Adobe Portfolio vs Wix

Are you going to create your website or blog and do not know which program to choose for this purpose? If you compare Adobe Portfolio vs Wix, you will see that these website builders have great functionality. Both platforms allow creating websites, including portfolios, landing pages, blogs, and online stores.

Adobe Portfolio was developed for creating a portfolio website. It allows building a fully functional website in a short time. The platform will come in handy for sculptors, designers, illustrators, photographers, stage directors, etc.

Wix is a good website hosting for photographers, since even inexperienced users can use its drag-and-drop visual editor for creating websites. It is great for building small and medium-sized sites with a complex design and extended functionality.

What is Adobe Portfolio?

adobe portfolio logo

Adobe Portfolio allows you to build and edit a website. This website builder for photographers has many ready-to-use templates for various types of portfolio websites. You can also compare Adobe Spark vs Portfolio to define which tool has more extensive functionality. Besides, Adobe Portfolio allows generating a URL address according to the preferences of the users and protecting their web pages with a password.

Even if you use Adobe Portfolio free of charge, you can connect it with the Behance platform, which allows demonstrating your works. One of the main advantages of Portfolio is that this software lets you edit the templates.

Besides, the program is quite handy for creating a photography portfolio in several steps. Adobe Portfolio is optimized for various devices, like a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop.

  • adobe portfolio interface adobe fonts
  • adobe portfolio interface adobe fonts

    Adobe Portfolio: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Easy to use. If you are a novice who doesn’t know which version to choose, Adobe Portfolio or Wix, then an intuitive UI should be a decisive feature for you. Adobe Portfolio was originally developed as a beginner-friendly tool for creating websites without HTML or CSS knowledge. Adobe Portfolio is very easy to use, though it has more advanced features than basic WYSIWYG editors.

    Allows connecting to the domain. It allows you to connect to your custom domain to promote your brand. To replace the Adobe domain, you'll need a custom name purchased through a platform or other services, such as GoDaddy or Dreamhost.

    Lightroom integration. Lightroom users can create a website easily. They can import images directly to their Adobe Creative Portfolio account without trouble. This feature allows saving time if you need to upload the whole library. All additional details, such as descriptions and meta-tags, remain unchanged.

    Supports several websites. A single Adobe Portfolio account lets you publish up to five websites. The feature is great for simultaneous demonstration of different types of projects. It also works for agencies that need a lot of ready-made samples for customers. There is no need to store all your work in one place.

    Part of Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Portfolio is a part of Creative Cloud. You can get various programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom for an affordable price. Therefore, you can work with all company’s products. Besides, there are many free tutorials on YouTube.

    Lack of eCommerce support. Adobe Portfolio does not support eCommerce. This is a serious drawback, especially when you need to sell your work. In this case, you had better choose a WordPress website or check other Adobe Portfolio alternatives. You will get access to more than 50,000 customizable themes and plugins. The service supports WooCommerce.

    Limited design capabilities. Although Adobe Portfolio is easy to use, its design capabilities are quite limited. The program does not support user scenarios. It also lacks drag-and-drop functionality.

    What is Wix?

    wix logo

    Wix is the most popular website builder for creating complex promo websites, such as portfolios, business websites, or landing pages. This service will come in handy for amateur photographers who want to learn how to start a photography blog. It also supports eCommerce options.

    Wix supports a variety of advanced technologies that other worthy builders like Velo, Editor X, ADI cannot offer. When it comes to search optimization tools, Wix provides users with the same capabilities that are offered by the majority of website builders. Its UI is very user-friendly, which makes it perfect for people who don’t have any experience in digital marketing. Each paragraph contains a short description of what kind of data it should be filled with.

    • wix interface design tools
    • wix interface design tools

      Wix: Strengths and Weaknesses

      Easy background customization. Wix allows customizing the backdrop for a web page by changing its color or adding an image, video. You can choose any video for creating an attractive background. Use the parallax effect to give the site a visual depth when scrolling by using the difference in the speed of movement of objects located at various distances.

      A collection of extensions. When comparing Adobe Portfolio vs Wix, you will see that the latter has an in-built store with many apps for working with social networks, galleries, applications for stores, etc.

      You can also add an interactive calendar, email marketing tools, surveys, Dropbox, Digital Marketing tools, and other handy options that enrich the basic functionality of the program. All the apps in this e-commerce website builder are sorted by category. About half of the applications are completely free, and the rest have free and a paid versions.

      A great variety of templates. Currently, Wix has more than 500 templates sorted by categories: shop, business, photography, video, music, design, restaurants, travels and tourism, health, education, community, portfolio, blog, beauty, art, landing, and more.

      Right upon registration, you will be offered to choose the design of a website. You can filter the selected options by date or popularity. Once you have selected a template on this blogging platform, you won’t be able to change it. A full-screen preview is possible.

      Corvid feature. This unique feature makes Wix stand out in this Adobe Portfolio vs Wix comparison. This is a great alternative to Wix Code. You can access this function using the Tools editor menu with a developer mode enabled. You will see an arrow at the bottom left part of the window, click on it to open a list of all pages on the site.

      The last 3 items in the list allow you to add JavaScript code and databases to the website. You can use the first option to create and add your applications, and use the second one to design dynamic pages and collect user data.

      Digital marketing optimization with Wix SEO Wiz. The control panel contains a separate option for configuring digital marketing setting properly, preparing the website for effective interaction with such search algorithms as Google, Yandex, and others. Wix SEO Wiz is a step-by-step search engine optimization wizard.

      Cluttered interface. Beginners will experience problems when working with the program’s cluttered interface. Of course, the extensive functionality of the software explains such complex UI, but it will take much time to master all its features. You will need to learn how to use all the tools correctly to avoid spoiling a template.

      Support section is not informative. It contains the info about how to use the main features of the program, but due to the lack of screenshots, it is difficult to understand the sequence of actions.

      Adobe Portfolio vs Wix: Price

      adobe portfolio price

      A user can select one of two subscriptions options for using Adobe Creative Cloud free of charge. Adobe Portfolio is part of CC All Apps or CC for Photographers.

      If you pay for CC All Apps, you receive the full collection of Adobe creative programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for $52.99/mo. CC for Photographers allows you to get access to free Adobe Fonts as well as Photoshop and Lightroom for $9.99/mo.

      wix price

      As for Wix, you can choose from subscriptions for websites and “Business and eCommerce” packages. The list for sites contains 3 plans, the price of which starts at $8.50/mo. The Basic subscription for personal use provides users with a personal free domain for 1 year, 3 GB of storage space, 24/7 support, and 30 minutes of the video archive.

      The Unlimited plan costs $12.50/mo. It increases your video archive time to 1 hour and storage space to up to 10 GB. With it, you can use Site Booster and Visitor Analytics for free for a year.

      The VIP $24.50/mo package offers the increased size of video archive time and storage space, it also allows you to create a professional logo. Besides, you get 40+ different sizes of a logo optimized for social networks. To get a domain, you will need to pay $4.50/ mo.

      Adobe Portfolio vs Wix: Who Wins?

      Adobe Portfolio is an optimal choice for users who need a simple, stylish, and functional website. If you have a portfolio on Behance and want to build your own website, this program is the best solution. Adobe Portfolio synchronizes with your Behance account and can transfer all the projects to the website. If you want to create a complex web page, it’s better to use a more advanced option.

      Wix allows creating beautiful websites quickly without advanced coding skills. It offers extensive functionality with many handy features. With a large collection of templates, a rich app store, and many professional-level profile modules, this website builder is suitable for creating almost any type of site. 

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