10 Best Sports Editing Apps in 2022

By Tani Adams 9 days ago, Software Reviews

10 Best Sports Editing Apps in 2022

Using sports editing apps you will be able to edit sports videos and photos on your smartphone anywhere and anytime. You can add sharpness to your images, apply different effects, crop photos, perform color correction, color grade video clips from sport event and share in Instagram, etc.

Top 10 Sports Editing Apps

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express – Over 100 effects available iOS | Android
  2. PhotoDirector Photo Editor - Resize, crop, compress, add effects iOS | Android
  3. Fotor Photo Editor – 10 photo editing functions iOS | Android
  4. Snapseed – For adding filters iOS | Android
  5. VSCO - Editing photos and videos iOS | Android
  6. Adobe Premiere Rush - Built-in Adobe Sensei Tools iOS | Android
  7. Magisto - Creates stories from your photos iOS | Android
  8. InShot - High processing speed iOS | Android
  9. FilmoraGo - Editing videos from social networks iOS | Android
  10. KineMaster - Changing the shooting speed iOS | Android

Replace expensive computer software with simple sport edit apps. Achieve the highest standards in the photo and video editing on Android and iOS phone cameras. Upload sports footage to social networks and home libraries which has already been edited using these sports editing apps.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Works with RAW files
  • Automation of the photo editing process
  • More than 100 themes and effects
  • Built-in training materials
  • Supports RAW format
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Verdict: Using Adobe Photoshop Express, you can easily perform all types of sports photos editing, from simple retouching to image correction in RAW format. This free sports photo editing app allows you to manage the contrast, clarity, saturation, brightness and haze settings in your images.

You can also easily minimize the graininess in your sports photos taken in motion using the “Sharpness”, “Reduce light noise” and “Reduce color noise” functions. Besides, you can remove unnecessary objects from football photography or figure skating photography, as well as spots, defects, dust, etc. using spot image recovery.

adobe photoshop express sports editing app interface

2. PhotoDirector Photo Editor

Spot smoothing AI tools
  • Spot smoothing
  • Extensive collection of styles, effects and patterns
  • Latest Animation and Dispersion tools
  • You can save images in 4K Ultra HD
  • You can smoothen the skin manually

Verdict: PhotoDirector Photo Editor is a professional mobile application using which you can edit, crop and style any area of your sports photography or basketball photography. Using professional tools, you can eliminate digital noise, poor lighting, and other common problems in photos taken in motion.

With this sports picture app you can also use photo animation to create action sports images (for example, a basketball player throwing a ball into the hoop), work with text, frames, effects, etc. You can crop and rotate photos, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and color temperature in your pictures. Besides photo editing, you will be able to instantly upload photos directly from the application to any social network.

photodirector photo editor sports editing app interface

3. Fotor

RGB Editing
  • Over 10 photo editing functions
  • Various collage templates
  • Weekly filter updates
  • You can work with RAW files
  • Some features are for premium users only
  • Pictures may disappear in the gallery

Verdict: If you need an application with a wide range of functions and tools for editing sports-themed photos, then Fotor is what you need. It offers a lot of features for editing sports shots, using which you can change different settings, including brightness, hue, shadow, color temperature, etc.

For professional work, you can change the RGB color setting and use the color curve. It is effective when working with photos taken during biathlon or in the mountains. With this sports photo editing app, you will be able to edit a RAW file, which is an integral part of professional work. Also, weekly updates will allow you to always use the latest effects, frames, filters, etc.

fotor photo editor sports editing app interface

4. Snapseed

Scaling any details
  • The possibility to cancel any action
  • Great detail enlargement mechanism
  • Supports JPG and DNG files
  • Fine-tuned filters
  • Errors may occur when uploading photos
  • Occasional errors when saving photos

Verdict: Snapseed is a full-fledged professional sports photo editor app using which you can perform any image editing tasks. 29 professional tools will help you adjust white balance, crop, rotate your photos, use brushes, change sharpness, etc. You can also carry out all picture editing actions in the JPG file and DNG formats, which will allow you to achieve excellent results.

You can also use a lot of filters for your selfies or photos taken in motion. These filters include HDR, Drama, Grain, Grunge, Retro and others. When working with selfies, you can use face correction to add focus to the eyes, special lighting or to smooth the skin. When editing photos of a football match, you can use double exposure and combine two shots using the effects of film photography.

snapseed sports editing app interface


Over 200 filters
  • Has a camera option
  • Extensive library of filters
  • You can edit photos and videos
  • Advanced photo editing tools
  • Issues while importing photos
  • Difficulties when registering

Verdict: With its help, you can also edit sports videos using different filters, change white balance and experiment with color using HSL.

