Adobe Acrobat Sign vs Dropbox Sign: What to Use in 2024?

By Eva Williams 15 days ago, Software Reviews

When comparing Adobe Acrobat Sign vs Dropbox Sign, I noticed that both signature software make the process of collecting e-signs as easy as a pie. Adobe Sign stands out with its ability to work with many third-party products, whereas Dropbox Sign attracts users with its seamless integration with Dropbox and easiness of usage.

Adobe Acrobat Sign lets companies and individual users sign, send, track, and manage docs securely and effectively. Similar to Dropbox Sign, the signature process imposes no difficulties at all. No download or registration is required to add a digital sign to a document.

Dropbox Sign allows performing any operations with the documents using the Dropbox UI. With an impressive collection of prebuilt templates, you won’t have trouble signing the docs. Besides, adding signature fields to a document is a no-brainer as well. As for Adobe Sign, it excels the competitor with top-level security.

What is Adobe Acrobat Sign?

adobe acrobat sign logo

Adobe Sign boasts a comprehensive UI stuffed with multiple cutting-edge features, while Dropbox makes the process of signature creation extremely simple. Intuitive document routing is another winning aspect of Adobe Sign. Users can define signing orders without trouble, remind others to sign a doc and set deadlines for urgent documents.

Adobe Acrobat Sign vs PandaDoc are often compared, but Adobe Acrobat Sign refreshes data in your document in no time and comes with a powerful toolkit, whereas PandaDoc excels at providing high-quality analytics.

With Adobe Sign, adding your company’s logo, name, and other branding elements is an intuitive procedure. Besides, the program functions as an effective PDF editor to create, edit, sign, and share PDFs on any device. Moreover, the tool is translated into many languages, making it accessible to users from different countries.

  • adobe acrobat sign interface
  • interface adobe acrobat sign

    Adobe Acrobat Sign: Pros and Cons

    Extreme reliability in tracking and managing docs. With Adobe Acrobat Sign, you can keep track of the document signing process. It is possible to check who has already signed the doc and who has not managed to do it in real-time. Besides, you can store all the docs in the cloud, allowing users to work with them from virtually any place.

    Supports several signature workflows. With Adobe Acrobat Sign, you can handle multiple signature workflows with ease. For instance, it is possible to require multiple signatures from different parties in the needed sequence or all at once.

    This feature is indispensable for those who need to verify agreements by multiple stakeholders. These include contracts, legal docs, and approval processes.

    Integrates and works with various apps. Adobe Sign integrates with multiple business apps including Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace, so adding it to your workflow is a no-brainer.

    Adjustable templates. Templates for frequently used docs that need signatures allow streamlining the whole process. It is great that each template is easy-to-customize, so you can set up such fields as signers' names, dates, and other relevant information. With such templates, the document creation and signing process will be as easy as pie.

    Top-level security and compliance. Adobe Sign provides robust protection of your docs and signatures with multi-factor authentication, encryption, and audit trails that showcase all the actions performed with the doc.

    The program’s compliance with various industry standards, such as HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, and FDA 21 CFR part 11 is what lets the program win in the Adobe Acrobat Sign vs Dropbox Sign battle.

    Mobile signing. You can easily run Adobe Acrobat Sign on virtually any device like PCs, tablets, and smartphones. If you travel a lot or used to work on the go, you will definitely benefit from its mobile app. Note that Dropbox Sign can show buggy performance on mobile devices.

    Mega sign for sending docs to many people. Mega sign is a handy feature for sending one agreement to multiple signers at once. This option lets you share a personalized form with many people with just one click.

    Costly pricing plans for cutting-edge features. The price of a package depends on various options and the number of users needed.

    What is Dropbox Sign?

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    Like Adobe Acrobat Sign, Dropbox Sign sends reminders and allows keeping an eye on the progress of your dog with ease. To streamline the process, you can send reminders to signers.

    Besides, both programs support bulk actions, meaning that companies can share the agreement for signing with multiple people at once. Multi-party signing capabilities are the advantage of both platforms.

    Users often compare OneDrive vs Dropbox getting to the conclusion that OneDrive excels at the competitor with an extensive toolkit as well as cloud storage options, whereas Dropbox wins users’ appeal by offering many integrations, speedy processing, and robust security. Moreover, Dropbox Sign is translated into more than 20 languages.

    Speaking about client service, Adobe Sign is very helpful by providing users with multiple tutorials, guides, team of professionals who are ready to respond to any of your inquiries in no time. Delivering support from various types of channels, these guys make sure that a person will get the solution to any issue without delay.

    • dropbox sign interface
    • interface dropbox sign

      Dropbox Sign: Pros and Cons

      Easy-to-adjust and reusable templates. Comparing Adobe Acrobat Sign vs Dropbox Sign, I found out that both platforms allow turning the frequently used doc into templates to perform any signature task with ease. By formatting docs in virtually no time, you can simplify and speed up each send.

