Simplio3D Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 5 days ago, Apps and Software

Simplio3D Product Configurator

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Conclusion: Simplio3D platform has turned into a multiplex software solution covering high-end product modulation and 3D visualization strategies, diverse backend features, and Augmented and Virtual Reality facilities.

The product configurator is utterly responsive, mobile-friendly, equipped with the latest technology such as: pixi.js for 2D rendering, three.js for 3D visualization and is backed by e-commerce shopping cart software as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Opencart and PrestShop.

  • Perfect documentation and technical support for designers
  • Multiple product upload
  • Simple to generate iFrames
  • Compatible with PNG transparent imagery
  • 2D or 3D rendering
  • Quite pricy in terms of extra services: customization or e-commerce integration
  • A bit difficult
simplio3d product configurator interface

The main benefit of Simplio3D technology is in its flexible library with components called SEL (Simplio Element Library).

The visual assets framework platform can produce interactive and engaging 3D renderings to improve any sales. Simplio3D service upgrades ecommerce to another level, providing the potential customers with an interactive and gripping product experience.

Simplio3D – Main Features

logo simplio3d product configurator

Simplio3D was developed in December 2013 as one of the few pioneers in product structuring software at that time with first ready-made solution. It can cover practically any demand and budget from the simplest to the most complex configurations.

It is designated by Gartner in Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration as one of the stable present-day providers on the market.

Product Configurator to Enhance Interactivity

Simplio3D enables you to transform the products under configuration online, draw the customers’ attention and foster the sales. The configurator can significantly vary from the simplest projects that can be easily performed in Excel to the most complex ones with multiple restrictions, integrations and a full management system.

simplio3d product configurator

I give the requirements: what products I want to customize, alternatives info, restrictions (conditional logic options), if a project visualization is needed (2D, 3D or both), if I want customers to save their configurations (user profile), integration with eCommerce to fulfill payments or integration with a CRM system and other additional features, such as virtual and augmented reality integration.

Depending on the product, you may only need 2D or 3D. For the configurator that includes more than one configurable product, as in my case, I opt for both 2D and 3D.

3D Modeling and Rendering to Impress Your Clients

simplio3d product configurator 3d modeling

If 3D CAD files are not available for you, Simplio3D also features 3D modeling and rendering. The experts use intuitive 3D modeling software to get a basic idea and convert it into a photorealistic and detailed module.

The Simplio team greatly understood my demands for an outside box project. I constantly kept in touch with them and received honest responses. They immaculately implemented my ideas on paper to a complete, functional application.

Maximize Your E-Commerce Store

You can make your customers’ shopping experience better by suggesting a direct virtual showroom in your e-commerce shop and boost the sales through a quicker creation of proposals and customer confidence in what they get.

simplio3d product configurator custom cart

Simplio3D product configurator can be incorporated in several modes with e-commerce stores. The team suggests pre-made integration levels to utilize a digital product configurator with an e-commerce store.

The available pre-made elements that form the SEL platform, will come in handy. The acronym SEL stands for Simplio Element Library. The main goal of SEL platform is to help custom built product configurators become more flexible, cost-saving and with faster delivery.

AR/VR Extensions for Immersive Product Experience

Simplio3D provides you with a virtual and augmented reality module, ready to be incorporated on product configurators. The AR facilities are supported by the ecommerce platforms, enabling clients to “try” products in real space applying any device with a camera.

I am able to change the view mode from real-time 3D into a Virtual Reality mode. Customers who use a mobile device can switch to AR mode if they have activated the camera to trace the product in real space. AR mode allows the users to get a combined reality experience supported by most gadgets.

Simplio3D Blog

simplio3d product configurator blog

The company website features an explanatory and supportive blog. You will come across such immersive articles about company’s case research like ProGrip Remote Control Configurator, Build Your Hospital Cart in 3D, Wise Pontoon Deck Designer 2D Product Configurator etc. Articles are regularly being added. There is also a search feature.

Simplio3D Prices

There are three plans available.

The basic one starts from $1990 and includes default UI/UX, 2D canvas/Layered pictures, email activating, cloud hosting, technical support.

Pro starts from $4990 and includes custom UI/UX (Branding), real-time 3D visualization, e-commerce Integration, user login module, multi-language translation.

Enterprise starts from $8990 and includes mobile UI/UX, AR/VR module, ERP incorporation, distributor module, data import & export.

As an option, Simplio3D provides a high-end cloud hosting starting from $49 a month with technical support feature.

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