This application has a camera option, which allows you to edit the exposure and focus in the frame before taking a picture. It is very effective when shooting jumping people. When editing photos, you can use the “Contrast” and “Saturation” tools to make them brighter, or the “Borders” tool to place your picture in colored borders.

vsco sports editing app interface

6. Adobe Premiere Rush

Editing with AI
  • Extensive collection of color filters
  • Supports 4K video
  • Smart Adobe Sensei tools
  • Built-in animation templates
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Verdict: Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the best sports editing apps that partially works on the basis of Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence. With the built-in camera function, you can shoot content directly from the application and start editing it straight away.

You can also post your videos to various social platforms using this application. Besides, with this app, you will be able to adjust video quality up to 4K and frame rate up to 60 frames per second.

Also you can use several video tracks when editing and add such effects as “Frame in Frame” or “Split Screen”. This looks great during a football goal. You can also perform professional work with audio tracks: balance the sound and automatically mute the background.

adobe premiere rush sports editing app interface

7. Magisto

Using Smart Editing Style
  • Video editing with AI tools
  • A large number of effects and overlays
  • High speed of video editing
  • Involves various video editing methods
  • Works with small videos only

Verdict: If you are looking for an app that performs football, hockey, tennis, racing video editing using artificial intelligence, then Magisto is perfect for you. You can edit videos using various methods: stabilization, object detection, filters, effects, automatic cropping and more to create a unique video.

When editing a clip, you can combine video tracks, add photos, text and music (from the built-in library) to create your own unique story. Magisto will also pleasantly surprise you by creating a video from your latest photos with music and various effects between frames.

magisto sports editing app interface

8. InShot

55+ cinematic transitions
  • You can export video without loss of quality
  • Fast video editing speed
  • Supports most formats
  • You can cut video files for Instagram and YouTube
  • Few advanced settings
  • Editing of short videos

Verdict: InShot is a mobile application for editing videos with a length of no more than 3 minutes, which you can post on social networks and save to your gallery. It’s one of the best sports editing apps to perform simple operations like cutting, cropping or splitting long videos into short ones. You can add music to the video, adjust the volume and attenuation, speed up and rotate the video, etc.

Also, you can add brightness, contrast, saturation, apply effects and more than 55 cinematic transitions to your sports videos. If you want to highlight an important moment, you can either slow it down or speed it up (range from 0.2x to 100x). You can create and edit videos for TikTok using glitch effects and various filters, such as retro, bright, natural, grain and others.

inshot sports editing app interface

9. FilmoraGo

Edit for Instagram in 1:1 format
  • Supports import from social networks
  • Many stylish themes
  • You can export HD files
  • Full-featured text and headlines
  • There may be lags when starting the application
  • Few tools for professional work

Verdict: If you are looking for an application with basic video editing features, then you can use FilmoraGo. This free video editing app https://fixthephoto.com/best-free-video-editing-app.html (Top Best Free Video Editing Apps) is perfect for editing sports videos on Instagram and YouTube as it works with popular formats of 1: 1 and 16: 9. When working with videos, you can use many free stylish themes and effects. But if it’s not enough for you, you can purchase them at the Filmora store.

Surprise your friends and family by creating a video in reverse, which looks like a magic trick, for example, when running with an obstacle. Use classic transitions, such as dissolving, erasing and separating, to make your works more exclusive. The only disadvantage in the free version is the watermark that will be applied to the video after editing.

filmorago sports editing app interface

10. KineMaster

Multi-layer editing
  • You can export videos with a resolution of up to 4K
  • Video editing in several layers
  • Shooting speed control
  • You can add motion to layers
  • A watermark in the trial version
  • Presets are available only in Premium subscription

Verdict: KineMaster is one of the best sports editing apps that has a large set of professional tools for editing sports videos. Its main advantage is multi-layer video editing. It allows you to add an unlimited number of text overlays, images, audio and drawings to your sports work.

With this app, you can create reverse video playback, use blending modes, sound effects, background music, voice acting, etc. You also have the possibility to control the shooting speed to slow down or accelerate the right moments. This can be used for video from a hockey match since the puck flies very quickly and is almost invisible.

kinemaster sports editing app interface