7 Best Elearning Software in 2022

Those interested in creating digital content frequently look for the best eLearning software with authoring capabilities. Such instruments allow you to handle simple tasks, e.g. creation of Word docs, as well as deal with complicated processes such as crafting a graphic design tool.

With authoring software at your disposal, you can produce and manipulate different objects for creating content aimed at a particular sphere.

Top 7 Elearning Software

  1. iSpring Suite - Seamless integration with PowerPoint
  2. Lectora Online - For storing comments in one place
  3. Adobe Captivate - Built-in screen recording
  4. Articulate 360 - Easy web-based tool for creating simple courses
  5. Elucidat - For producing SCORM-compliant content
  6. Evolve - For using a simple interactions
  7. DominKnow ONE - Strong responsive design capabilities

In this overview, we are describing reliable content authoring programs to give your courses a visual boost. However, don’t treat this article as a “trend list” of the best eLearning authoring software in 2021. This is an in-depth description of the most helpful instruments that have been on the market for many years and have proven their efficiency.

1. iSpring Suite - Our Choice

Seamless integration with PowerPoint
  • Ability to use an existing PPT presentation
  • Low learning curve (if experienced in PP)
  • Simple familiar interface for building courses quickly
  • Video editing
  • Only works in Windows

Verdict: The iSpring Suite is one of the best eLearning software solutions available in the market today. It provides high quality training videos that are easy to follow and are very interactive, so that even the most non-tech savvy students can easily pick up the skills that they need. iSpring software has the ability to deliver interactive e-courses in the form of digital videos to various devices including iPhones, iPads and Windows tablets so that the user does not have to install any software on the computer to participate in the training sessions.

This makes it all the more beneficial because this eLearning software also comes with a full complement of professional services that provide a great customer support system so that customers do not face any problem after purchasing the product.

ispring suite interface

2. Lectora Online

For storing comments in one place
  • WCAG compliant
  • Free access to Elearning Brothers graphics libraries
  • Reviewing integration with review link
  • Robust quizzing options
  • Clunky, outdated UI

Verdict: As the number of online learning platform grows throughout the world, more teachers and educators are turning to online resources such as that of Lectora Online to help them facilitate lessons. The software offers a number of benefits for both instructors and students alike. Those familiar with their traditional desktop based software will no doubt discover that this new online version offers nearly the same features, but also has the added benefit of near-limitless collaboration and anytime, anywhere accessibility.

If you are trying to find an effective way to adapt your teaching methods to the needs of your modern classroom, or if you are looking for a software solution that can increase the efficiency of your learning lessons, then Lectora Online software may be just what you're looking for.

lectora online interface

3. Adobe Captivate

Built-in screen recording
  • 360-degree (VR) capability to embed virtual reality
  • Able to produce complex interactions
  • Has a version for Mac
  • Complex software simulation recording options
  • Technical support outsourced to a call center

Verdict: Adobe Captivate eLearning software is a series of online instructional videos and slide shows by Adobe. The program offers users the facility to create their own PowerPoint presentations with the help of professionally written screen shots, audio files with the audio track of audio commentary from experts and authors, text-based guides on different software tools and technologies, and many other interactive features for a quick and simple learning experience.

This particular software package from Adobe has so much to offer to individuals who are into online education and would like to pursue an advanced level in their profession.

adobe captivate elearning software interface

4. Articulate 360

Easy web-based tool for creating simple courses
  • Very active online community
  • Good flexibility in terms of content output
  • Solutions for most eLearning tasks
  • Large content library
  • Interaction templates don’t work properly

Verdict: What is it about Articulate 360 that makes it such a compelling choice for educators and administrators? It has everything that an educator or administrator wants out of an educational software product, without sacrificing the functionality needed for today's busy classroom. It is equipped with industry standard teaching features such as lesson planned completion, textbook purchase, instant access to previously studied material, and group collaboration.

It also features a powerful plagiarism detection tool, so that any work found in a student's paper can be flagged as plagiarized. In addition, it includes a robust data management system and a flexible search capability that allow the teacher to view and retrieve all data in a flash. It can easily integrate with the most popular distance language learning software and can be purchased for less than one hundred dollars per seat.

articulate 360 elearning software interface

5. Elucidat

For producing SCORM-compliant content
  • Management of eLearning content at scale
  • Personalized learner clips
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG interface
  • Streamlined workflows for teams
  • Lacks flexibility

Verdict: Elucidat has a unique advantage over other similar elearning software, the first being that it does not require participants to buy any product or service and this is one of the main reasons why this program is such a success.

It is the first of it's kind to combine a proprietary set of curriculum modules together with personalized learning and interactive elements that are designed to help students to easily acquire knowledge they need through a variety of different ways.

elucidat elearning software interface

6. Evolve

For using a simple interactions
  • Ability to import Powerpoint
  • Easily access data
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design features
  • Limited features

Verdict: As one of the leading providers of eLearning software solutions for individuals, Evolve has a great selection of products that you can choose from. Some are focused on individual classes and others feature modules that help with any number of skill sets, from basic learning to advanced training in multiple areas including business administration, IT, marketing, management, and German learning software.

evolve elearning software interface

7. DominKnow ONE

Strong responsive design capabilities
  • Enables collaborative authoring and review
  • Streamlined workflows for teams
  • Global content management
  • Not great at Gamification

Verdict: Whether you are creating training modules, software or instructional courses for your business, or are developing a training module for your organization, you can benefit from the full potential of DominKnow ONE. If you need a way to provide training modules that are engaging, comprehensive and cost effective then you need to consider adding DominKnow ONE to your training toolbox.

With eLearning software such as DominKnow ONEE, you can offer engaging training that will bring individuals of all ages and skill levels together to solve complex problems. From business professionals to educators, take advantage of the powerful applications and flexible features that this software provides and give people a way to learn without limitations.

dominknow one elearning software interface