Workmates by HR Cloud Review 2023: Benefits & Pricing


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Verdict: With Workmates, you can improve the communication practices within your company, keep in touch with your remote employees, and improve your brand’s online recognition. In this Workmates by HR Cloud review, I will tell you how this service enables you to quickly find information about any employee and connect with them via various communication channels.

This option will come in handy for owners of photography businesses. It will facilitate the workflow within a team and help new employees get acquainted with the company’s culture. The app allows automating a variety of tasks and improving employees’ experience. It comes with a set of audit tracking and reporting tools.

  • Customizable newsfeeds
  • Real-time notifications
  • Integrates with Office and Google products
  • Advanced messaging options
  • File sharing tools
  • Priority support
  • It might take you several days to learn how to use the interface
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Workmates is an online-based service for engaging your employees, improving the communication within a team, and rewarding people for their achievements. You can use it as a social network and share updates about new hires, congratulate people on various occasions and celebrate their accomplishments.

This option will come in handy for startups and companies that have several teams and departments. The app is widely used by companies from various business niches, such as hospitality, healthcare, restaurant, retail, technology, construction, and landscaping industries.

Workmates by HR Cloud – Main Features

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With Workmates, your employees will get access to polls, newsfeeds, and reward options that will help them improve their communication with their team members. You can customize the content for each employee depending on their job position, location, or department. The app integrates with ADP. Users can personalize their newsfeeds by selecting what updates they would like to receive.

Flexible and Easy to Understand Interface for Photographers

Workmates is a web-based app from HR Cloud that also has a mobile version. It was created to facilitate social networking and communication within a company. Thanks to its automated features, you can save a lot of time.

Whether you are an admin or a regular user, you won’t face any difficulties when using Workmates. The app has a streamlined UI, which makes it easier to switch between different tasks and portals. Thanks to the advanced search feature, you can quickly find any employee. Besides, it doesn’t take much time to sign up.

By using integrated collaboration options, you can facilitate teamwork. You can create a directory with bios of your employees and their contact info. This way, it will be easier to contact employees from other departments via phone, email, Google Hangouts, Skype, or chat.

Workmates by HR Cloud makes it easy for business owners to manage reward programs and win their employee’s loyalty. If there are any overachievers on your team, you can reward them with gifts. Besides, your employees can also nominate their colleagues for rewards, donate rewards to charities of their choice and share them with their teams. With this app, you can help your employees to redeem their rewards for gift cards or money.

Innovative and Effective Kudos Option

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The key advantage of Workmates is that it has a sub-app Kudos that allows your employees to reward each other. You can celebrate the accomplishments of your employees by letting others know about their achievements. Kudos points can be redeemed for a gift card or branded items. It’s possible to share information about various events with your team, be it someone’s birthday or other events.

Employees can give each other 12 types of kudos. They will become a perfect alternative to annual performance reviews. Thanks to Kudos, it will be easier for your HR department to see who should be rewarded.

Unified Workplace Communication

By using this online collaboration software, you can facilitate your workflow and improve communication practices within your company. It also has useful tools for improving collaboration within a team.

Your employees will have access to a centralized newsfeed, which will help them stay aware of what’s happening at the company. They will receive announcements, information about new hires, and other information.

Ability to Create Employee Advocates

Workmates comes with a set of handy tools that will help your employees become brand advocates and promote your products and services.

When working with Workmates, you can share various marketing materials with your employees. By sharing them with their friends on various platforms, they will improve your brand’s online recognition. It will allow you to save money on marketing campaigns.

Customize Pages, Folders, and More

With this app, you can quickly share your files and folders with other people regardless of their location. Workmates allows you to upload various files and add branded pages to your documents.

Thanks to its integrated text editor, you can create and edit various documents. There are integrated content widgets that can be found in pro-level document management software.

Great Internal Employee Communications

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With the help of Workmates, you can manage office communications more effectively. Via its integrated Inbox, your employees can make phone calls, exchange messages, send texts or emails without leaving the app. You can also create group chats to facilitate communication within a team. Your employees can use other communication channels as well.

Integrations with All Your Favorite Tools

Due to its integration with ADP, UltiPro, and other well-known payroll providers, Workmates will help you manage financial tasks as well. Besides, it is compatible with a variety of communication services that are popular among office workers, such as G Suite, Google Hangouts, etc.

What I like the most is that I can sign in via other applications. The app integrates with Google, Microsoft Office 365 and Slack. In addition, thanks to its integration with Google Calendar and Office 365, you can quickly edit and enter hew hire start dates, deadlines, birthdays and other important information from Onboard.

Convenient HR Cloud App that Works for Everyone

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Workmates has a mobile version. You will get access to all HR Cloud tools. This version has the same functionality as the web-based one. The HR Cloud app is available in the App Store and Google Play. It allows you to use Workmates, Onboard, People HRMS, Time-off, Recruit tools, etc.

With the help of Workmates by HR Cloud, you can quickly find the best candidates to fill a job position, work with onboarding task lists, react to leave requests, and perform a variety of other tasks. Thanks to the in-built chat, you can always keep in touch with your remote employees and share various announcements.

HR Cloud will help you establish good relationships with your employees and fully transform the way you communicate with them. They will get access to a newsfeed, which will help them to be aware of what’s happening at the company. Besides, you can create various rewards and congratulate your colleagues on their accomplishments from your smartphone.

Besides sharing news and announcements, this application will help you manage teams that work from home. With it, you can quickly set up notifications for various groups and departments. You will see when people receive your message, which will help you communicate more effectively.

Workmates Prices

Workmates has a free trial version. You can read more information about their packages of services on the official website. However, to learn more about Workmates pricing, make sure to contact their managers via their site.

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