      Excellent doc editing. The platform enables users to customize documents by adding fields for filling out the required info. With this Adobe Sign alternative, it is possible to add custom branding and change the language of the interface. This helps promote your brand and makes communication with stakeholders more efficient.

      As for elements you should add to your email, it must necessarily contain a company logo, a company tagline, the sender’s name, and an email signature.

      Convenient doc sending. You can send docs using various ways. The platform uploads a CSV file producing a signing link or a CSV file for bulk signatures and in-person signing. Before sending a doc via email, you can adjust the name of the document, add attachments, customize the message, and assign CCs.

      Collaboration options. When it comes to collaboration options, this free e-signature software excels at competitors letting users work on the same doc, posting comments, monitoring changes to optimize the workflow.

      Integrate with third-party apps. It is great that Dropbox Sign works with many other business tools like G Suite and Microsoft Office, which contributes to the productivity of the overall workflow. In contrast to Dropbox Sign, Adobe Acrobat Sign integrates with fewer non-Dropbox applications.

      Multi-platform support. I noticed that both platforms in my Adobe Acrobat Sign vs Dropbox Sign comparison are designed to offer consistent performance across various platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and web browsers.

      Once you authorize, you can view your files from anywhere, and change the docs according to your liking with their automated synchronization with different platforms.

      Recovers files and allows viewing history. File recovery and file history features are other options that make Dropbox a winner in its battle with Adobe Acrobat Sign. So, you won’t have trouble restoring the previous versions of the file, which is of paramount importance for those who are afraid of accidental document deletion.

      Occasional bugs. Users often complain about the inability to access files because of technical issues.

      Adobe Acrobat Sign vs Dropbox Sign: Price

      adobe acrobat sign price

      When comparing Adobe Acrobat Sign vs Dropbox Sign, I learned that both programs offer different pricing packages to align with the needs of every client. Plus, Adobe Sign also provides individual and team packages.

      Acrobat Standard is available from $12.99/mo. It allows signing documents, collecting and tracking unlimited signatures, editing, sharing, and converting PDFs, and protecting files with a password.

      Acrobat Pro costs $19.99/mo. It offers all the goodies of Acrobat Standard, as well as the ability to add custom brandings to contracts, generate web forms from PDFs, compare files to detect differences between them, etc.

      There is also an Acrobat Standard package for teams, which is available for $14.99/mo/license. With it, users can sign and collect as many signatures as required, monitor and send reminders add e-signatures using desktop or mobile devices, as well as integrate with Microsoft 365 suite.

      Acrobat Pro for teams costs $23.99/mo/license. It offers all the options provided by Acrobat Standard, as well as provides admin console access. Besides, this package is great for exporting, converting, and editing PDFs, branding your docs, collecting payments with Braintree, etc.

      Acrobat Sign Solutions is another worthy option. But to learn its price, you should make the inquiry. It offers a one-week trial of Acrobat Pro.

      dropbox sign price

      Dropbox Sign provides users with the opportunity to select from various plans and packages, including team and individual ones. A free 30-day trial is another bonus.

      You can purchase Dropbox Sign Plus for $11.99/mo. It offers many goodies including the ability to link to as many devices as needed, 30-day file and account history, the opportunity to deliver large files with Dropbox Transfer (up to 2GB), as well as three e-signs per month.

      For the Dropbox Sign Standard package, the company charges $18/user/mo. This plan includes robust content protection, external sharing control, the ability to recover docs or restore your account within 180 days, and automated backup to your PC.

      Dropbox Sign Family is available for $19.99/mo. It offers the same features available in Plus, as well as individual accounts for up to 6 users, access to the Family Room folder for each group sharing and coordination, and one bill for the whole family.

      Dropbox Sign Professional costs $19.99/mo. It boasts all the abilities of the Plus plan, advanced sharing controls, file locking, file, and account restoration within 180 days, and the ability to deliver large files with Dropbox Transfer (up to 100 GB).

      To purchase Dropbox Sign Advanced, you should pay $30/user/mo. It includes all options offered by the Standard package, as well as security monitoring in real-time, notifications, alerts, data classification, and the ability to deliver massive files with Dropbox Transfer (up to 100GB).

      Adobe Acrobat Sign vs Dropbox Sign: Who Wins?

      Comparing Adobe Acrobat Sign vs Dropbox Sign, it becomes clear that the first option excels at the competitor by providing a comprehensive set of features and top-rated functionality. Adobe Acrobat Sign is a reliable and effective platform for e-signs, which can be also used as a document management software.

      The interface of the Adobe tool is a more user-friendly interface. With its advanced features, you can easily customize the signature workflow, making sure that there are no problems with signing files. The program’s support of multiple formats is another winning feature.

      Being able to accommodate various document types, the platform provides users with extreme flexibility when signing and managing docs, beating Dropbox Sign in this aspect.