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Verdict: NotifyThis is a convenient social platform that will help you create and customize campaigns for your site, manage notifications, receive full reports and performance data. As a client, you can use this platform to optimize your workflow and get information about the conversion rate for each of your projects.

What makes it stand out among competitors is that it offers 24 templates that can be further customized to meet your needs. You can notifications to your website even if you don’t have any coding skills.

  • No ads
  • Customizable branding
  • Unlimited campaigns and widgets
  • For informative pages
  • Up to 20 notification options
  • A great option for web or marketing agencies
  • A free version is limited
notifithis interface

NotifyThis allows you to turn on various notifications on your site in a few clicks. You can create a new campaign even without any prior experience.

Customize the notifications that will be displayed on your site by changing their color and triggers, such as dwell time or specific actions. Just like email marketing software, this service will help you make your campaigns more effective and boost your revenue.

NotifyThis Review: Main Features

notifythis logo

If you have decided to update your services and want to notify your clients, it might be difficult to find the right way to communicate the information about it. In this NotifyThis review, I will tell you how you can solve this issue by adding a notification bar.

This bar looks like a banner added on the top of your website. Thanks to it, your visitors will easily find all the information that they need. You might have already seen such notification bars before.

Wide Range Fully Customizable Notification Templates

notifythis templates

The service offers you to use 24 types of templates for various pop-up notifications. Each of them has its specific features. For instance, there are information banners, notifications with coupons, feedback or review forms.

You can fully customize each of the templates. Even if you are a novice, you will easily find a way to add text, buttons, images, or personalized messages.

Share a Site-Wide Message through the Informational Bar

NotifyThis allows you to add an informational bar on the top of your website or place it below other elements of the page. You can further customize it to your needs so that it matches the website design. Such notifications make it easier for your clients to access the necessary information.

The informational bar displays messages without distracting a viewer from browsing the website. It will help you bring your message across when communicating with your clients.

When using a banner, you can make it fit the size of the screen to ensure that the visitors of your website will notice it easily. For instance, you can use it to display information about sales, discounts, future events, new products, etc.

CTA Notifications for Improved Navigation

notifythis cta

NotifyThis also allows you to use CTA notifications with professional templates. You can add a CTA button to your informational banner and guide your visitors towards a page with a product that they might need to purchase.

In some cases, you might need to add a call-to-action to a notification. This way, you can make your website easier to navigate and drive traffic to landing pages.

To check whether the method that you use is effective, make sure to use traffic checkers. If you have a landing page with a high conversion rate, you can use CTA buttons to drive traffic to them.

Create Urgency with a Countdown Timer Banner

You can add a countdown timer to boost the conversion rate and drive your clients to commit a purchase. Such timers are perfect when you need to create a sense of urgency. Use them to notify your clients about the time when the offer ends. It will motivate them to purchase the product and improve your conversion rate.

NotifyThis notifications help you to inform your clients that the offer will expire shortly. You can adjust the settings of a timer so that it starts when they visit your website.

When organizing a sale, you can use a banner with a countdown timer to show people when the sale ends. It allows people to understand how much time they have to purchase discounted items.

You can also create a sense of urgency by adding notifications with a coupon code. It will help you promote your product and drive your clients to buy it within a set timeframe.

For instance, you can ask a visitor to indicate their email to get a coupon code. While browsing your website, your client will see a message with a discount offer all the time. You can add a countdown timer to other notifications as well.

Standout Notifications with Images and Emojis

NotifyThis allows you to make your messages even more engaging by adding images and emojis to them. You can personalize notifications so that they grab the attention of your target audience. This way, you can promote your product and engage long-term clients, window shoppers, first-time visitors, etc.

With high-quality images, you can make your notifications even more visually appealing. 53.1% of clients state that they pay more attention to notifications with big pictures. Such notifications will come in handy when you decide to launch a photography marketing campaign.

Emojis will help you make your messages more relatable and improve user engagement. 70.3% of people say that they like seeing push notifications with emojis.

Engage with Customers with Hyper-Personalized Notifications

notifythis personalized

NotifyThis will help you increase the number of clicks and conversion rate by customizing notifications and making them more personal. You can address your clients by name, analyze their purchase history, offer discounts on their favorite brands, etc.

NotifyThis Prices

NotifyThis has three subscription plans, including a free one. It includes 1 campaign, 1 notification, 50 notification impressions every month, and 5 enabled notifications.

The Junior plan costs $6.9 per month. It covers removable branding, custom branding, unlimited campaigns, unlimited notifications, 2,000 notifications impressions per month and 20 enabled notifications.

If you opt for the Guru plan, you will need to pay $9.3 per month. This plan covers removable branding, custom branding, unlimited campaigns, unlimited notifications, unlimited notifications impressions per month and all enabled notifications.

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