Creating Database Driven Websites: Guide for Amateurs

With the creation of better and more accessible tools, website development has come a long way from the days of line-by-line code. Today, site owners no longer need to learn complicated programming languages or spend inordinate amounts of time writing code.

Just by leveraging the right tools, you can build a database driven website from scratch and exactly to your preferences – even without writing a single line of code. This is the power that service providers like Simbla – drag and drop website builder are bringing to site owners everywhere.

What is a Database Driven Website?

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Database driven websites, also called database websites or dynamic web pages, are websites that use a database to create, store, and collect information. These websites are not only tied to a database as they function, but the most critical aspects of their functionality are driven by the website.

Database websites are typically created almost automatically through programming languages like PHP. The site owner simply creates and approves the website design, which was made with help a web design software, and then they interact with the launched website through a content management system (CMS).

One of the most distinctive aspects of these websites is their ease of maintenance. Once launched, the website is easy to maintain, compared to static HTML websites. When any information on your website database changes, for instance the price of an item, it reflects automatically on the website.

With a static HTML website, you would need to rebuild the webpage every single time to change any aspect of individual pages. This is why database driven websites are referred to as dynamic web pages, as opposed to static websites.

What are the Advantages of a Database Driven Website?

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For obvious reasons, dynamic web pages present many benefits for site owners. By automatically reflecting changing information on web pages, the website relieves owners of their management burden. The website’s database is typically hosted in the best cloud storage, making it highly available and accessible from anywhere. Here’s a summary of these advantages.

  • Makes your website dynamic: Automatically updates and presents your web information – a feature that is ideal for online sales.
  • Relieves you of developing and management burden: Interact with your website through a code-free CMS that makes management easy and intuitive.
  • Provides high availability and security: Because it is hosted in the cloud, your website enjoys high uptime and top class security.
  • Automatic upgrades due to cloud hosting: Never worry that your web infrastructure is out of date. Upgrades are done for you automatically.
  • Highly scalable infrastructure: Use only the resources you need, knowing that there is ample room for growth whenever you need it.

Building Database Websites with the Right Tool

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Choosing the right builder such as Simbla makes building database websites even easier with its integrated web development and hosting platform. The platform provides drag and drop tools that enable developers to rapidly spin up web solutions, helping them shave time and resources spent by 60%-80%.

Simbla supports its customers with the tools to create custom databases websites without needing to code, development tools backed by a state-of-the-art server-less environment, and tons of ready-made responsive templates.