to choose the level and additional services you might want to order. For each type of work, it offers a separate service. The Pro level is suitable for basic enhancements.

      If you need more considerable changes, for example, changing parts of the body, clothes color, background, it’s better to use the Extra level. For this reason, FixThePhoto can compete with the leaders of the product editing niche – Pixc, and the portrait editing niche – Tucia.

      PhotographerEdit Sign-Up Process

      The ease of placing an order greatly affects whether the user will continue to use your services or whether they will refuse in search of something more convenient.

      To write this review, I attempted to place an order at PhotographersEdit. Get ready to be taken to your personal account where, for some reason, you need to choose a preset you like, and then take a survey on the genre of your image, the format you will send it in and the photo editing software you used. Yes, PhotographersEdit involves working with retouchers who need help with color correction.

      When placing an order, they ask too many questions about how the photo should be edited – noise reduction, lens correction, removing chromatic aberration, etc. These are unnecessary issues that the service could solve themselves, but they preferred to delegate it to the customer.

      fix the photo vs photographeredit sign up process

      What I like about FixThePhoto is that when placing an order, you just need to select the genre in which the photo will be edited, optionally select the areas that the retouchers need to pay special attention to, as well as add notes.

      If desired, you can also order additional services, such as removing objects from the background, removing reflections in mirrors/windows/glasses, changing the color of hair/clothing, etc.

      PhotographerEdit Support

      According to Photographers Edit reviews, the website has support for clients that allows to quickly find the answer to a question of interest. For convenience, the questions are divided into positions, such as Introductory questions, Workflow, Color Correction, Retouching, Premium Membership and Submitting Feedback.

      Using this section, you can easily find the answer to your question and type in your own one in the input field as well.

      Fix The Photo also offers a fairly wide F.A.Q. section, which has answers to most of the questions that customers have. But, more importantly, there is an integrated chat where the manager can quickly answer you and help you with any problem, from questions about pricing to possible problems with the order.

      PhotographersEdit Prices

      fix the photo vs photographersedit prices

      The main service that Photographers Edit provides is culling. However, you can order it only together with color correction. You have to estimate a percentage of images that you want to have edited after the analysis and selection as well as the percentage of images for color correction. Photographers Edit prices vary from $0.14 to $3 per photo.

      FixThePhoto provides a simple pricelist. There are two levels for portraits that cost $2, $5 and $10. Also, there are quite many additional services that you can discuss with a manager. Also, you can order only culling without color adjustment and don’t pay extra money. FixThePhoto offers more reasonable prices at only $0.05 per photo for Culling.

      FixThePhoto gives 15% and 30% discounts for a month if the total cost of your order is more than $300 and $1500 respectively.

      As for Photographers Edit, its discounts work only if you get Premium Membership and on condition that you order more than 1000 photos.

      PhotographersEdit Podcast

      Instead of a common section with a blog containing useful information, the Photographers Edit company made this information more accessible – via podcast. Here, like on a standard blog, you will be able to find useful info divided into categories, such as Photography Niches, Associates and Teams, Social Media, etc.

      Currently, there are more than 300 podcast episodes for any taste that were created by quite successful photographers who want to share their experience and give advice to the clients of the Photographers Edit website. This is a great format for those who are busy but want to find out something new.

      Like many other websites providing image editing services, PhotographersEdit also offers its clients to download customized presets and use them when editing their pictures to make the process easier. This website offers only one collection which costs $99.

      If you want to get familiar with different presets for any purpose – wedding, portrait, nature or night photography, try using presets from FixThePhoto. This company provides not only paid variants (from $30 per set) but also nice free Lightroom presets that will make the process easy and interesting.

      *By mentioning Average Quality we mean the average quality of editing services at popular freelance platforms. The photos you see in this post were edited by freelance retouchers for $5 per photo. FixThePhoto examples were edited by professional FixThePhoto retouchers also for $5 per photo.

      FixThePhoto Customers Feedback

      9 Customer Reviews
      4.8 out of 5 stars
      Frank Rogers, Medicine Park, OK
      Thank you for the fast answers to all my questions and a great image retouching result!
      Aidan P. Haze, Newberry, SC
      Not the first time I’m using your services. Super!
      Lee Underwood, Gruene, TX
      An ideal combination of my style and professional photo retouching. Thanks a lot!
      Ray Ramirez, Yankton, SD
      Thank you for saving my wedding photos.
      Jess Mashall, Montpelier, VT
      I think you are the best service. Amazing!
      Laura Grammer, Lombard, IL
      Nice approach, skillful retouchers, and responsive managers! Thank you from all my heart!
      Kathy Perkins, Phillipsburg, KS
      The best image retouching service out there! Thank you guys for your hard work! I didn’t know my photos can look so cool.
      Earl Leonard, Jackson, CA
      They fully grasped my demands. I’m totally satisfied!
      Ashley Jones, El Paso, TX
      I’m amazed by how they edit my photos!!! I absolutely LOVE the result!!! I’ll become your returning client!!! Sincerely.
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