Tej Agency Review 2022 - How To Grow Your Brand Online

Tej Brand Agency

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Verdict: Tej Brand Agency develops effective strategies for promoting your brand on the web. The agency offers a great variety of services in digital marketing, content marketing, augmented reality, animation, and social media fields. Such a vast spectrum of services allows transforming your brand and attract more clients.

Besides, the services provided by the agency are suitable for promoting any web page on the net. Photographers, designers, artists who want to showcase their works, products, or services online should get in touch with the company.

  • Creates high-quality content
  • Individual approach to website creation
  • Effective digital marketing
  • 24/7 business management on social networks
  • Development of augmented reality applications
  • No price list on the website
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Tej Brand Agency helps promote your brand effectively using AR, which definitely has a positive impact on the customer experience when they visit your Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram pages. The agency’s professionals have extensive experience, using many different animation techniques, including 2D and 3D animation.

Tej Brand Agency - Main Features

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The company uses modern techniques to present your brand from a new, more beneficial side. Experts follow an original approach to your brand promotion, relying much on virtual reality tools.

Attracting New Audiences with Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality brings digital content to life in the real world. Brands that have already realized the power of augmented reality marketing techniques have successfully promoted their brands, reached more enjoyment and, as a result, get impressive revenue growth.

Using such technology in business promotion, you can place 3D objects in the real world, and the audience can view them in an AR application created by the agency. These AR apps allow users to interact with products: reach and "touch" them, examine from different angles, take pictures, and more. In most cases, such applications are optimized for all smartphone or tablet systems, and are bound to create a wow effect.

This technology is so successful because it makes users more interested in ads, incorporates the element of gamification, and increases engagement. By using AR technology, potential clients can fully familiarize themselves with the product or “try the ware on”.

The AR technology also allows buyers to learn more about a product in a more original way. By scanning an object or a product, people receive some additional info about it or a short quick guide on how to use it. AR technology is also great for creating ads on business cards. A business card with AR contacts (email, phone, or social media links) allows clients to contact a company with one tap on the screen.

Various Animation Techniques for Your Brand Promotion

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Tej Brand Agency has a big experience, using various animation techniques, but the majority of projects usually incorporate 2D animation, as it is perfect for creating animated explainer videos, animated graphic content, and whiteboard animations.

The range of animated services provided by the agency is quite vast and includes 2D animation, 3D animation, modeling, animated advertising, animated videos, graphic animation, and whiteboard animations. When it comes to 2D animation, the company’s specialists use the best free animation software, like After Effects, and start their work by creating background scenes, and only then build rigs for animated characters.

They also take advantage of 3D animation software to make a mind-blowing 3D animation in case you need a more detailed or realistic look. Whiteboard animation, on the other hand, is a very popular method in marketing. This type of content involves both frame-by-frame and slow-motion shooting. It is quite versatile and is great for online advertising, product demonstration, as well as the creation of educational videos.

The creative team of Tej Brand Agency will help you compile the lists of features, peculiarities, and advantages of your services or products to characterize your brand in a comprehensive manner. The agency helps develop a video marketing strategy and evaluate its effectiveness based on an analysis of various indicators of consumer engagement.

VR Marketing as a Powerful Business Promotion Tool

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VR marketing provides new interaction options for various brands and companies. Tej Brand has vast experience in creating animations and VR content. The agency uses the best equipment and top-notch Unreal or Unreal Engine to achieve the highest level of brand engagement.

Besides, various companies and organizations can take advantage of VR for creating educational content for their employees. This technique makes it possible for your audience to interact effectively with your brand.

The only condition for using such a method is that clients need a specific virtual reality device. Usually, these are a VR headset and VR video player. Even though Facebook and YouTube have 360° playback for mobile devices, it's still advisable to use a proper headset.


Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide the exact prices of services on the official website. However, you can contact the agency to specify all the details and cost of services.


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