Adobe Express vs Premiere Pro: What Program to Choose

Adobe Express vs Premiere Pro comparison will surely interest those, who are looking for a feature-rich program to create captivating video content. Learn which program is a better choice for novices, and which one is geared towards professionals.

Adobe Express is a great option not only for editing videos but also for creating amazing illustrations. The provided user-friendly features can satisfy both beginners and seasoned designers. Ready-made templates simplify a multi-tier process of video production, allowing even inexperienced filmmakers to cope with the task with ease.

Premiere Pro offers pro-level instruments for editing clips and processing media files that expert photographers will appreciate. This program can cope with tasks of various complexity and serves well for producing commercials and full-length films.

What Is Adobe Express?

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Adobe Express, formerly known as Adobe Spark, primarily functions as graphic design software. The program is built on the basis of Adobe Sensei - patented AI and machine learning technology. It allows users to easily merge images into one clip and work with videos using the available features.

Adobe Express has an extensive set of user-friendly tools for creating and distributing multimedia content. Besides, those who are pressed for time can take advantage of the collection of free Adobe Stock templates and a library of Adobe fonts. Effective collaboration is another handy feature that allows working with your colleagues on the same project to produce graphic and video masterpieces.

  • creative cloud express interface
  • creative cloud express interface

    Adobe Express: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Intuitive workflow. When it comes to usability, this editor comes out on top in the Adobe Express vs Premiere Pro battle. With Adobe Express, your editing workflow will be efficient and optimized. This process is further simplified with an array of templates. Besides, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy user, as the work with pre-made templates is super easy. So, if you lack time or ideas to create an innovative project from scratch, these templates will come in handy.

    Convenient tools. When comparing Adobe Express vs VideoScribe, I found out that VideoScribe only offers a basic toolkit for editing images and videos, whereas Adobe Express has an intuitive set of features for producing high-quality images in a split second.

    Allows resizing videos automatically. With this video editing software for Windows, the resizing process is a breeze. Besides, there is an option for defining non-standard sizes that accelerates the workflow considerably. Don’t hesitate to resize your pictures to share them on various social media for photographers.

    Easy video cropping. Here you can adjust a clip ratio without problems to post it on any social media platform. The process is super intuitive: select the needed size and drag your clip to make it fit a new frame. Moreover, this video cropping software is optimized for both desktop and mobile environments.

    Quick background removal. Another argument in favor of this background removal software is the possibility to change or delete backdrop in a matter of seconds. Moreover, you can make a background transparent and create an absolutely new setting for your subject, producing terrific designs and realizing your boldest ideas.

    Collaboration option. It is great to have a chance to cooperate with other team members. Such an option is available in CC Express. I like that the program can sync with other Adobe applications, allowing you to optimize your cooperation and achieve quick results.

    Limited video editing features. Unlike its opponent, Adobe Express offers only basic video editing options. Although it is possible to crop, merge, resize, and even convert clips, the program lacks some sophisticated functions, which are present in pro-level alternatives.

    Poor text editing functionality. There is no section for selecting the subtitle font. What disappoints me is that the program doesn’t allow users to choose the font they like, as it is selected automatically in correspondence with the selected theme. The font customization is also restricted. Beyond that, when editing multimedia with Creative Cloud, you cannot apply the colors you like.

    What Is Premiere Pro?

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    Premiere Pro is a nonlinear video editor developed for professionals. Filmmakers, TV hosts, reporters, students, and cameramen will appreciate unique image and video editing features gathered in one program. Although this video editing software was designed with novices in mind, it offers an array of pro-level tools for multi-tier editing.

    Among the main strong points is an extensive collection of professional templates, as well as the possibility to customize the animated graphics and titles. Furthermore, you can change colors, add a unique sound with audio instruments and music tracks, as well as resize video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

    • premiere pro interface
    • premiere pro interface

      Premiere Pro: Strengths and Weaknesses

      You can experiment with colors. Regarded as one of the best color grading software, Premiere Pro offers several color manipulation features. Customizable color presets, the possibility to polish your design using RGB and hue saturation curves, comparison and selection of the desired color for clips – all these options will help you create a terrific clip. What is more, you can set shadows, midtones, and highlights using the color wheels. Unlike Adobe Express, Premiere Pro lets you use LUTs to fix lighting issues.

