6 Best Adobe Sign Alternatives For Managing Digital Signatures

If you have to sign important documents or contracts during the pandemic and you don’t want to come into direct contact with your partner, check out these inexpensive and reliable Adobe Sign alternatives. These programs will help you manage documents and create important signatures while allowing you to use various templates, send out mass emails to your workers, integrate with cloud services, perform analytics, and track client activity.

Top 6 Adobe Sign Alternatives

Even though Adobe Sign can add mass signatures to all documents and directly work with Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Portfolio for editing PDF files, it still requires a monthly fee, which won’t be to everyone’s liking. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best free and cheap Adobe Sign alternatives that will help you efficiently manage e-signatures, track activity, and work in a team.

Top 3 Adobe Sign Alternatives

  • For automatic e-signatures: PandaDoc
  • For guarantying confidentiality: HelloSign
  • For integrating with other applications: DocuSign

All above-mentioned Adobe Sign alternatives offer multiple advantages, including customizable templates, the ability to integrate with the best cloud storage platforms, client tracking and analysis, a feature for hiding your documents from public view with the help of multiple authentication levels, and transaction support.

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Simpler software like Adobe Sign is meant primarily for personal use, allowing you to integrate the API into your CRM system, set up automatic signatures, add attachments, and receive reports and notifications.

1. PandaDoc

pandadoc software like adobe sign

PandaDoc is a simple software for managing, creating, and sharing digital documents. Among its useful features, you’ll find the ability to add a digital signature, create commercial documents, and use drag-and-drop functionality, which significantly simplifies the document creation process. Additionally, you can make use of the provided customizable templates.

  • Automatic e-signature feature
  • Client tracking
  • 400+ customizable templates
  • Document tracking analytics
  • Can be integrated with Google, Dropbox, Box
  • Expensive business plan

Main Features of PandaDoc:

  • Client interaction tracking
  • Customize and download any type of file
  • Legally binding signatures
  • Create sales contracts
  • Activity audit

Other than basic functionality, this software provides unique features like keyword and phrase search, bookmarks, saved document changes, and the ability to add images to the project. Additionally, after preparing a PDF document, the user can add an automated e-signature.

2. HelloSign

hellosing software like adobe sign

HelloSign is a rather simple and popular web app that allows the user to add e-signatures to documents, create email accounts, perform transactions, and manage an audit trail with timestamps, adjustable text fields, checkboxes, and dates.

  • You can add multiple signatures
  • Broad template selection
  • Advanced security system
  • Transaction support
  • Customizable audit trail
  • Expensive API solution
  • Time-consuming formatting

Main Features of HelloSing:

  • Mass sharing
  • Branding
  • Transparent audit trail
  • Provides reports
  • Team-oriented features

The app’s main advantages include expanded security settings and a simple learning curve for managing your account. It’s also worth mentioning the premium functions included in the paid package such as branding capabilities, mass sharing, and detailed reports.

3. DocuSign

docusing software like adobe sign

With the help of this Adobe Sign alternative for digitally signing documents, you can easily check the status of your contracts and agreements by setting up automatic reminders. The software also offers over 350 integrations with editing tools. When working in DocuSign, you can conveniently add checkboxes, tags, switches, and find any needed documents.

  • Issue certificates
  • AATL and Microsoft Root support
  • Month-long free version
  • Save files in CSV format
  • Can integrate 350+ tools
  • No PDF editing
  • Mandatory receiver unification

Main Features of DocuSing:

  • Integration with other apps
  • Set up different passwords
  • Extract documents from storage
  • Multiple authentication levels
  • Works from any device

DocuSing lets you easily keep track of all your documents and signatures. Additionally, you can adjust, export, and print out reports on all files. Data can be exported in CSV format, which is very convenient.

4. SignRequest

singrequest software like adobe sign

SignRequest is a powerful software aimed at helping you sign documents, organize and edit them, and monitor your activity. Other features of this option include date and time marks, authentication, the ability to add text, templates, and much more.

  • API integration with your CRM system
  • Option to create a team account
  • Flexible document editor
  • Automatic e-signatures
  • Cloud storage integration
  • Unable to upload multiple documents simultaneously
  • Can’t export into the content library

Main Features of SingRequest:

  • Allows adding attachments
  • Login from any device
  • Zapier integration
  • Personalized branding
  • Free audit trail

This software is integrated with Google, Dropbox, and other cloud services. Additionally, SignRequest offers group accounts for working together as a team with the ability to track all actions.

It also offers API integration, which is very convenient for developers. You can integrate this tool with real estate CRM software like Zoho CRM, Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics, as well as your own CRM system.

5. SingNow

singnow software like adobe sign

SingNow is a good option for people that need to quickly sign and edit a document with minimum effort. You can scan and instantly sign documents, as well as export and import your signatures and initials.

  • Document activity tracking
  • Simple editing
  • Plenty of templates
  • Convenient text addition
  • Can be used without an internet connection
  • No templates in the free version
  • No advanced functions

Main Features of SingNow:

  • Branding and personalization
  • 24/8 support
  • Form builder
  • 256-bit data encryption
  • Team creation

This software offers multiple document cloud storages for you to choose from, including One Drive, Google, and DocuShare. SingNow keeps an audit trail that lets you check your entire history of created and signed documents. Users can also view such information as IP addresses, signing date, and the device that was used for creating or signing the document.

6. OneSpan Sing

onespan sing software like adobe sign

OneSpan Sing is one of the best and most reliable Adobe Sign alternatives for efficiently working with documents and signatures. By using this software, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your important documents, receipts, and other files thanks to OneSpan Sing's advanced security features. You can protect your documents with a password, and the implemented full transparency system allows you to view the activity of each document and all journals.

  • Increased security
  • Reliable legal protection
  • Integrate signatures into all business apps with your API
  • High customer service rating
  • Sign documents using PIV and CAC cards
  • Undisclosed pricing policy
  • Complex login on mobile devices

Main Features of OneSpan Sing:

  • Transaction reports
  • Document visibility
  • Expiration reminders
  • Digital certificates
  • Distinct branding

Some of the more interesting features of this software include automating search by keyword or sentence, lots of templates and mockups for a more convenient workflow, adjustable fields, the ability to add attachments from the signee, and many others.