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By Kate Gross 16 days ago, Apps and Software

Savvycom Software

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Verdict: As one of the leading international companies involved in technological consulting, software development, Savvycom is famous for its professional IT services provided to any business from rapidly growing startups to large corporations. Here, you’ll find powerful DevOps and solutions for enterprise management, cloud services, mobile and web applications, with all of them being designed to optimize your investments and elevate your business.

Thanks to multiple nominations, a high rating, and positive reviews, you can be certain of the high skill level of Savvycom’s IT professionals and the competitive pricing of their outsourcing services compared to the Indian and Chinese markets.

  • One of the best mobile developers on Clutch
  • Strategic partnership with Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft
  • Featured on Forbes, TEDx, and The Business Journal
  • Completely integrated team of designers, strategists, and technical experts
  • 100 + global partners, 300 + projects
  • Service pricing is revealed by request
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A multiple-time winner of industry-related awards for the best app development company title, Savvycom Software is proud of being a part of the top 30 IT companies in the country, while their CEO occupies the 3rd spot on Forbes’ list of Top 15 world leaders that are worth watching.

Their offices in the United States and Australia will help you expand the capabilities of your business with the help of IT technologies and complementary services, regardless of where you are in the world. For motivated developers, they offer a terrific opportunity to join an interesting team and create their own offshore development center.

Savvycom Software Review: Main Services

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Established in 2009 by a small team of passionate minds, the Savvycom Company has proudly completed over 300 global projects in both the professional business and technology industries, while providing services for enterprises involved in healthcare, financial technologies, e-commerce, supply chains, and logistics.

Regardless of what industry you’re involved in, Savvycom promises to offer powerful digital solutions in the most optimal way possible while guarantying maximum financial efficiency. This Savvycom Software review goes over the company’s main services that can expand your photography business with the help of IT technologies like the development of fully functional apps and software, while also briefly highlighting the solutions they offer for enterprises.

End-to-End Web Development for Photographers

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As a reliable technology partner, Savvycom understands your technical requirements and is ready to not only deliver a high-throughput web app in 3 – 6 months, but also complex solutions based on automating business processes, marketing integrations, and digital transformation. Thanks to their cross-functional teams of specialists, you are guaranteed to enjoy a service quality-focused approach.

Their team of experts keeps track of the latest trends in web development to produce high-quality web applications with clean code, logical mockup, and smart functionality. Their scalable apps offer terrific performance and download speeds, pass all the necessary security and compatibility tests, and allow you to improve your conversion results by boosting your search engine ranking and reducing the number of rejections.

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Special services, like developing social media apps and animated web solutions with voiced texts and moving elements that are loaded in a matter of seconds and help you improve conversion results by increasing user engagement, deserve a separate mention in this Savvycom Software review.

If you have a development department or want to build an offshore development center that can grow to become the best web development company out there, Savvycom is ready to provide the human resources required to ensure your growth. The agency fills the market with capable qualified web developers that strive for perfection while requesting reasonable fees to optimize not only the process of achieving your goal but your budget allocation as well.

E-Commerce and Retail Solutions

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Savvycom has completed hundreds of projects related to e-commerce web apps while relying on Magento, possibly the best eCommerce platform available. Their creations are supplied with stylish UIs, convenient shopping carts with creative functions, and a content management system that allows you to organize and control your control manually.

Their team of engineers has a lot of experience in creating CRM- systems for retail sales solutions and restaurant businesses that increase the flexibility and productivity of your day-to-day activities.

Native and Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

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Savvycom, as one of the best eCommerce development companies and an innovational outsourcing mobile app development agency recognized by the Clutch rating, can create both native and cross-platform personalized mobile applications for your business. Their arsenal includes all the latest mobile technologies like wearable, geo-tracking, biometrical sensors, location tracking, and much more.

Thanks to the implemented technological solutions, Savvycom’s clients can quickly expand their business, particularly if they’re involved in the e-commerce, retail sales, education, entertainment, healthcare, or sports industries. They offer all types of mobile development including Java/Kotlin development, React Native/ Ionic/Flutter app development, and Swift/Objective-C/ iPhone/ iPad app development.

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This agile software product development company has experience in providing full-cycle mobile development services that include UI/UX design, programming, testing, app integration, making the application available on Google Play and App Store, updates, and tech support. Savvycom also allows you to hire extra mobile app developers in addition to the currently existing staff.

Full-Stack Experts in Enterprise Questions

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IT business modernization and the digital transformation of its infrastructure lies in the foundation of any organizational growth, which is why it’s vital to devise a successful digital strategy to scale and increase your online influence. Savvycom experts will analyze the existing technical infrastructure, processes, and structures of your company to improve the short-term results of your organization's activities and ensure steady long-term growth.

If you plan to set your business on a digital track or increase your internet presence, here you’ll find all the necessary enterprise management solutions, including practical and consulting services as well as cloud and DevOps services that allow you to make better business decisions and create new revenue streams.

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For instance, regardless of what technologies and tools your company already uses, Savvycom will: a) provide platforms like Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure for you to unfold hundreds of projects, b) speed up the process of delivering applications to the cloud, and c) provide reasonably-priced software development services with the help of innovational DevOps solutions, while guarantying your employees and clients are aware of all the newest technologies.

Savvycom Software Prices

Due to them covering the entire business structure, it would be unfair to name a single price range for Savvycom services. Since the price for a small business and a transcontinental corporation will vary greatly, their website doesn’t mention any minimum or estimated project costs. Instead, you can request a quote and during a free half-hour meeting receive the answers to all of your questions.

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