DiskTuna – Photo Repair & Recovery Review 2024


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Verdict: DiskTuna is a small group of developers from the Netherlands with 20+ years of experience in file recovery and restoration. It’s really convenient that you can send a damaged media to the company and, less than a week later, get restored files back. This feature is particularly useful for photographers since you can save important shots.

Moreover, DiskTuna created more than 5 programs and utilities that allow you to restore files on your own without any specific skills.

  • Professional digital photo repairing
  • File recovery from damaged devices
  • Skilled team
  • Fast and first-rate results
  • User-friendly software
  • Free trial
  • Slightly outdated UI
disktuna interface

If you are looking for a user-friendly platform to restore and recover files, DiskTuna is exactly like this. The company will help you save valuable files or provide software to do it on your own.

You may easily use the DiskTuna software without any specific knowledge. You can initiate the restoration process with several mouse clicks and it will smoothly continue without your participation. When your files are being restored, you can perform other operations.

DiskTuna Review: Main Features

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There are two ways to defragment your hard drive. You can use a built-in utility or download a handy app for that task. However, it’s difficult to find an application that provides the required functionality, and, at the same time, is easy to use. In this respect, DiskTuna leaves the competitors behind by offering a lightweight and simple program to optimize and defragment your drives.

High-Quality Manual JPEG Repairing Service

disktuna photo repair

If you have corrupted JPEG files, DiskTuna will easily repair them. As you know, it is the most popular format to store photographs, and most digital cameras and mobiles save images exactly in this format. Sometimes, JPEGs may “go bad” because of various reasons. Even when few bits are damaged, a photo may be corrupted.

As a photographer, you know that it’s very frustrating to lose unique shots due to damages. Fortunately, DiskTuna JPEG repair service can help you out. Experts will repair and restore your files in a quick way. These guys can also fix metadata or damage in the compensated image stream. The restoration isn’t automatic here. Experts deal with every particular case and make manual fixes. What’s more, DiskTuna can save RAW photographs (DNG, CR2, etc.).

To order the company’s services, you have to upload an original file to the site and wait for a reply. The duration of the process depends on the complexity of work (from 1 to 7 days). After you assess the result and pay for the services, you will get full-size files.

Advanced Data Recovery Service for Photo and Video

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There were times when DiskTuna fixed files unofficially, but now they are a professional company delivering regular photo data recovery services. They utilize advanced photo recovery software and data recovery hardware to get the required results. Addressing these guys, you may be sure that files on your electronic media, like memory cards and flash drives, will be safely restored.

DiskTuna accepts all file formats. However, when it comes to JPEG (generic), CR2 (Canon RAW), NEF (Nikon RAW) and video formats (MP4, MOV from fragments scattered all over the drive), they use progressive restoration techniques.

If you want to order this service, you have to fill in the form on the site and send digital media with corrupted files via mail. Restored files will be sent to you in a digital format.

Professional Repairing and Recovering

disktuna software

In addition, you can find efficient recovery software on the DiskTuna website. They offer only those products they developed or products from developers they officially partner with. All operations are carried out without any credit card data. Sales transactions are performed by the e-commerce partners that serve as resellers.

DiskTuna store contains reliable data recovery software. You can purchase software to fix damaged JPEG files and fix corrupt JPEG headers, repair invalid JPEG markers, repair damage due to bad sectors, and improve corrupt JPEG image data by patching JPEG bit stream with visual feedback. Plus, you may download Reclaim File Recovery that allows recovering all file types preserving original names and directory structure.

You don’t need any specific knowledge or skills to use DiskTuna software and utilities. Plus, developers provide a free trial version.

Useful and Informative Blog

disktuna blog

The company’s official website has a blog with more than 100 posts about the restoration of damaged files. The author answers the FAQ and dwells on the specifics of working with each file type.

DiskTuna Prices

DiskTuna offers fixed prices for each type of service. For example, you have to pay $50 for the Base Rate Plan. It includes logical recovery and works with minimal NAND degradation. In case you pick the Complex Plan, you have to pay $100. Within this plan, you get all features of the first plan and also severe fragmentation. It requires disk editing and using special hardware.

Choosing the Repair Plan, you also have to lash out on $100. You can recover files from a device with a broken connector or get reflowing, board repair.

The company offers several programs and utilities. For example, the JPEG Repair Toolkit to repair and restore files costs $34, JPEG Repair Utility for corrupt photographs ‒ from $79.95. All software and utilities have a free trial period so you can assess their quality before spending money.

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