FlipChap Handmande Photo Books Review 2024


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Verdict: FlipChap is widely regarded as one of the best photo book services. It offers products for various budgets and uses innovative printing technology. More than that, the company ships photo books to various countries worldwide. Whereas the majority of photo books services produce factory-made products, FlipChap sells completely handmade albums.

Besides, the company offers special packages and discounts for their clients. An indisputable advantage of this service is that it allows customizing colors, material, cover finishing, and other components of your photo book. This option is great for creating original albums.

  • Solid packaging
  • Allows customizing every component of a photo book
  • High chroma printing
  • A vast selection of materials
  • Original handmade designs for shooters
  • Huge storage
  • A bit difficult to use
flipchap interface

FlipChap provides high-quality services at an affordable price. I also liked the sturdy and attractive packaging. Although their photo album software is a bit complicated in usage, the company provides its customers with quality support. It is ready to help you with any issue. Besides, the agency prioritizes customer satisfaction and makes it certain that clients are happy with the provided services.

FlipChap – Main Features

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A photo album of excellent quality is a perfect present on any occasion, including birthdays, christenings, Christmas, and other events. For photographers, an album is a must for successful photography marketing. You can find a great variety of reputable photo book services that will design impressive photo books and deliver them right to your door.

FlipChap is probably the most reliable photo book maker I’ve ever used. The service produces original and attractive photo albums.

Special Photo Album Package for Photographers

flipchap photo album package for photographers

In this Flipchap review, I will describe the services that the company provides for photographers. They are great for a variety of occasions including weddings, birthday parties, engagements, etc. The company produces an extensive range of products helping you conduct your photography business successfully.

They will help you present a great variety of products to your customers. For this purpose, they have designed a special catalog that allows you to add anything that you want. Your clients can receive a full set consisting of a photo book and keepsake box fitted with USB and DVD compartments.

Wedding photographers can also order a matching ring box and the wedding guestbook for their couples. This is a very convenient option because you won’t need to look for different suppliers to receive each product. The company offers a wedding photo book and box that are designed in the same style.

Great Selection and Easy Creation of Photo Books

flipchap photo book types

The service offers four types of hardcover photo books, including a printed hardcover, classic hardcover, leatherette hardcover book, and a wedding guestbook. Every type is designed for various purposes: for keeping travel photos, baby images, wedding photography, and more.

The company designs albums using three different orientations, like portrait, square, and landscape. You can add any number of images. The only requirement is that a photo book should contain not less than 20 pages. The service allows you to make a pause in the middle of the project and return to it later. It saves each edit automatically to make sure that you won’t lose the results of your work.

Easy Personalization with Custom Options

flipchap book customization

FlipChap lets you implement all your DIY photo album ideas and customize your photo book to make it look special. They have a vast variety of customization options that you can use to design each detail.

You can choose from different materials, colors, cover types, and finishings for your book. Besides, you can add ribbons to your album, order a presentation box, etc. This makes this service very different from others. As a rule, similar companies offer standard options, but all FlipChap photo books are truly unique.

Meticulously Handcrafted Books

flipchap handcrafted books

Another great advantage is that all its albums are handmade. The specialists know how to make a photo book in a professional way. Every stage of project development includes approximately 30 steps.

Of course, it takes less time for producing factory-made albums, and they are usually cheaper. However, the handmade FlipChap photo albums have the most exquisite look. Besides, the company’s professionals check the quality of each project to ensure that an album is professionally made and won’t get destroyed in a month or so.

Beautiful Cover Debossing and Hot Stamping

flipchap debossing and hot stamping

You may also decorate the cover of your album with some inscriptions, as the service provides cover debossing and hot stamping services. If you choose a debossing option, the company’s specialists will use a metal plate with a custom design to create a unique and original photo book. You can select from several debossing types including default debossing, letterpress debossing, and custom debossing. The service can also design your own stamp.

By using the hot stamping technique, the company can make the cover of an album or your handmade box more unique. You can choose from the pre-designed stamping and custom letterpress stamping options that are available in gold and silver colors.

High Chroma Printing Technology

Another benefit is using the services provided by FlipChap is that your photo book will be created using advanced High-Chroma printing technology. Their best printers for photographers support a great variety of colors and can print even high-intensity and saturated photos.

Most printers cannot adequately reproduce blue and green colors, but the company’s devices can print accurate colors. The images in your photo books will be accurate and without any distortion. The company prints albums using two printing options:

Digital printing is the most optimal solution for printing a large volume of images in the shortest time. This type of printing is affordable, but a low price does not affect the quality of photos.

HD Inkjet printing is great for printing canvases, posters, premium wedding albums, etc.

Huge Variety of Material Choices and Colors

flipchap material colors choice

FlipChap provides an extensive range of options that allow creating a product that meets your needs. The specialists use high-quality fabric and faux leather, which are attractive and durable at the same time.

Besides, you can find numerous templates on the official website. Your only task is to select the color that you like. The company creates albums using two main types of material:

Leatherette materials have a solid texture finish. This type of material is quite similar to real leather. It is very soft and pleasing to touch. Leatherette is available in 12 hand-picked colors, including bright and dark tones for creating attractive albums.

Another great option is strong, durable, and long-lasting linen material. Available in 25 beautiful colors (from bright to subtle tones), this fabric is nice to touch and looks great on various types of albums.

Secure Packaging with Free Worldwide Express Shipping

flipchap shipping

The service uses secure packaging to ensure safe delivery. Its employees do their best to pack every product carefully so that it arrives at your place without any flaw. They make sure that every part of an album is well-protected thanks to ergonomic packaging.

Each protective layer provides extra security and keeps a photo book intact until it gets to your door. Such reliable packaging ensures a secure transit of your order and prevents any damage that could happen during the delivery process. Besides, the company provides shipping insurance. You will get your money back if something happens with your order.

FlipChap offers a one-week period for you to check the quality of your product. On the site, you will find a detailed table of prices. Use it to estimate how much you will need to pay for shipping depending on the size of your album. The service offers free express worldwide shipping for orders that cost more than $300.

FlipChap Prices

The company has a flexible pricing policy, which makes it perfect for users with any budget. It offers a variety of albums for an affordable price and provides special discounts for its customers. The specialists know well that your clients will probably want to have more than one book.

That is why they offer discounts for those customers who order a bunch of products. On the site, you will find a detailed price list. The prices are divided depending on the size of a product, the number of pages, and the type of photo book. Here, you will also find prices for services that allow you to customize your album.