Adobe Audition vs WavePad: Which Software Is Better

When comparing Adobe Audition vs WavePad, you will see that both programs are fitted with audio processing options that allow customizing recordings and other audio files. Adobe Audition is compatible with Cloud, Windows, and Mac. WavePad can work on the majority of popular PC and mobile platforms. The most significant difference between these programs is that, unlike Adobe Audition, WavePad has apps for various mobile platforms.

Adobe Audition is a program that will help you optimize your video production and sound finishing workflow. With it, you can get top-quality audio. Music editors and engineers use this program for refining audio, restoring and editing video, podcasting, and producing impressive sound effects.

WavePad is a simple-to-operate audio editing software for editing various types of recordings. Its toolkit allows copying, cutting, and pasting fragments of audio files. You can also refine your recording with a great array of effects, like echo, amplification, and noise removal. The program will be handy for musicians, podcasters, engineers, etc.

What is Adobe Audition?

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Adobe Audition is a highly functional program for producing, restoring, refining, and rearranging audio files. You can edit multiple tracks, use a spectral screen and waveforms. This solution was developed for optimizing video production and enhancing audio.

Adobe Audition supports two audio processing modes, such as Waveform and Multitrack. With this music recording software, you can produce audio recordings and adjust their volume without problems. The program also serves as a mixing software that has a user interface of a standard digital audio workstation for rearranging audio recordings.

Adobe Audition has a great toolkit for recording numerous tracks with separate microphones. Multitrack recording allows you to set the gain levels to match the voice of every person. Moreover, each voice receives an individual EQ and can be processed at a post-production stage.

With the Essential Sound panel, you can create voice-over ducking effects, merge volume levels, as well as refine your audio with original effects and fix any flaws. It also allows educators to use Adobe Sensei's machine learning technology to produce remixes of recordings and create a shorter version of the source collection.

  • adobe audition interface
  • interface adobe audition

    Adobe Audition: Pros and Cons

    Multi-track UI. This feature lets you customize large projects easily. You can adjust the track height by zooming in or out. Use it for editing and refining several tracks at once.

    Improved spectral display. You can add, remove and invert the selected fragments of a recording using the spectral display editor. It also allows mixing audio files using advanced editing options.

    Impressive DeNoise and DeReverb effects. Use these effects to get rid of the noise or echo from the recordings and polish your audio file using the Essential Sound Panel. 

    Waveform scaling. Instead of setting the keyframes by adjusting on-clip gain automatically, you can compare waveforms and scale them up in real-time. 

    Excellent speech leveler. This option allows leveling the volume of spoken media, as well as fixing lip-sync issues by using ADR to replace audio.

    Automated filters and original effects. Adobe Audition has a great variety of unique sound effects, like Surround Reverb, as well as a collection of diagnostic effects. 

    Limited functionality of a free version. The trial version lacks some advanced options.

    What is WavePad?

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    If you compare Adobe Audition vs WavePad, you will see that the latter is a quite advanced program. It helps music composers customize audio recordings. This software is compatible with multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Besides, the program supports an extensive range of widely-used formats.

    WavePad supports batch processing thus allowing you to process more than one file at once. This audio editor for Mac also includes an extensive collection of sound effects, scrubbing, file compression, automated trimming, equalizer, speech synthesis features, etc.

    Besides, a music producer can cut, copy, paste, and remove some specific fragments in a sound recording and refine them with unique audio effects. WavePad can delete various noises from audio files.

    Moreover, the program is fitted with a built-in wave recording tool with a helpful voice activation feature. The program can use the sound card of your device for recording audio directly off the web. WavePad is constantly updated, so the number of supported file formats is increased on the regular basis.

    • wavepad interface
    • interface wavepad

      WavePad: Pros and Cons

      Perfect for trimming audio recordings. The program is fitted with a handy Auto Trim option for trimming your audio files. Select the fragment you want to retain and select the Trim feature to delete the sections before and after the chosen part of the audio.

      Basic audio editing features. The Undo and Redo features are quite handy when you need to edit a recording. The Undo option allows canceling the last action, whereas the Redo tool lets you restore the deleted fragments of the file. Besides, you can use the basic Cut, Copy, and Paste features to add your selections to the audio recording you are processing right now.

      Batch processing. This feature lets you produce and process multiple audio files at once. Besides, you can apply effects to several recordings at the same time as well as convert many files at once.

      Advanced options. Using such advanced features as spectral analysis, voice charger, FFT, speech synthesis, and others, you can analyze the frequency and sound.

      Bookmarks and effective search filters. These features will help you find and assemble parts of your long sound recordings. Besides, you can add bookmarks.

      Adjustable wave editor. You can use it for customizing audio, UI, playback, shortcut settings, and more.

      No multitrack support. The program does not allow you to mix many audio files. It lets the users process one recording at a time.

      Adobe Audition vs WavePad: Price

      adobe audition vs wavepad price

      If after reading this Adobe Audition vs WavePad comparison, you want to know what program suits your budget best, take a look at their pricing policies. Adobe Audition has monthly and annual payment plans. You can get an answer to any inquiry via phone or email. Besides, you can find useful info in the knowledge base.

      Adobe Audition lets new users test it for one week for free. Once this period ends, you need to choose one of the following subscriptions:

      Adobe Audition Annual plan (charged monthly): $20.99/month

      Adobe Audition Annual plan (prepaid): $239.88/year

      Adobe Audition Monthly plan: $31.49/month

      You should pay only once to use one of the subscriptions offered by WavePad. The customer support team replies to all clients’ inquiries via phone, email, and other online tools. A free version of the program is available for non-commercial usage. It is not time-restricted and includes many features of the full version. You can extend its functionality by purchasing a subscription.

      WavePad Master's Edition – $99/one-time payment (all Master's Edition options including SFX Library). This package is also available for $8.31 quarterly.

      WavePad Standard Edition – $60/one-time payment (all Master's Edition options; lacks SFX Library and VST plugins support).

      Adobe Audition vs WavePad: Who Wins?

      If you don’t know what program to choose, Adobe Audition or WavePad, think about whether you need to use pro-level software. Those who are looking for a solution with numerous advanced features should opt for Adobe Audition.

      As the program is fitted with numerous audio processing modes, it is the best solution for musicians who record their tracks in their own recording studio or at home. Adobe Audition is a must-have program for professionals, but it is too complicated for beginners.

      If you are in search of a user-friendly software compatible with various file formats, then choose WavePad. This is a great Adobe Audition alternative that will be a perfect solution for a small-scale studio.

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