Visio vs Illustrator: What to Choose in 2024

By Eva Williams 21 days ago, Software Reviews

Visio is a purpose-made program for creating block visualizations, while Illustrator is a full-fledged drawing tool with advanced features. If you are an architect, project manager, and someone who deals with diagrams and floor plans, and look for a reliable program to handle such tasks, you will definitely find this detailed Visio vs Illustrator comparison useful.

Visio is a data visualization tool developed by Microsoft Corporation for creating flowcharts, network diagrams, org charts, and floor plans. It caters to beginners and individuals who don’t feel like mastering advanced tools. Visio is available online through a subscription model or as a part of enterprise-level packages.

Illustrator is graphic design software ideal for creating various vector illustrations. It serves as a powerful tool for artists, architects, and even project managers seeking a dependable drawing program at an affordable cost. With its slew of features and capabilities, Illustrator will come in handy for multiple tasks.

Which Is Better? Final Verdict:

Illustrator is equipped with a broader range of features needed to create intricate files and diagrams. Additionally, it offers specialized 3D tools for designing professional floor plans.

Besides, Illustrator transcends its competitor in the Visio vs Illustrator battle when it comes to handling business graphics, offering users complete control over the process, colors, fonts, and shapes.

Another advantage of the software is that it seamlessly integrates with the Adobe ecosystem, so you can easily import and export files across different Adobe software.

Illustrator is the winner >

Illustrator offers:

  • Understandable interface
  • Access to Adobe Stock
  • File conversion option
  • Full control over all details
  • AI tools

What Is Illustrator?

illustrator interface 3d effects

Illustrator is a professional design program that stands out with its multi-tasking nature and abundance of tools. Thus, it can replace any drawing and planning program. There is a set of ready-made diagrams, instruments for detailed work with shapes and various options for combining them. Moreover, you can draw your own lines and set any colors.

In addition, it can be used as architectural design software to turn flat room plans into 3D projects, setting the right angle and perspective.

illustrator interface diagram templates

Illustrator leverages mathematical equations instead of storing pixels in order to create scalable graphics without any quality loss. Thus, if you need to enlarge an Illustrator diagram, you will still get a high-quality result.

Another important aspect I want to highlight in this Visio vs Illustrator review is that, unlike Visio, Illustrator utilizes AI-based tools to automatically generate visualizations and adjust their shape with just a few clicks.

Irrespective of the subscription you choose, you have access to the complete library, including Adobe Stock. In comparison to Visio, you can also import free fonts for Adobe Illustrator to adhere to the brand aesthetics and utilize the desired font for presentations or mind maps.

What Is ‌Visio?

visio interface shapes library

Microsoft Visio is a flowchart software with an extensive collection of templates, shapes, and data connectivity options. It also has built-in collaboration tools, so remote workers and teams can cooperate effectively regardless of their location.

This software is extremely useful for creating impactful visualizations on the basis of offered shapes and starter files.

In contrast to Illustrator, Microsoft Visio allows for the concurrent online editing of diagrams, so team members can seamlessly collaborate with colleagues through a web browser. This way, you can work securely and effortlessly with others from any spot of the globe. Furthermore, it is possible to connect diagrams to real-time data for making quick decisions.

visio interface data import

Unlike Illustrator, Visio provides both desktop and web diagram software, which means it is highly adaptable to different working environments. The availability of desktop and web options will surely appeal to users who regularly work on various devices. Thus, you don’t have to purchase a PC-specific license.

Moreover, Microsoft Visio integrates seamlessly with Office 365, providing complete connectivity between such programs as Excel and Word. Thanks to such an integration, you can enhance your workflow greatly. Besides, Visio will fit the bill if you need to design mind maps and share your ideas with others.


illustrator logo
visio logo
  • AI-based features
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Control over details
  • Huge media library
  • Advanced search
  • Beginner friendly
  • Real-time data connection
  • Microsoft 365 integrations
  • Web app
  • Intuitive export

Visio vs Illustrator: Price

visio price

Visio users can choose monthly subscription options calculated on a per user basis. They have a range of valuable tools and no lock-in contracts. Visio Plan 1 is available at an affordable price of $5.00 per user per month for annual payments or $6.00 for monthly payments.

This graph making software grants users access to the Visio web app, allowing them to effortlessly generate simple diagrams directly through their web browser. Furthermore, Visio Plan 1 includes 2 GB of storage on OneDrive. Though there is no free version available, you can take advantage of a 30-day trial period.

When choosing Visio Plan 2, priced at $15.00 per user per month, you will get access to the Visio desktop app. This subscription is specifically targeted at larger businesses and individuals seeking to create more advanced diagrams and flowcharts, as it offers a broader selection of tools. Another option is to purchase a Visio Standard 2019 license for a one-time fee of $280.

illustrator price

The price of a standard Illustrator subscription is $20.99 per month. The Creative Cloud package, which includes more than 20 programs and 10TB of web storage, costs $52.99/month. Alternatively, users have the option to purchase an annual license for $599.88.

If you want to understand whether the program meets your needs and preferences, you can try the Adobe Illustrator free version. Simply download the one-week trial and explore its features and capabilities.

FixThePhoto Choice:

If you are looking for a universal tool for the automated creation of plans and diagrams, I recommend you pay attention to Illustrator. With pre-made templates and AI options, you can greatly speed up your workflow.

Visio is more suitable for beginners who don't need full control over colors and shapes.