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Verdict: The Knolyx learning management system offers a mix of advanced features and a contemporary UI, as the developers focused primarily on making the user experience as convenient as possible. Knolyx allows you to produce courses with sound, video, and other extra elements. It also comes with learner dashboards that feature recommended courses, progress tracking, and experience levels.

This system will be useful for photographers that want to create their own courses for beginners. It’s very convenient for uploading learning materials, communicating with students, and organizing additional activities. If you want to join the trend of becoming an industry expert that provides learning courses, then read this Knolyx review to learn more about this convenient tool.

  • UI/UX is extremely convenient
  • User-friendly system
  • Provides a lot of features
  • Search engine feels a bit underdeveloped
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Knolyx also invites you to assign different roles and create challenges. You can organize live video sessions that can be enhanced with features like “Raise Hand” and “Talk to the Instructor”. Overall, this tool includes nearly everything you can expect from a learning management system.

Knolyx comes with a long list of functions that are easy to use and can be customized to your needs. The entire system is based on being as convenient as possible without limiting what you can do.

Put together courses that contain all kinds of content, issue assessments, come up with challenges, and track progress with the available dashboard statistics and analytics. Knolyx offers something for everybody from professional photographers to large enterprises.

Knolyx Features

knolyx features

Knolyx is an online learning platform that prioritizes user experience above everything else. It offers a mix of handy features and easy-to-navigate design while allowing you to minimize the time you spend doing simple tasks. Other provided features allow you to adjust the system to your needs and design courses, quizzes, and overviews as well as assign roles, etc.

Intuitive and Engaging Learning Processes

knolyx learning processes

Knolyx represents eLearning software that lets you establish a productive learning environment for bestowing your knowledge onto your students and colleagues. Moreover, its modern UX design makes the teaching process intuitive and interesting.

As a means to promote collaborative learning, this system employs smartphone apps that act as a training tracker that lets students keep tabs on their progress and all related activities, with the apps being supported by both Android and iOS devices.

Additionally, the developers decided to make the app more engaging by supplying it with customization options that allow users to set up a convenient learning environment. You can also employ them to introduce your company’s branding and culture while also making use of gamification tools that let you create badges, rewards, and leaderboards.

Creating a Modern Context for Delivering Knowledge

knolyx delivering knowledge

Having a background in automation and IT, Adrian, the creator of Knolyx, has come a long way to produce this system. He began his path as a tech team leader and later gathered more experience in the positions of a business analyst and software architect.

Together with his technical team, he also designed multiple courses related to IT. Having a strong belief in the usefulness of learning, a knack for technology, and a qualified team of like-minded experts at his side, Adrian eventually developed a system titled Knolyx. Striving to combine both his technical and learning passions, he produced a state-of-the-art solution for sharing knowledge that fully meets the standards and expectations of the current digital era.

Always Space for Something New

knolyx new features

Being firm believers that nothing should ever remain static, the creators of Knolyx are constantly updating and improving the system to stay up-to-date with all business and technological developments while adapting all the recent trends and practices. As a result, Knolyx isn’t just neoteric but always open for further improvement as well.

That said, the development team is currently focused on a learn-share platform designed for employees. This project is meant to motivate workers on an intrinsic level, by gaining knowledge and sharing it practically, and on an extrinsic level, by earning. Later on, the creators plan to release a marketplace that grants customers access to a broad range of learning resources.

Diverse Course Content

knolyx course content

Knolyx allows you to fill all your courses with a plethora of different content. Whether you want to use audio files, videos, or PDF documents – the system has you covered. It’s also great for creating quizzes, certificates, and challenges. At the same time, it’s also simple to use, resembling a learning app for kids in terms of convenience.

Create Unique Roles

The platform allows you to assign a different role to each user. You can set someone as a trainer, creator, vendor, manager, or student. This way you can ensure everyone can access the functionality they need without granting them control over features and information that aren’t meant for them.

Comprehensive Student Dashboards

knolyx student dashboards

The dashboard section allows students to examine their status, activity, and other data. You can also use it to check out current courses, how much experience was gained on any specific day, studying paths, popular resources, top courses, and recent platform additions. All these items can be customized to ensure the information is provided in the most convenient way possible.

Learners Earn Experience

Knolyx motivates learners to go the extra mile by giving them experience for all their activities. The amount of gained experience can be viewed day-by-day along with statistics on how much time each user spent in the system on any particular day or week.

Well-Organized Course Content

knolyx course

This platform provides an even larger selection of tools for designing course content than WeeklyHow Courses. When putting together a course, you can divide it into sections to make it easier for learners to go through it in the future. Every section can come with a lecture and show how much time it takes to complete it, giving the learner a clear idea of the required time investment. Knolyx also offers a notes tab for the user to make any quick notes that they don’t want to forget without having to look for a notebook or a pen.

Supports Multiple Class Types

Enterprises that prefer a mixed learning technique will be pleasantly surprised by the platform’s support of different class types. You can create both self-paced courses and organize live instructor-led lessons. The integrated streaming functionality comes with useful features like Raise Hand and the capability to speak with other learners or the instructor.

Structured Learning Paths

Knolyx offers a convenient visual presentation of learning paths to ensure you can clearly navigate and comprehend them. You can either let learners take up courses in their preferred order or establish a required order of completion, with the latter option being essential for subjects that expand upon previously learned material.

Convenient Creator Dashboards

Instructors also have their own dashboard that is filled with useful data and analytics. You can use it to examine the number of available courses, resources, quizzes, and other content. Additionally, the dashboard also lets you view your courses and assessments.

Set Difficulty Level

When putting together a course, you can set a difficulty level for it. Knolyx lets you choose between beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert settings. This feature is great for letting learners assess whether a specific course is suitable for their current level of expertise and knowledge.

Knolyx Review Prices

You can gain access to Knolyx by either purchasing a monthly or annual subscription.

Since Knolyx is a corporate tool, there are two subscription plans for you to choose from Essentials and Corporate. There’s also a Custom option that allows you to negotiate the terms with the software publishers personally. As for pricing, Essentials allows connecting up to 100 accounts for 3.89€ /user/month, while Corporate bumps up that number to 300 users for the price of 3.49€ /user/month.

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