Movavi Photo Manager vs Acdsee: What Program to Choose

Naming a winner in the Movavi Photo Manager vs ACDSee battle isn’t that simple, considering that both programs contain many tools for quick file search, filtering out duplicates, and sharing images right from the working space.

Movavi Photo Manager is a memory-based photo organizer that runs smoothly on Win and Mac devices. Using it, you can organize, tag, and enhance photos in several clicks.

ACDSee is included in the list of the top digital asset management and photo editing programs distributed as a one-time purchase. It supports about 86 file formats including GIF, RAW, JPG, and more.

What Is Movavi Photo Manager?

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Movavi Photo Manager is photo catalog software suitable both for professional and amateurish needs.

If you have a large collection of photos, which grows every day, you know how difficult it is to find one specific photo. The process can take several hours, which is very frustrating.

That’s the main reason why many people look for a reliable image search instrument. Movavi Photo Manager is a decent option to try, as it scans huge photo libraries with ease, providing you with the needed file in a matter of seconds. It also functions as photo organizing software with a pack of tools for effortless organizing and management of digital photo collections.

  • movavi photo manager interface
  • movavi photo manager interface

    Movavi Photo Manager: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Facial recognition. This is a really cool feature, as the program can automatically detect faces of particular people in images and sort them into different folders based on the info collected. Thus, if you want to create a photo album for your mum, dad, or any other family member, take advantage of this feature to get the needed images.

    Photo tagging. The navigation process can become even more efficient if you tag your photos using the built-in photo organizer.

    Similar images. If you have a pack of photos with many similar shots, you can launch an automatic search in order to edit them all simultaneously, add them to an album, or look them through and delete failed images.

    Find duplicates. This can be a decisive point for users comparing Movavi Photo Manager vs ACDSee. In fact, the former excels at finding duplicates and removing them from a folder. Thus, you can free storage space for new images, as well as keep all your pictures neatly organized. The great news is that the software differentiates duplicates and visually similar shots, treating them in a different way.

    Photo editing. In addition to a broad array of photo organizing features, the program offers many editing instruments to improve images in a trouble-free manner. Here you can flip, crop, rotate pictures, fix the tilted horizon defect, as well as improve particular parts of photos or edit several pictures in one go. Frankly speaking, this can be a nice alternative to photo editing software for PC, if you don’t feel like mastering one.

    Automatic album creation. The program easily analyzes batches of images and combines them into albums based on date and GPS data.

    Photo viewing. There is a separate picture organizer for this task. Users can view images of different formats in a full-screen mode.

    Backup copies. No need to worry about your photos, as the software allows making duplicates of several files or the entire collection, and then arrange copies based on albums, places, and tags. Thus, you can easily recover or restore files if they got lost or your storage device is damaged.

    Windows version is better than Mac one. Unfortunately, the program works better on Win OS, which is a serious point to consider if you own a Mac device and choose between Movavi Photo Manager or ACDSee.

    What Is ACDSee?

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    ACDSee has much to offer to users when it comes to photo organizing and editing. However, the program lags behind competitors in terms of RAW conversion and usability.

    The software has been on the market for many years and undergone several upgrades. For some reason, the program isn’t very popular, though the range of tools and features deserves many flattering words. The most reputable photo workflow and editing package is called ACDSee Photo Studio Professional and it can stay on par with Adobe Lightroom.

    • acdsee interface
    • acdsee interface

      ACDSee: Strengths and Weaknesses

      Face detection & recognition. Similar to its competitor in the Movavi Photo Manager vs ACDSee stand-off, the program accurately identifies faces and assigns names to them.

      Improved brushes. Upgraded brushes are suitable for adjusting vibrance, WB, and colors.

      Smooth Black & White conversion. You can use the instrument in the Develop and Edit modes. 

      Supports color LUTs. To alter the mood of your photos, you can apply LUTs, presets and more.

      HEIF support. This is a file format used by new iPhones and the program can easily manage such images and image sequences.

      Luminosity selection. ACDSee analyses photos based on the brightness parameter to make selections.

      Keyboard shortcuts. You can cope with different tasks faster using keyboard shortcuts. Go to the Manage mode to customize them.

      Smart Erase. This feature resembles the Content-Aware fill tool in Photoshop. Using it, you can get rid of objects from photos with consistent backgrounds.

      Liquify Tool. Quick object distortion without affecting the quality of the entire photo.

      Synchronization with mobile devices. Use your phone or tablet to send images and videos to ACDSee Photo Studio using a wireless connection.

      Actions browser. You can manage your recordings and jazz them up with over 125 preloaded effects. 

      Pixel targeting. Perform selection and masking in accordance with brightness ranges and colors. 

      Grain tool. A handy instrument to create a classic, grain look. 

      Polygon Selection tool. Great for selecting uneven objects with round edges. 

      Some instruments call for improvement. Lens-profile-based correction tools show poor results if compare them to instruments in analog programs.

      Movavi Photo Manager vs ACDSee: Price

      movavi photo manager vs acdsee battle price

      ACDSee has adopted Adobe’s subscription model. However, you can still get the program as a one-time purchase for $99. If you opt for a subscription plan, you need to pay $89 annually ($8.90 per month). Five people can use the program on Mac and Windows computers. Besides, you get access to ACDSee Web galleries to demonstrate your images and can use 50GB of SeeDrive Cloud Storage. If you need more – pay $25 for 50GB or $50 for 100GB.

      Movavi Photo Manager comes in a kit with a program for image editing, and this pack costs $49.95 for 1 year. Alternatively, you can get a lifetime license for $59.95. The developer created versions both for Windows and Mac users.

      Movavi Photo Manager vs ACDSee – Who Wins?

      Movavi Photo Manager and ACDSee have similar tools that are indispensable for quick and effortless photo managing, instant search, and duplicate removal. However, there are several differences that make them suitable for varied groups of users.

      ACDSee is a top-notch photo organizer and editor with a growing number of tools and features. You can get it paying once or choosing a subscription model.

      Movavi Photo Manager appeals to users with its straightforward UI and a plethora of tools. This photo organizer lets you find the needed image in an instance without much effort on your part.

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