      Convenient audio mixing tools. This professional audio editing software excels at tweaking audio. Sound synchronization with video, reduction of background noise, etc., make this program super popular. For a more advanced sound mixing, try to edit the desired track in Audition.

      Customization of duration and speed is a cinch. By setting the length of a video and audio files, you can make them wax and wane to match the set duration. Experts also praise Rate Stretch tool, a time redistribution function, and the Speed/Duration command to make the video go faster or slower.

      Quick text editing. An array of text editing options may be a decisive point for some users comparing these programs. There are many pre-made templates of animated graphics to accelerate your subtitle production workflow. The Type tool in the Program Monitor allows creating original titles. Besides, Premiere Pro allows saving a title as an animation design template for its further usage in future designs.

      Optimized for various platforms. When comparing Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere, I’ve found out that Final Cut Pro is only available for Mac users, whereas Premiere Pro is optimized for various platforms. For example, you can start working on your design on Windows and continue the process on macOS. However, some features change as a project moves from one platform to another.

      Convenient export and import. Importing assets from After Effects, Photoshop, or Illustrator using a media browser or dynamic linking is a breeze. The export option is equally convenient, as you can deliver the edited sequence on the medium of your choice. With Adobe Media Encoder, a configuration of export parameters to meet the requirements of your audience is a straightforward procedure.

      Steep learning curve. Although the developers have tried to make the program’s interface easy to understand even for newbies, not all users can learn its controls without trouble. Another drawback is that you can’t customize the UI.

      Occasional crashes. Even if your PC is quite powerful, you are not safe from Premiere Pro crashes that can happen when you make important changes. One of the reasons for this is the big weight of the program.

      Adobe Express vs Premiere Pro: Price

      creative cloud express vs premiere pro battle price

      Both editors have two subscription plans.

      Adobe Express Free includes many original templates, design assets, and Adobe Fonts. You can also take advantage of a pack of royalty-free Adobe Stock free collection images, but there are few of them. Basic editing features and photo effects are also included. Besides, you get 2GB of storage to save your projects.

      The more sophisticated features are available in the Adobe Express Premium plan priced at $9.99/month. In addition to all free assets from the previous package, it includes a variety of premium templates and design elements. More than 160 million free Adobe Stock collection images, 20,000+ licensed Adobe Fonts, curved type, grids, and font pairs, as well as 100GB of storage are also at your disposal. Besides, the developers offer a 30-day free trial.

      You need to pay $20.99/month to use a full version of Premiere Pro. The package includes Premiere Rush and Adobe Express, 100GB of Cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, Behance, Creative Cloud Libraries, as well as detailed tutorials.

      Creative Cloud All Apps, which includes over 20 desktop and mobile apps, costs $54.99/month. For this money, you also get 100GB of cloud storage, detailed tutorials, and access to the recent features.

      Besides, it has a free trial version valid for a week.

      Adobe Express vs Premiere Pro – Who Wins?

      Adobe Express or Premiere Pro – both editors have a range of useful features that will appeal to users with different levels of experience. However, as the analysis has shown, Adobe Express is a more suitable option for beginners, whereas Premiere Pro is fitted with more sophisticated options aimed at pros.

      Adobe Express has a variety of user-friendly tools for creating any content. Using templates, you can cope with various tasks in a jiffy. The main toolkit allows producing videos quickly and easily, and the possibility to collaborate with your team members on the same project is another benefit.

      Premiere Pro is an editor for professionals. It has extensive functionality and allows users to correct colors, sound, and text. Besides, it lets you make the adjustments using third-party LUTs. The program is very convenient to use.

      Bonus Tools

      bonus tools for premiere pro

      If you are eager to expedite your workflow, try these professional LUTs. You can boost your productivity by performing deep color correction with just one click. These LUTs are developed to enhance the detail of images and fix overexposure issues.